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Is this depression?

Is it going to get better?
I want to get better. Because right now,I am nothing. Literally feel like nothing. No emotions,no hope,no motivation...nothing. Right now i just want to sleep.
I've been like this for over a year now (yet i'm only 23), feeling empty and lost, constantly in fear. And it was getting worse. I tried talking to my friends,but i hardly could explain what was going on in my crazy head. No ...
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Debilitating stress/anxiety at work, what can I do??! help..

First off, I have generalized/social anxiety. Yesterday I left work almost in tears because of how many times I screwed up. I can't seem to do anything right, and I'm just a cashier. Well, I work as a cashier sometimes, and most days I work in the pharmacy as a technician/cashier (I work at a drugstore). I find both equally as stressful because of dealing with people...I'm not good at talking to them and it ...
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disability in the work force

hello, let me start about myself. i have been diagnosed with aspergers a few years ago, i have been trying to get into the workforce for some time now. so after 4 years of unemployment, (not through lack of trying, i can't make eye contact, and have been told i'm rather rude) being sanctioned by jobcentre twice and being bounced around between three "government agency's" that help get you back to work. i have decided ...
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What is the way out?

i don't know what is the way out.. normal people can't understand depression and other mental illness, but talking with someone who has that too will make both more depressed..
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Wanting Some Advice with Family Issues

I wasn't sure whether to put this in this section or the "Anti-Psychiatry" section, so feel free to move it...
I recently started the process of getting diagnosis/treatment, and my parents especially are not too excited about it. I got prescribed anti-anxiety med (which I'm feel really good about), but my parents are trying to discourage me from taking them. It's difficult, because they are the ones who would most likely be paying for all ...
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i need some advice

the first thing i want to get off my chest is that when i first became depressed, i had prayed and wished that my family would die and if they didn't die immediately, i would pray that they get really sick and die. i know that's horrible, but i was so angry and sad. i didn't know that i was bipolar then. i thought i was "normal". i never truly believed in God, but now ...
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protips on getting better

I am leaving this here to save people therapy bills and to get the help the mental health system makes you spend a lot of time for.

I will cover personality and also everything else but psychodynamic(talk therapy).

CBT is pretty much neccesary for most people in western society. Focusing on the breath activates parts of the prefrontal cortex required for introspection and recognising oneself better.
Once proficient in that which usually takes a couple ...
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Do I need to get help?

Sorry this question is so long, I just needed to vent about stuff and it got away from me. I'm a 19 year old female, sophomore in college. Sometimes I feel totally normal but at other times I'm convinced I have some kind of undiagnosed mental disorder. I can be walking around in a perfectly good mood and then something small happens and it just ruins my whole day. I keep thinking that everyone hates ...
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"expert" friend judges me

I have a friend who works in the mental health field and I am a schizophrenic. I am currently not working and my doctor feels that I am not ready to work yet, my family that I live with agrees with him. They want me to continue all my busy doctors and therapy appointments and not worry about work for now. My friend disagrees and thinks that I should be working and that work is ...
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A Working Professional?


I am wondering what resources are available for working professionals with mental illness?

A little background about me:

I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia but am highly functioning. I finished my bachelor's of science in IT at a major USA university in 2011 with a near 4.0 major GPA and have worked in the IT industry for on and off for ~ two years.

My current medications are Abilify 10 mg and Zoloft 50 ...
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