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Autistic Heroin Addicts

Anybody with autism ever use heroin? I was a dope fiend for 21/2 years when I lived in Baltimore. It took 5 detoxes before I got clean. I am curious if anybody else with autism has that craving for opiates. I live with chronic pain in feet due to electrocution and need morphine and dilaudid to manage pain, so even though I am not a dope fiend anymore, I am still chained to the opium ...
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verbal communication

Does anybody here have problems with verbal communication?

I dont talk 90% of the time. I cant find the words to say or how to say it. I can talk in coherant sentences when I do talk. However the only thing I can talk about is Abnornal Psychology and Multimedia Technition (sound check, the lights, the computer rleating to those, etc.) related issues. Otherwise I am nonverbal.

Is this normal? I was homeschooled all my ...
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I was just wondering if I could ask a few questions?

All my life growing up, i've always had a temper and always been seen to be rude and the way I spoke was always classed as rude and in a rude manor. Recently as I've gotten older I've noticed if my routine gets messed up I get very wound up to the point where I argue with my partner and times have burst into ...
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April Is Autism Awareness Month

Hello everyone, long time no speak. Thought people would know 2 weeks ago it were autism awareness day on friday and april is the awareness month.

My article for the National Autistic Society is coming out on e-newsletter April 14th 2010 about the autistic me follow up, which has been approved by production team for me to write about it for them. the autistic me were also wrote up for the first one on this, ...
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she was talking strangely

I have met and know of a few kids who have autism. But there was a girl who got so mad at me in my emotionally disturbed classroom because I told her that were like people with autism. Because we have mental disorders that cause us to not be able to fuction properly in society without meds or therapy. So the girl came over to me and started talking like she was retarded to me. ...
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Symptoms of Autism

Many did say that my 3 year old nephew is having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We realized when the boy is engage in repetitive movements such as lining up his toys. He is doing it everyday and at age of 3, he rarely speaks. I completely understand how my sister feel for her child. ASD cannot be cured but I do believe there are some interventions that might help...Do symptoms of autism change over time?
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Did you know that you could have home care in your home from as little as €9.99?

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special ability

hi everyone,
lately ive been feeling verry desperate angry sad and i have the feeling no one understands me.
plus im really into dvds movies and tv shows .. and i guess im supposed to be diff , also once i saw somewhere : autistic people r the future people so i guess were supposed to have abilitys XD were just different i think
everyone who agrees :D ...
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Advice for tewaching assistant

I am about to start my first teaching job working with children with autism and aspergers and adhd.
i used to have adhd as a child so can relate but i was hoping you guys could give me a little advice about young kids ( aged 6-12) with autism and what to expect and the best ways to communicate and be a friend to them more thana TA
thanks guys!
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Startle/ Jump at EVERYTHING! Plus added extras

Hi there
I am new here I just wanted somewhere to post and came across this place.

I think I may have undiagnosed aspegers, but on the mild side.

I have problems with socialising, I dont get on that well in large groups and I worry and stress a lot about who I should be talking to and what I should be doing, I also dont adapt well when my environment/ situation changes, like last ...
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