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Trying to cope.

Hey everyone, Not sure where exactly to put this, I figured this was close enough but if not I apologize.

I'm not sure where to start. I constantly have these agonizing feelings loom over me. Maybe I spent too much of my childhood engulfed in media. I know my childhood wasnt the best but I don't know if thats the cause. I'll get right to the point. It's hard to watch tv, or watch a ...
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What is this behavior called?

I've had situations where I've worn, achieved, been known for, or seen with something desirable, and afterwards been treated awkwardly. I've had complete strangers engage, gawk at, and physically embrace/touch me. I've also had users who have never spoken to me before claim to have full and clear accounts of me, and start attempting to impose themselves on me. Negative attention has happened as well. I've had strangers say negative things about me, try to ...
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Can i vent out here? i dunno who else would listen to me

i think i have a depression for a while.. maybe like months but i was trying to cope by myself because no one knows what happened to me and the only one knows has his very own problem that hard to deal with so he can't help me much. i knew it was going to be worse and it is now, from what i read on internet it's called panic attack and i fear about ...
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feeling trapped-crap(share ur experience too)

trying to sound coherent and succinct here....
trapped by society-expecting people to be smart and productive, be the best they can, go through the education system. always needing to conform to the norm. always expecting certain types of behaviour and attitude.
trapped by parents-always comparing and seeing who is better than who. disparaging remarks.
trapped by teachers-thinking that the students shld behave in some way.
trapped by case mgr- she thinks i shld get a ...
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Today my account was hacked

Today my email account was hacked.

I dont know if its related but i think it started yesterday from a malware infection into my computer. The malware alert came up while i was on this website.

I had to change my password and i did one other step but i wont tell you what it is because members/agents of the faction or whoever group or individual did this are reading this snickering to themselves.

Ive ...
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Do I date for other people?

Most of the time when I'm interested in someone they end up being too short/tall, wrong race, too thick/thin, old/short, young/old, and not someone another would desire or be envious of me having. I think I have a huge focus on others being obsessed with who I have, and envious of me. Why is this? Why can't a partner satisfy me unless others would be jealous of him with me?
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Looking for a support group, friends.

Title says it all. I'd be willing to do email or private messaging on this website. Due to legal problems, I cannot talk over Skype, or any instant messenger, and I cannot talk privately with anyone under the age of eighteen. So those are two things to note. The reason I'm looking for one now, is because all my support group people are on Skype, and no where else pretty much. I have a couple ...
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Everything's wrong with me? I need help/advice

Hello guys, I have several problems in my life that have been chasing me since my teenage years. There are times, when I feel like I can handle them, when I feel strong enough to face them, but then they always come back at me like a boomerang. Everytime when I feel like I've got it figured out, they come back and I am just stucked in the same old stereotype that is driving me ...
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I need some help. How do you deal with some situations?!

Ok ever since middle school basically Ive been depressed and used to self medicate alot. I got on antidepressants and they would help for awhile really good then stop and it kept happening until now, or last year when I was 23 and then I finally got diagnosed as bipolar 2 and now i feel good about knowing what was wrong with me the whole time, and now Im 24 and even though I started ...
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Chronic Shame

So I had a manic episode recently and added drugs to it making myself delusional, obnoxious, incoherent, annoying, and reckless. I caught much of it on film with my cell phone and just cringe. I made a fool of myself in front of family and friends especially on my 27th birthday, April 11.

I really hate living and hate the God who gave me this miserable embarrassing life. I want to die but am too ...
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