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In need of some advice, please&thank you.

Hello, my name is Rain. I am unsure if we belong here or not. If we do not, we do not mean to offend anyone. Normally, we are on the Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum (once known as MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder). However, we have come across some difficulties with an alter/personality of our's, and I would greatly appreciate any input, advice, or opinions that anyone has.

Before anyone tells me it is impossible to have ...
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I might have Aspergers. However...just to be certain...

Hey all.

I'm new to the forums, and since this has been bugging me for quite a while, I figured that it would make as a fitting introductory post. Opinions would be appreciated.

Once, when I was about 9, my parents took my younger brother and I to see a psychologist. I wasn't really sure what was going on, except that there was this nice lady showing me pictures and asking me a few questions. ...
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Looking for a list

I was looking for a list of behaviors that describe autism, aspergers, and PDD other than the diagnostic features for ASDs. Such as lacking or misunderstanding humor.
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How likely is it to be misdiagnosed for PDD-NOS?

I've been feeling pretty confused and depressed lately because of my diagnosis. I may be in denial or something but I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS which when I was younger and now I'm feeling depressed about it and I'm not sure if I fit in with the description. I think it might of been a misdiagnosis and I'm not sure if that is likely the case. The thing is, after reading about it I don't ...
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Socail skills and the spectrum

Have any of you learned social skills to mitigate autism or the other disorders on the autism spectrum such as aspergers or PDD capable of doing the same?
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autism empathy survey

We often hear that autistic kids lack empathy. However, there are two distinct kinds of empathy - cognitive empathy, which is the ability to figure out how another person is feeling, and affective/emotional empathy, which is having the right emotional response to someone else's feelings.

So I've got a survey for parents to fill out about how well their child shows the two different kinds of empathy. I'm also interested in the relationship between empathy ...
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Does She Have Autism or Just Hearing Difficulties?

I need assistance on determining if my daughter falls onto the Autistic Spectrum or if she is a normal child who is behind cognitively due to hearing difficulties as a child.

My daughter Lily is 3 1/2 years old. She had seven hearing infections from about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years. Her mother and I switched doctors after we learned Lily should have had tubes put in much earlier.

The tubes were put in, ...
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Inspiring video

Hi all,
I would love to share this incredible inspiring video with everyone. The video is on Brandon who recovered from autism using the Son-Rise Program! This is just an amazing story: *link removed by Mod*.
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My autistic sister is self-harming. Help me please.

I'm posting this in the self-harm forum as well, but I feel like people who are more familiar with autism could help tailor a response to my needs better.

Today my mom walked in on my 18 year old sister cutting herself. She claimed it was our dogs scratching her, but when my mom looked her in the eye and told her "You are lying to me." She broke down. She claims she has been ...
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Concerned parents

I am concerned about my nearly 4 year old son. He often times laughs when others are crying. He also repeats words or sentences over and over until we acknowledge him by repeating what he says, acknowledging him in other ways is not enough. Lately he has been saying "cake" all the time. If I make him mad by telling him no he says cake, if I say I love you he says cake. I ...
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