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- June 2021
Problems with women
   Mon Jun 14, 2021 12:00 am

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More stuff about women

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:12 pm

Most of the women I know who are into this; feminism; or what ever this is called now; they look for simps to marry so they can have their babies; Im watching it now as I write; Ive seen numerous women get pregnant; many of them wanting me to get them pregnant. I wouldn't. I didn't fall for it; within three months of my departure; they are pregnant by someone else; I guess thats how you show prominence and get rid of loneliness; have a kid; get a new man; I guess thats how women are taught to do it? I just sit back and watch. Wheres the money going to come from to pay for this child; its takes several hundred thousand dollars these days for a kid. Do these women think or care; no! Do they care about their children future; no! Their just just thinking about themselves at that moment. Seen it over n over n over; and Ive seen the consistency of the guys they hook up with; the guys are stupid.. The girls are taken care of... Their taken care of and have a baby; is the guy happy; he's to stupid not to be; doesn't know anything is wrong; I can see through it; I can see lots wrong; and that would have been me...
Im not suggesting with the right person I would not have a family; but God help me with the wrong one; and money solves everything... I dont think you should have a family if the money is not present. Most of the guys I meet dont care about having children; they end up with children. Yes; certainly those who are bringing in enough money plan a family; those without money are not stupid enough to have a family; its as simple as that. I suppose theirs that romantic idea of making it on our own as is; good luck. Im not suggesting I wouldnt but; without money and a plan; say goodbye to the baby... of course Ive seen allot of children given away to the state; the poor cant keep their children so the children are given away to the rich; nice way for the rich to collect children...
Ive talked to the rich a few times; they dont have to respond occurring to the truth or ethics; they want to protect their money ethically any way they can; protect their neighborhood and their way of life regardless if its right or wrong; they want to be looked up to...
Most of the women I meet have no respect for anything; they rely on the government to protect them; and the police force; and the main of the police force is male and its also female these days. Its interesting; watching whats going on here. I have no interest in them; women; talking to them; being around them; now that I can see what their doing. Ive been in a room of people; if you remove the women; most of them; or the percentage that think their pretty or have it going on; all trouble ceases within a room of people. Theirs no more problems; its all ceases.. No more problems.
Its mainly about the police department and who protect them. The only women I'm interested in being around are the ones Im interested in dating; the rest have no interest to me; and what Ive seen now; they are nothing but scavengers and predators.
Most of the women I've seen do not care about children or their future. in fact; I feel women are detrimental to children; its like leaving children with black widows. As I said; the only women I would be interested in are those women I want to date and no one else. but most women wont stay out of my circle; so I have to continually ignore them. Even the ones I let in; they try unethically to take over or manipulate; Im a grown man and I don't like people playing games with me. So; I've learned the hardware to stay away from them... they are trouble makers; most of them... I would say they need to stay in their place; but that is over with. These modern societies have baked the rules from the kettle. Women; if they take over as they are will destroy the whole country side; turning a nation into complete poverty and allowing the ruling classes to take over and bleed the society of its riches; and thus we are back to a castle state much like the middle ages; and thats what going on here; all that work for a revolution to free man kind and now its all being destroyed. The people have lost the power of their own country.
I know of soldiers who fought for this country; their leaving; going to Asia to live; they are not wanted in their own country.
The country has been sold down the river.
Lucky for me I have other things to focus on. I have success based thinking to work on.
As for women to date; that is a mystery I must work with God on.
Ive found that the women Im around; they purposely have no value for me; they see me as a weakling because I don't outwardly display myself and for this Im looked at as a weakling and someone to avoid and at times play games with. I let it go and move on. Im not picked by many women because those women are shallow and arrogant; they play people into the ground and I want nothing to do with them. In fact, some of these women are so stupid they actually believe Im stupid. So; I stay away from them; they are players I guess; that is what Id call them; Im starting to see it correctly; they think they've got it going on. So; I stay away from them. they have nothing going on.... But neither do I.
I have nothing going on; I dont have money. I have wit and intelligence; but these things have no value to women. Many of the women I know are not smart enough to know Im not a weakling. My cautiousness in life is do to wisdom and intelligence; these people that dont respect me do not see; they see nothing; they have no wisdom. I wont help them see. I refuse... They dont need me for anything. I play no role in their lives; the best thing Im learning to do is ignore them; for at some point; they feel they can disrupt nature and the way of things; I want no part of it.
My goal is to get better if I can and meet better people.
Ive met some people in the community; not the ones I want. Its hard not having money; I dont fit in to anything or anyone.
As for women; I don't know; Im just getting older and older and older and Im of no interest to many women. Women find out Im not the type to be played; they avoid me like the plaque; Whats concerning is; many of them have no value for me.. Ill have to write another blog about it.
However, I have to look at my own situation; where am I going, and what am I doing with my life...
Ive notice the inability to stand up for what I believe in or even my stuff because others are not baking down. They look or act as if their being intruded on when I tell them to back away from me and my stuff. Your left to call the police; but I dont like the police or the nature of the police; I dont like being policed...I like freedom.. freedom to take care of my own stuff..
Ive noticed several sad things in this experience; real friendship being thrown away.
Ive notice women not respecting me at all and with no logic behind it; more about social status.
Ive notice many women complaining about cheaters; husbands and boyfriends cheating; However, Ive noticed something after the last 20 years; an increase in this type of behavior. I wondered why all the women are complaining about this. And it was not hard to figure out; Its more about the type of person their dating or marrying. " Why is my husband cheating" they say; well; if these women would stop marrying the top 20% alfa males that charm them; and stop trying to make relationships with these half sociopaths; this would not happen; so; this is not about the guys their marring; its about who these women choose to marry. This is not about the men; its about who the women are going after to marry. They marry thugs and then complain about them not being father material; they had 80% of the nice guys in the world; the average guy they could have married; but they refused. Now their stuck with some stupid imaginary concept of romantic marriage with a sociopath; they married a sociopath assuming they could control him or something of that nature; married a sociopath and thought he could or would end up the perfect father; surprise. You have to marry one of the 80% of average guys if you want a nice family; not one of the 15% alfa males with no conscious. Those guys never loved you in the first place but they provided for you altho they cheat on you ever other month. Leaving them or staying with them matters not for they have no conscious to love anything either way; they do not care; the women in this situation is used from the start.
Things have changed.
Im attempting now to see if I cant figure out how to get some kind of happiness out of this deal; this life deal.
As for women; I really dont know what to do. decide the kind of women I want to marry or meet and go to where such people are.
Im hated by many women and Im liked by many women. Many women like me to start but end up having no respect for me because Im a respectable man and theyve never met one before. I tend to be treated as if Im a weakling that wont respond to women. And I wont; not unless you are more intelligent then the chair your sitting in; or should I say wize.... I have women that have enough depth to understand and accept me and then many many that dont and many that see nothing in me; write me off as a weakling thats easily conquered; of no status and not to bother with. And I allow this and I move out of the way for these people and let them be on their way.
Im attempting ego reduction so I can have some freedom and stop defending something Im not; stop defending a face; a false front. When I can stop defending it, I can move on to other people and places and things.
I can see myself slowly moving forward to a better group of people; I can see it; but dont know how it will come about out in the real world; we will see. The problem has been; the street people are better to deal with then the middle classes..
I must work with God; work with the universe toward what I want. I have to believe its possible end up with what I want.... keep working toward it.. Im learning to take everything to God all the time; lay it before him and bow out of it; allow the universe to bring the answer...

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
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Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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