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What should I do?

I can cope with my personality characteristics. My psychiatrist diagnosed me, but she doesn't say anything about diagnosis. I am very prone to boredom and I am very impulsive. My psychiatrist said I am getting bored because I don't feel certain emotions. I am also very asocial. I don't like to engage with people. She said my personal development is very different than normal people. I don't have any facial expressions normally but I am ...
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Abilify - have you tried?

Hi there

Did any one tried this drug for depression? what were the results?
It's supposed to be an anti psychotic but in low dosage for depression too

Thanks - me
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Very weird college&learning demotivation problem.Any ideas?!

Hello to all, I decided to share this issue with the community, not with the hope that it can be solved, but I am nevertheless interested in what other people has to say and if even any of you have even slightly similar experience.

Now I am after the third semester of my third bachelor college degree, none of the two previous ones were succesful and it all comes to this. Now, for the third ...
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Am I more psychotic than Hitler?

If men in black pulled up to my house in a limo. Took me to an underground room that had a red button on the table. Sat me down and said to me " If you press that button you will destroy the Earth and everything on it "

I wouldn't even hesitate. I would press that so fast they wouldn't have time to blink!

If I had a chance to get rid of people ...
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I need help finding name of my disorder, so I can research

Hi there

I'm hoping someone can help give me some direction, as I'm not sure which sub-forum to look through to start off my journey of healing. I'll jump straight to the description of what I'm suffering from.

Don't laugh, but I just can't be productive. I'm 34 years old, and all I do - all I want to do - is sit at home playing video games. I quit any job I get because ...
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Does anyone else feel guilty asking for help

I can get by in the world fairly well whereas I know a lot of others have far worse problems. I feel like I shouldn't bother people with my problems, like I am wasting resources for others who need it more. I used to skip my medications for this reason, because i felt like I didn't "deserve" them. Now I'm starting to wonder if there isn't really anything wrong with me and I just took ...
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Is it possible

Hello! I signed up on this forum just so I could ask this question. And I'm posting it in BPD because there isn't a "general" PD forum.

Has anyone encountered or know if it's possible to have every personality disorder? From schizoid to obsessive compulsive to narcissistic?

I am not having much luck finding many people seriously considering this because many say that things are just too conflicting between some disorders that it's impossible.

But ...
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new here - trying to find support..

I have no idea where to begin.

Im a 26 yr old female and my life has been a $#%^ storm as long as I can remember I suffer with severe anxiety and panic disorder and it has infested my entire life . I remember being a kid and just feeling ######6 weird all the time always nervous dizzy on edge.

I also had two emotionally abusive parents which to this day I think if ...
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I have a few questions about inpatient care.

I've been considering admitting myself to the hospital for a couple days now (been feeling a little suicidal- no plans or anything, just worse than usual), but I know nothing about it. I just have a couple questions?? (For context - I'm a minor and I live in Canada)

1. Would I be allowed to bring my sketchbook in with me?? It's super important to me and I don't know if I can go ...
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