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(Content warning: mention of abuse, dissociation?)


I am not sure which category this would have been best posted under... Which is why I went with General, I hope it's okay. This is something that's extremely hard for me to talk about as I've been scared/ashamed of this pretty much throughout my childhood and onto early adulthood.

I don't have very many memories of my childhood, in particular of certain periods that I can only ...
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My Steve9: School Education Tests Punishes Future Behaviours

A more complete title could have been: My Steve9: School Education Tests Punishes Human Motivation To Plan To Avoid Future Terrible Long Term Consequences.

This reading is about recognising downside consequences of starting a behaviour known to be avoided, to avoid drug and many avoidable behavioural addictions.

An intelligent idea is to plan ahead, yet I suggest, everyday school punishes human incentive to think further in the future than mere short term how humans feel ...
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Constant Agitation - Hate my life

This is my first post on this forum. If this is a wrong forum for this thread, I apologize in advance

This is my story
I am a 36 year old male, self employed and single. I have had no history of physical or mental illness and am not under any kind of medication.

So this started primarily after the passing away of my father in 2014. My father passed away after a prolonged ...
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What should my first step be?

I need some advice. The people I am close to are starting to be bothered by some weird behaviors I've had for a long time. I guess I'll describe a bunch and then explain:
I have an extreme fear of being in a house/dorm/job alone. I become overcome with paranoia and weird suspicion that something is going to happen or somebody is going to hurt me. When I was a teenager my parents would leave ...
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I think something is wrong

Hello, I'd like to start off this post by saying that I am a teenager, currently diagnosed with depression and Anxiety. I am on medication for depression.

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a certain view on people, well aware I was not like them.
I hate people who aren't mentally ill, or who have the ability to be happy and think lightly. People who I deem "shallow". I cannot stand ...
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I don't understand what's going on with me -- help??

I was last hospitalized back in December and stayed there into February. I've been taking Lamictal and Wellbutrin and Buspar since then. I think that's it. I can't remember if I'm taking anything else. But I really did feel better for a while, but something's happened. The past two weeks have been variously intolerable and searingly great -- I'm either extremely productive, adhering rigorously to my routine, finishing everything on my to-do list, cleaning my ...
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Thanks for clicking.

I am a 20 y/o abnormal psychology undergrad. I'm brand new to this site. I have been struggling for some time now, and have compiled quite the list of symptoms/things I deal with...I don't know what else to do. I am in therapy but feel like my therapist blames everything on my head trauma (6 yrs ago). I almost feel borderline, but being a psychology student makes me think I'm EVERYTHING. ...
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I am bored, really really bored

I am bored out of my mind, this in it self is no news to me as I have been bored for many years. I have no passions, no interests, no love life, no social life and no hobbies.

I used to go to parties before, hook up with anyone who showed any interest in me because I have no clue as how to act or say in order to get into a relationship, this ...
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Body horror, constant sickness, I need help

I wager there may or may not be a better subforum for the ramblings I am to spew forth but since there exists a remarkable synergy of symptoms I see no other place save a general setting in seeking advice. Lately I've been having truly bizarre illusions of the body that I can best describe as organs moving about as though they are flowing all around my body. Other times it's an agnozing pain that ...
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serail killer

ive always wanted to kill someone and playing with their organs since i was 9.
i thought all my aggressive thoughts and secual fantasies came from adhd.
i have taken many therapies since 7 for adhd. the therapy prevented this adhd child from being violent by suppressing emotions in his heart.
my mother always beat me for misbehaviour. btw beating children with bat or whatever can be used as weapon isnt crime in korea.
anyway ...
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