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Not depressed or suicidal but dont want to be here

Im sorry,i know im posting a lot lately. I dont know why.

Im wondering if others feel the same way on this though.
I am currently not depressed, nor am i suicidal. However, for a long time now i have felt like my time is done. I feel im here now to just bring my kids up and make the most of it while i am still around.
As i say, im not suicidal but ...
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Im really annoyed with the nurse from my assessment

Part of my assessment was a physical check up.
Asking what I suffer, and me giving her a list, one being chronic anxiety...
She said what about your kidneys? Dont you have an issue with them?
Shocked i said not that im aware of. She said she had read something on my file about my kidneys...after thw worrying look of confusion appeared on my face she said it might not have been my file as ...
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Who have I become?

A year I go I was diagnosed with bpd, now I'm told it maybe cptsd, avpd and attachment disorder.

The thing is, I used to be so wild and just act on my impulses without I care in the world and I think people enjoyed my company because of it although it began to become apparent to me and everybody else that I had a mental health problem. Now its like I have become the ...
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Obsession: Seeking Help

Hi there, I am new to this forum so please if I have posted this under the wrong topic let me know. I read through most but couldnt find a forum category that seemed to suit my questions.

I am having a lot of difficulty mentally getting over, what I call, and obsession of someone.
This is in no way sexual or relationship based, she is an old "friend" and there is some baggage there ...
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Can't make myself go to therapy

I have finally caved in and done this. My problem is that I can't make myself go to therapy. There are several reasons
1. I went to therapy when I was 14 and because I have difficulties expressing my emotions and understanding my feelings I was not taken very seriously. I was given CBT and the sessions ended up revolving around my chronic fatigue rather than my mental health. I told my therapist I ...
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Initial response service. What exactly is it?

My appointment with the psychiatrist is today. Im now panicking about it. Ive got my letter ready to double check the appt. Time and found it is called the "initial response service". I googled it and seen something about children services and children being at risk!

Is it really a psychiatrist i will see or have they said this to get ne there when really it is to see if im a danger to my ...
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my moms just ######6 incompetent and my life sucks

I'm 18 and I've had depression longer than when i got officially diagnosed when I was 14. Anybody with a pathetic ass family like the one I got lucky enough to be born into would of probably ended up worse then I currently am. And I'm not doing bad, I'm just sort of off in a way that sometimes gets to the point that I can notice. I'm pretty sure I'm pmsing, and I tend ...
Read more : my moms just ######6 incompetent and my life sucks | Views : 862 | Replies : 11

Schizoaffective Girl Living with ASP/Autism Spectrum Boy

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was a teenager. A lot of life events and triggers have changed this to schizoaffective disorder. I have been doing all I can to survive my changing emotional state. Thankfully I have been approved for disability.

I have been in a relationship with someone for nearly 7 years. It was recently that he was found to have Asperger and Autism Spectrum. He didn't have any treatment until ...
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going back to old counsellor 5 years later?

I had a great counsellor 5 years ago.. felt like I was semi getting some where...
Then funding run out and I was top of the NHS list for psychtherapist so I moved over to seeing her.. also looking back I felt I was running away as I wasn't really ready to deal with the area we were woking on and really struggled to communicate more back then.

Anyway I'm now needing a new counsellor ...
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My First post, I just need someone to talk to

Hey there, new here and i'm just at a loss to find people to talk to. I'm 22 and I am suffering with a lot of different mental health issues for which I have no support and have really struggled for the past few years to actually get by.

I have been diagnosed with OCD, depression and anxiety, but in the past few months i've been suffering quite seriously with bolemia and body dismorphia. I've ...
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