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aspie girl sending very mixed signals

So we were dating for about a month then things got weird, we stoped talking after a bit i get what bothering her "a new emotion" a couple days later she says she just wants "a friend and maybe a lover" so weve been txting sence then but its off she replys but very short answers but she asks me stuff so its not like shes just trying to get rid of me, shes just ...
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Is there merit to the Gluten theory?

My son is almost 4 and is Autistic. I wanted to get the opinions of people who may have tried diet and sensory therapy for an Autistic person. Can any of it really make a difference?

I know the sensory therapy settles my son down enough to help him focus. But what about diet? He has dark circles under his eyes and his stool is always green diarrhea. We're thinking about trying a Gluten free ...
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children development

The speed of physical growth is rapid in the months after birth, then slows, so birth weight is doubled in the first four months, tripled by age 12 months, but not quadrupled until 24 months.

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High level Autism or something else?

Hi phone - First, I want to apologize if this is not the correct forum to post this. But I was not sure where else to start.

I have a brother-in-law with "Problems". I say it that way because the parents have never gotten him tested. He is my wife's brother and she does not want to be around him if at all possible.

Let me give you some examples:

He was living at his ...
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Service animals

I just want to ask you guys about your experiences with animals. Also, Do you feel that service dogs would help people on the spectrum? Please explain why. Thank guys.

Mods please don't remove this post. I know it's also on the asperger's forum but I'd like to get a response from both sides of the spectrum. Thanks.
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Hey guys! Need your help! (might be fun!)

Hi. I am an illustrator, and I am currently working on a piece about Autism. I have my concept down, but to flesh it out more I wanted to do some research- and you know I could read as many books or articles about it as there are in the world, but that won't tell me how it feels.

So that's why I want to ask you. I need your help to understand how I ...
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What autism really is.

Hi guys. I came here to tell you that I autism is not genetic! Explanation marks times 100. :D
It is caused by toxins. That's right, anything not made from mother nature may as well be considered toxic. And the person reading this now (you) is autistic than I have a good reason why you are. And that rest with good news... it can be CURED!!!!!!!! ...
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EEGs to diagnose developmental disorders

I just saw this video and thought that some other people might be interested in it. It is related to all sorts of developmental disorders, but they talk about autism the most, so I am posting it here. ... rders.html

In summary, a new technology has been developed to diagnose developmental disorders more accurately using EGG (Electroencephalography). EGG allows doctors to actually look at the patient's brain waves ...
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They keep prescrybyng them

For what's wyth me. Am tyred of them. They ruyn me and they do you too. We're beyngs of lyght and dark. We're nexyons -- that's what we are. We're exposed to them.
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