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escape from home

my first dissociative fugue episode was during my 10th grade,i started to think how to escape from my house and leave all my families friends and start life as a different man with different personalities,all those movies played inside my mind,and i escaped from my home not fully but partially,my active,thoughtfull,energetic personality that have good knowledge on electronics and computer i leaved there and a new persoality,an introvert,shy,i changed in many ways,my father has told ...
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Incessant Need to Hit the Road * Possible Trigger*

Not sure if it is just winter snow making me feel the deeply persistent internal call to hit the open road again. Money is always an issue but that is a transitory monthly problem. I need a better c.d. player in order to blue tooth my cell tunes into. *very soon* Music+swisher cigars=my internal traveler side being happy. Working two jobs and college will start again but that is why they have online courses right. ...
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Could this have been a Dissociative Fugue?

I was in hospital with Schizophrenia, i had a command to 'go now, go'

i walked out in with no shoes or underwear as i was, I hitched 100 miles, I knew i was from plymouth i knew i was from the hospital and where my mum lived. I knew my sister had died hitching on the same road, but that's it. I felt i was doing it in her memory. I made up a ...
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Is this DID?

Dear All, I am seeking your advise on behaviour that may be seen in DID since I am trying to learn all that I can about it and would appreciate any insight...

have any of you experienced a partner who has DID and many alters but when I speak to different alters, they are all able to remember what happened during a fight? Only on one occasion did my partner open up about his childhood ...
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Any GPS locator/finder ideas?

My husband has DID and at night some times and during the day he has ended up walking out of the house. Being surrounded by 6 acres of woods and living in the country there are many places to go and the police don't consider you missing until 24 to 48 hours here. So... does anyone know of any good ideas of any GPS locators, watches, necklaces, chips... whatever might work that isn't too expensive. ...
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Thought I had a fugue, but more memories are coming back.

Recently I thought I had a dissociative fugue after travelling to france to be homeless.

However, although the exact reason is unclear (Many possible little/big reasons combined)

I have more memories of france.

it's nearly impossible to put them "through the eyes" if that makes any sense.

I try and as soon as I stop "Trying really hard" it just pans out to 3rd person.

Like an across the street view.

Sometimes this doesn't make ...
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new here...first post

Hi, I couldn't figure out how to post once I joined here so I hope starting a new topic wasn't the wrong thing to do. I'm almost 54 years old and though I've been working on my recovery from various mental diagnosis since I was 15 years old with a few breaks for "normal time", I've recently encountered something that I don't recall every having in the past which my "shrink" (affectionate term for my ...
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mythologue de fugue

Even now I dont fully know what happened during the lost time. All I can really do is recall my tale as best I can, and gradually my mind fills in the missing pieces. I am sorry this is short, but I only have a very brief time in the early evening before hymns when I can use the computer, so it may take some time to tell everything. But let me start at the ...
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This is dissociative fugue??

I've been told that what I had was a dissociative fugue episode. I had an idea of dissociation, but not the fugue stuff.
I can't piece it together.
It was after I lost four hours of time went from walking through somewhere relatively near to me to being 11 miles away on the M1, freezing, soaking, with my jacket in my bag and I actually found thorns a week later from that day. But I ...
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Anyone here?...

Just wondered if anyone with DF is around?
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