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Retroactive Suffering

Where would this be classified under? I haven't found a "disorder" or "phobia" to research into .

I'm a boy, just turned 17, and I don't think I seem to suffer from any severe mental disorder

But there is this thing, I keep thinking about the past, recreating it, reenacting it, sometimes changing it etc. obsessively. It happens alot when I wake up, go to sleep, breaks in my workout, drumming, etc
I guess times ...
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help info on harmful suggestion

Hello everyone nice to meet you :)
I have this weird thing in me. That i dont know whats it called?
I hope anyone could help me for info that i need about my issue id be greatly appreciate it.
I couldnt handle an urgent, important, pressure situation i have a negative suggestion that i couldnt /scared of losing control of myself, will screw it up n ...
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I don't know if I should see someone or not...

I use to get really sad at times growing up. I was teased a lot and at around 11, I guess I started to become "depressed". I wanted to die but I didn't want to kill myself. I just wanted to stop waking up. I didn't want to go to school. I was the kid that sat alone everyday at lunch despite having siblings with the same lunch time as me. In high school, things ...
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Sociopathy, Self Diagnosis & Discovery

How would an individual diagnose them selves as a sociopath? Not for the purpose of the label but more for the purpose of matching my state of mind and behavior with a name and identity. I tried doing so by researching through numerous websites. It was a very long and boring process but I came to the conclusion that I had NPD. But I would never find my self satisfied with that conclusion. So I ...
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Am I an autistic person in denial? [x-post from AS forum]

***I do want to clarify that I'm aware ASD is not a mental illness, I just thought this forum would be where I would get the most dynamic feedback from anyone else on this site. There are also specific reasons with this problem that could be related to mental health issues.

I'm trying to confirm or refute an Asperger's diagnosis I received when I was much younger, which led me into specialized education. Testing over ...
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Obsessed with my death

Hello. I'm not really sure what I should do at this point...but over time I've become increasingly interested in my death. I wish for it so badly. I wish that I would kill myself. I wish that the Universe would kill me. Make me get into a car crash, get murdered, fall from a building, you name it.

I'm not sad, though. It's not that I'm upset with living, I just don't want to anymore. ...
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How to make friends? I am a 4th year student at university.

I struggle with maintaining relationships with people. I have had this issue since I was really young. In high school and before then, I had only one friend, which really wasn't a choice by me; my mom arranged with the bus driver for me to sit with someone from around my block, when I wanted to move from those "STS buses" (I don't know what they are called now) to the "big bus". We were ...
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help me I am so lost

I just got Dx with PD NOS.

I have Cluster B and C traits causing maladjustment but not enough in either category to meet the DSM criteria. Pretty much no goal in life but to find a girl who loves me which will probably never happen.

I am about to pick up maslows book on the hierarchy of human needs but my shrink said there is no point.
I am on the autism spectrum so ...
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Can narcissistic injury cause PTSD in the narcissist?

Not sure if there's a specific forum this thread's suited to, so I'll put it here assuming mods will move if applicable.

I experience bouts of uncontrollable autobiographical memory recall (not to a degree to be considered hyperthymesic. "Flashbacks"...?). It's been bothering me more lately, due to sleep deprivation/external stress. (...And I admittedly possess a few narcissistic traits. Just throwin' that out there). What strikes me is that these memory chains are nearly always sequences ...
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Parts Integration for Self-Sabotage

Hi all, I'm new here. I have struggled with self-sabotage for a very long time. I've done a little research on it, and there seems to be somewhat of a consensus that it's caused by disparate sub-personalities of the psyche that have conflicting ideas of how to find happiness, and that the way to stop self-sabotage is to bring these conflicting sub-personalities into alignment. Some people call this "parts integration."

I can see how my ...
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