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I became the girl I wanted

When I was a child I had to go to speech therapy, nobody could understand me except my grandfather and this girl I hang around with

I have always felt really shy around girls, especially if I like them. I'm not a virgin as I had a couple of one night stands but they were fleeting and I was drunk, I count myself as a virgin, I have never had a chance to express my ...
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Gay male in female body?

Hello, this is my first post here. I would like to ask for help to determine my gender identity, because I'm feeling more and more confused about it.

I'm biologically female, but starting from my teens I'm feeling uncomfortable about it. It started somewhere around the age of 13-14 maybe, when I discovered that I really like to dress as a boy and every time I was playing a character (this was my passtime activity, ...
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face exercise to build muscles

which face exercises do you use? face yoga? something else? i smiled and squinted for fifteen minutes daily for two weeks. i also clean my face with a cotton ball and listerine, it gets rid of any germ almost not just cavity causing germs it keeps the skin tight and clean. I can't build muscle without eating whey.
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ever since i was born, i felt in the wrong body

ever since i was born, i felt in the wrong body.
was born female, but everything about me as masculine (except my body)
i am straight, and have a beautiful boyfriend, so it ends up feeling like a gay man (haha)
my partner is very masculine (may be surprising) and very attractive, which triggers me all the time cause i always feel like i want to be like him...im always jealous.
its sick, and toxic, ...
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How do YOU define the terms "man" and "woman"?

The only specific criteria I have ever heard in answer to this is from from people who only think of gender in terms of biology (ie. A man is someone born with XY chromosomes)

What I am more interested in, is what attributes besides biological gender do people out there use to determine gender identity?

Feminine/masculine behavior?
Fashion preferences?
Favorite color?
Philosophical ideals?

Is a woman...

A person who likes barbies?
A person ...
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How do I know if I'm gender fluid?

I was born female and the vast majority of the time I'm comfortable with it. But I was a huge tomboy growing up, wearing only boys clothes until I was 12. And there are some days I just feel like a boy. I even have a name for myself when I feel this way, I say my name is "Ivan".

The reason I'm confused is because it seems very related to my sexuality. I'm bisexual, ...
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Just Introducing Myself Here :)

Hello there,
My name is Miykal-Li, Im 29 and I was browsing the forums and stumbled on this sub-forum (quite surprisingly TBH.)

Before I get in to gender stuff I thought it was pertinent to share my diagnosis' so that hopefully the way I write doesn't confuse anyone.

I have been formally diagnosed with...
OCD, Social Anxiety, Gender Identity Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, CPTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks, Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychosis (Auditory hallucinations/sometimes ...
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Exploring cross dressing and cocks


I identify myself as straight and have always only had female partners. But sometime back I saw a dream where I was crossdressed by two girls then sucked cock while being pegged by the girls. I freaked out. I thought it would be one off. Then within the last month I had two similar dreams. So now I am thinking of giving it one try though I am not quite sure. So girls can ...
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Think im genderfluid...

I think i need some help....
Hi, i need help i have been "crossdressing" on and off for the best part of 15 yrs now, i want breasts and i want to wear lingerie, high heels and skirts all the time, but i also have days where im happy being a guy.

Ive also suffering from depression, i wish i could understand what is going on with me, as i dont really have a clue. ...
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Gender Dysphoria but not Transgender

First off, I don't mean to sound insulting or personal to anybody, but I have the feeling that what I'm going to say may trigger some LGBT advocates. If you feel that reading somebody's conflicting opinion about the transgender issue will annoy you, please leave, because I really want help here, and can only hope that this forum isn't biased by social justice. Thank you.

I am biologically a male, and ever since at least ...
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