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I'm having trouble understanding and processing emotions

I never used to have this problem until about a year ago, I think something triggered it. Ever since I fell in love with someone and got rejected, I am more sensitive about everything. Other things bother me easy, I get either too upset or too angry over small things, I can't process emotions like I used to. I don't know why this made me change, I don't think a change like this has ever ...
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Can you be too sick to get help?

Hi guys. I'm not doing too well, actually I'm doing horribly. Without going into details too much, my mood is constantly changing from extreme to extreme, I burst out into tears randomly (due to my mood being so reactive), I cannot focus on my schoolwork (which is crucial to my degree), I'm looking to feel numb and when I'm numb I'm looking to feel something, which causes me to want to hurt myself or drink. ...
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Therapist broke confidentiality.

Hey everyone,

This has been bugging me for a long time and I wanted to get your opinions.

When I was 15 (in the 90's) I was a rebellious kid, and sometimes snuck out in the middle of the night to do graffitti with my friends (I lived in a major US city, in a relatively safe neighborhood).

I was in therapy a couple times a week for anxiety/depression, and told my therapist about my ...
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Belief that people should not have kids.

Is it all too common or rarely spoken that creating life is a criminal action and completely irresponsible to the knowledge of all the risks one may and will suffer.
I believe that people who have children are either egomaniacs or sadistic.
Depression alone is enough to call life unjust; and that is one grain of the horror sentient life afflicts.

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Intrusive thoughts vs Auditory Hallucinations vs Internal Di

Hi. I'm sorry to be asking yet another question but I was wondering if someone could perhaps explain the difference between intrusive thoughts, auditory hallucinations, and internal monolog/dialog? Thank you.
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Watching the TV news stressful but addicting too

This constant battle between left and right politics and CNN vs Fox I get it, they play everyone against each other play their emotions to keep everyone watching and engaged to keep the ratings up to sell billions advertizements for car insurance and pharmaceuticals. More people watching more money they make,I get it

And could there be even the remotest possibility that there is even one male viewer left in the world that doesn't know ...
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replacing a parent

I had an abusive mother. I'm not going to complain about the past, but I am wondering about the effects of such abuse, and about surrogate parents.
Is it healthy to seek out replacements for parental relationships that were either not their, or that where quite bad (she was a narcissist and quite abusive)?
I think that 'cougar hunting', idealizing MILF adult film actresses, and other such things I've done are all just adult attempts ...
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pre loss grief

Hi I'm not sure which category/forum this falls under. If moderators think this needs moving, please copy or move it.

I did think of posting in the grief forum, but as you will see, I have not suffered a loss yet, and therefore thought it might be insensitive.

My mum is ill with a lung condition and its obvious she's going to get worse, and will pass away in the not too distant future.

I ...
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Should I live alone in the first year of college

Hİ guys,I've been thinking this for 4 days straight.Driving me crazy.Don't know what to do. I made a list of positive and negative aspects of both of them.At the beginning of this summer,me and my friend decided to rent a flat and live as housemates,We were going to have separate rooms and I was very enthusiastic about this,but three days ago I learned that my friend application had rejected by the college,so our plan has ...
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recent events; seeing a psychiatrist

Hello again. I'm back on the forum after a three-year absence.

I finally got health insurance (after about two years of being without), so I went to see my new primary care doctor last week.
There were a few papers I had to fill out, and some of it was for depression/anxiety screening.
To summarize, I now officially have "major depressive disorder" on my medical record and I got scheduled to see a psychiatrist this ...
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