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Terrified for first doctor's appointment addressing anxiety

So I scheduled an appointment with my GP to address my anxiety and it is in 2 days, so I'm kind of freaking out. Just a quick summary of my reason for scheduling. I've been experiencing an abnormal level of anxiety for a year now, along with other physical and mental anxiety symptoms. I've always been a worrier but something is definitely off. I made first doctor's appointment to figure out what's wrong, but I'm ...
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An interesting news story

I have suffered depression for around about 10 years and during that time I seem to suffer almost continuous illness - one bug after another which antibiotics have never really helped. The doctors tell me that depression causes the immune system to be compromised, but what if it really is the other way round? In that time I also developed an auto-immune illness too for no apparent reason. ...
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Long life of trauma, struggling to heal (LONG READ)

I'm a nineteen year old female who just moved out on her own, and I live with my boyfriend and roommate. I struggle every single day just to keep myself breathing. My boyfriend and I fight every single day, and I feel overall miserable and helpless all the time.

To start, I was born to two parents with mental conditions. My mother was never diagnosed but something was obvious, and my father was bipolar and ...
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Diagnosis confusion

Has anyone else run the gamut of multiple diagnoses from different psychiatrists?

I saw the same one for years and it was always bipolar. Last year a locum said I might have BPD when my usual psychiatrist was off sick. The usual psychiatrist came back and said that he didn't think I had a PD, maybe a couple of BPD traits, but nothing to be too concerned about.

Anyway, during my psychological therapy my psychologist ...
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Depressed, OCD, auditory hallucinations? Social Anxiety *TW*

TW: Suicide mention. Period mention. Bipolar mom mention.

I'm going to talk about this past two days because I really need to vent and I want to hear your stories and advices about how to cope with this type of situations and emotions.

This days have been rough, I feel like I want to cry all the time, like I'm inside of a box and I can't get out, is not just my social anxiety, ...
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The isolated roads of paranoia

I know there is a dedicated section for paranoid personality disorder. I plead for this to not be moved there, because it's both completely empty most of the time (much like the StPD subtopic) and over half of the posts, if not most of them, in said section are people who only suffer from the disorder secondhand. The complaints of relatives and close friends, who have been abused by the person with PPD.

... Which, ...
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Why do I feel scarcity while I'm about to write a song?


I'm a 27 y.o. music producer with a few successes in Eastern Europe and I'm facing some mental difficulties while trying to write a song, or produce an instrumental etc.

As I mentioned before I've had some great successes in the music industry but I also had a LOT of set backs. Either songs that didn't go well or collaborations that were about to happen but in the end they didn't.

The last 2 ...
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I'm not sure *TW*

(Please ignore grammar and spelling mistakes, my fingers were typing faster than Usain bolt trying to get everything down) Firstly, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this in and I'm really sorry if it's not. But anyways, you can call me 3am or Mac & Cheese, whatever you fancy, I'm a teenager and that's all I can really say about myself. I'm not really sure what I have but I'm ...
Read more : I'm not sure *TW* | Views : 284 | Replies : 1

What is this diagnosis ?

So I went to my psychiatrist today,talked to her for a bit,and in the past I was labeled as either schizophrenic or borderline.But today she wrote an IDEM diagnosis.What is IDEM ? Most I could find online were some kinds of spinal tumors,but is this a psychiatric diagnosis at all ?
Read more : What is this diagnosis ? | Views : 352 | Replies : 2

Narcissism and Selective Mutism *TW*

I’m wondering if anyone here has thoughts on the connection between narcissism and selective mutism.

This past year I’ve been dealing with a hoovering narcissist who excels at manufacturing emotional distress via social media. This guy has at least two ex-girlfriends who continue to participate in his internet approach-avoidance cycles, which consist largely of mirroring their interests, posting tortured love songs on facebook, then DD-ing them after an IRL interaction. I’m done and have temporarily ...
Read more : Narcissism and Selective Mutism *TW* | Views : 331 | Replies : 5


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