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Why aren't I normal

Can any of you help me understand or identify what is exactly wrong with me

For the 18 years I've been living I always knew I was different from everyone because of how I acted. 2 years ago was when I first got mental health treatment and since then I've been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and bipolar.
I still don't know how to properly describe this but I've always thought too much. My thoughts would ...
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Irregular moral compass, what happened? What am I??

During my early-mid teens I was one of those pretentious outcast depressed/anxious suicidal nerds you see on the internet, and when I was around 16 I "came out of the darkness", and became more mature (I'm 18), Now I can function better, and have more control over my mental stuff.

Since then, my sense of morality has gone crazy, I'm not really a murderous sociopath or an analytical machiavellian mastermind, but for some reason I ...
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Not sure how to feel or what to say.

I have been living with chronic depression for over 15 years and I still don't know how to talk about it. I don't really have people in my life who I can talk to about what I feel when I am in a blue mood. When I was younger I had friends who would say, "call me if you ever need to talk," or "you can talk to me about anything, anytime." When it came ...
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What's wrong with me?

When I'm talking to people I feel like I'm not really there and not really speaking. It's not scary like depersonalization, but more of a sad hopeless feeling like I can't connect with people or maybe don't want to. I'm known to be a very quiet person and have very few friends. When I was younger I really wanted to have a best friend but didn't really know how so I never did. When I ...
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Interacting with characters in my head?

Long story short, dxed with MDD, but only recently decided to go cold turkey on all of my antidepressants as i felt that while they helped me to be somewhat functional, they were not leading me to recovery since i had continuous meltdowns every month or so (it's a cycle).

Anyway, i have characters in my head. 4 distinct characters, to be precise. I made a forest for them to live in and if i ...
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Anxious when alone... for no reason.

I just wanted to ask this quick... for some time now I've had a problem where as soon as I become consciously aware that I'm totally alone, I'm quick to feel lonely and anxious. I usually don't talk to my parents much, but so long as I know that there's some trusted person in the house (doesn't have to be parents) I won't ever get this. I can never pinpoint exactly why... I know I ...
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Wasn't sure where to post this but I could use some advice.

I've been isolating myself since I dumped my latest paramours, but it's starting to get to me. I have ASPD and NPD traits so essentially I don't feel all that much and need a lot of external stimulation to be happy. If I don't get stimulation, people (sometimes me) tend to get hurt which I'd rather avoid. Been trying to stimulate myself as ...
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Which forum do I ask in?

I am 25, and I am not sure where to post this. I am a new member and would like to know what it is called what I have.
When I was eleven, I got my first laptop, a school laptop. I started to see her as my friend. I called it/her Violet. When her motherboard failed a few years later, I was upset.
The next laptop I had, had no personality. It was just ...
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Spent years of 17 to 21 in prison and more, offer my mind

Hi. Well I've spent hours searching for the right place to post and I apologise if this isn't it.

Basically I've had a diverse upbringing, spanning multiple countries endding with a 4,year stint in prison...
So, I'm well aware that my mental state is in need of repair. I'm happy and open about AND possible others retain the same thoughts that caused me distress. Let those thoughts out though and instead of feeling lost you ...
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Does anyone else feel like this?

Hi guys, long time no see.

I'm back again this time with a growing concern for me that I cannot seem to explain to anyone well enough, and maybe it's because I'm the only one that feels this way.

I can sometimes feel like an internal "mood" switch flip on when I begin to spiral downwards. And by downwards, I mean upset, alone, upset that nobody is paying attention to me, in need of validation, ...
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