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View the latest post Auto logout feature...

Is there anything I can do to disable it? I understand the point for this security feature but for us its more of a hinderance than anything. Levi and I often write long posts and often take breaks while writing so often take awhile to reply to a po [...]

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View the latest post experience with BDD treatment

As someone who tried a variety of treatment modalities for BDD (CBT, psychodynamic, somatic psychology etc.) i'm curious what you guys think is helpful/ unhelpful BDD treatment. It seems that research suggest that CBT is the most helpful form of BDD [...]

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View the latest post Narcissists improving and being faithful in marriage with ag

I grew up with an N mother who is mostly a cerebral narcissist. Though she's still very arrogant and haughty, difficult to connect with, she has become kinder and more thoughtful as she's gotten older especially in regards to how she treats my father [...]

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View the latest post NPD Mother and her Golden Child

I remember an NPD mother claiming that her 4 year old son (golden child) could read and do math better then her 6 year old son. (scapegoat) She was considering making him skip kindergarten and having go directly into 1st grade. She also mentioned tha [...]

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View the latest post How much choice and control do we have in our lives?

How much choice and control do you truly have in your life? This thought crossed my mind recently as I have been reading books about personality disorders. I would say that this is quite a controversial subject, at least with "normal" peopl [...]

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View the latest post Help Your Kid With Toddler Separation Anxiety

It cannot be so much easier for your kid if you are living your kid with the baby sitter or living him or her in the daycare. When you leave your kid away from you for the first time, you may feel much bad. The same or much worst feeling may be exper [...]

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View the latest post Different depressive phases - but feeling confused

It's been almost one month now. I'm in a depressive phase that is different from previous depressive phases. How is it different? Well, when I wasn't on medication or when I was on a low dose, I got severe depression lasting from 3 days to 1 week and [...]

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View the latest post Positivity

I think we need a thread specifically and exclusively for positivity :mrgreen:
So, please, share any progress you have made. Whether it be big or small, sometimes we forget to acknowledge those little wins in life.

For example, I said something stupid [...]

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View the latest post Can schizoids crave online interaction and attention?


A person who avoids social interaction in real-life but sometimes thrives and craves strictly online interaction and attention... Would you say that still fits the concept of schizotypals or contradicts with it?

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View the latest post I feel disgusting

I feel tired, heavy, and disgusting. I want to sleep forever maybe not wake up tomorrow. This is getting really annoying. Everyday I feel like I haven't slept. And this heat doesn't help. I hate summer. The skin underneath my eyes feels dead. I hate this.

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