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Why am I grieving again

My child came out as transgender years ago. And I have supported him all the way. The first 3 months were hard I went through a grieving process, we were kicked out of our church and a number of social groups that were female only (brownies etc), but once the dust settled and he made new friends joined, new groups I realised he was still the same child.

I love my son he is the ...
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Young and trans and treated

This is my first time on this site in a long, long time, as I previously just lurked, but something is on my mind that I had to go so far as to register.

In today's climate it's a whole lot more common than ever before to 'figure out' you're dysphoric and/or transgender, and on average that seems to happen earlier, but how frequently does anyone actually receive gender-affirming treatment as a minor? It feels ...
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Gender Neutral

Has anyone at any time considered, physically speaking, being gender-neutral? From my point of view, I don't see how it is possible, physically, to be 100% gender-neutral. Such a person would have a leaning, one way or the other. For this discussion, a person who is neither 100% male nor 100% female is "gender-neutral."

For a while, I considered being gender-neutral with a female leaning as even more ideal than being 100% female. However, I ...
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Born Male, Wanted to Be Female

My name's Arik, the masculine form of Ariel. I was born male, always acknowledged that I'm male but wanted to be a girl for several reasons. The first reason is vanity. Girls are prettier than boys, and I wanted to be pretty. The second reason is they're treated differently, have girl stuff, and do girl things.

I had no interest in reassignment surgery because, of my build, I'm 6' 2", an operation wouldn't give me ...
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Can I get some insight and advice from people with this diso

Hi, my daughter is 20 and has recently told me that a big part of her depression and attempted suicides is that she struggles with wanting to transition.

I don't know the first thing about this, but there are some things she says that have me wondering if this is something she actually wants.

Firstly, she is a very petite, very feminine young woman who seems to enjoy being female. She is bi sexual, but ...
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A Bit of a Weird Situation

Hello and thank you in advance to anyone reading / replying to this post.

I am a biological male, in my mid 30's.
Ever since I was a kid I have always felt a lot more feminine then I think that I should have.
I love women, in fact I love them so much that I have wanted to BE a woman for some time now.
The main problem is that I am not sexually ...
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Sometimes I feel like a girl inside

Hi all, this is my first post here and hopefully in the right place. I am a grown man. Ever since I was a child at times I felt like I was a little girl inside. I don't know how to explain it. I have no desire to change my sex or become a woman. I don't find men attractive at all (well maybe some men in the 18-25 yr old range with big dicks ...
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stuck with the wrong gender

ever since i was 1 i have memories of identifying with the oposite gender and knowing it was 'wrong' 'bad' that i shouldnt do or feel any of the things that i naturally did. at first it was just the gender but i have memories of sexual inclination from when i was 2. and then i have huge amount of sexual memories from when i was 4 towards the same gender. i thought of me ...
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Never done this, but it's long overdue.

I'm 35 years old and have known for the last 20 years that I am a trans woman. I have finally stopped second guessing myself and questioning whether or not I was this, that or the other thing. This is the first step in accepting something I have always known but never addressed. I have a wife, whom I love very much. She is very liberal minded and is quite supportive of lgbtq people and ...
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First post here, where do i fit in? any opinion is welcomed

i've already explored my sexual identity and i believe im asexual (sex neutral/negative) and aromantic and im fine with these definitions. not that i need labels, but giving a name to what i feel and think is relieving for some reason.

as for gender its a bit more complicated… just recently i've come through the non-binary/genderqueer/genderfluid/agender/demigender definitions. im not sure where do i fit in, if at all. here are the basics and i ...
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