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What do I do with this kid?!

My son is six and is very social (inappropriately so). His biggest issues are that he doesn't speak and doesn't really know how to communicate verbally, as well as being hyperactive. Otherwise, he seems almost like your typical kid. Better at music than most, but still. He CAN speak and will read (he taught himself) and sing with no problem. He also likes to find teaching books at the book store and I've noticed that ...
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Re: help handeling autism brother

Hi I have an austism brother i forget what type but i can describe it he has trouble looking into people eyes he has speech problems and he a tempered problem which i need help with. my brother has these moods where he says stuff and he gets really sensitive also when he gets mad he starts yelling and hitting i dont know what to do what do you think i should do. We tell ...
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Urinating in bedroom?

I have been caring for an eleven year old with severe autism for six years. Around six months ago I came home to find a carer had him locked in his room.. it eventuated that he had hit her and she'd locked him in his room to keep herself safe (not that he's capable of causing much harm). Since then he has been urinating in his room. Anyone have any ideas how to stop this? ...
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Would like to know about high functiong ASD as adults

Hi, I'm new here. My son, age six, was dx'd at age 2.5 with PDD-NOS. We have not had him retested, but our doc thinks Aspergers now. He is very smart, loves other kids, has some quirks, but over all looks " normal". My question is really about his future. I don't know any ASD adults and therefore have no idea what possibilities are open to him. I want college and a job, possibly a ...
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Ring Chromosome

Hello everyone,

My youngest son (who is now 9) was diagnosed as PDD-NOS with autism like behaviors when he was in kindergarten. The schools were awful so my ex-husband now homeschools him.

But my question lays deeper. At one of his therapy sessions it was suggested that we have his genotype mapped. This was quite strange to me but after we figured out what we needed to do, we found out that our son has ...
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AS woman confused about AS man..

I am wondering about what is the best way to let a man with Aspergers know that you are not interested in him as more than friends? I think he makes a great friend but I am not sure if he will go along with what I have suggested-friendship; and I worry about awkwardness when we next see each other in person. I've been told that I have very mild Aspergers myself, but I generally ...
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Our Autismic Life

Read about one family's journey with Autism & ADHD; beginning in 1993 when awareness and help was so much different than it is today. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well. Thank you and God Bless all these children. http://dmissu2.wordpress.com
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I have autism, GAD, and a severe clinical depression. I have a history of provoked violent actions. I sleep all day and I'm still tired. I tend to push people away and argue. I have become addicted to my depression. I rarely have the motivation to do anything but sleep. Every time I get happy, I get let down harder than before. I don't even try anymore, I just stay at my all time low. ...
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Conditions that Exist with Autism

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aspergers syndrome

im new to all this,im in the process of fighting for a diagnosis for my 4 year old daughter as shes showing alot of signs. im in need of help,just someone to talk to who understands what im going through. everyday tasks are impossible to get thorough i dont know what to do next
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