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A Bit of a Weird Situation

Hello and thank you in advance to anyone reading / replying to this post.

I am a biological male, in my mid 30's.
Ever since I was a kid I have always felt a lot more feminine then I think that I should have.
I love women, in fact I love them so much that I have wanted to BE a woman for some time now.
The main problem is that I am not sexually ...
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Sometimes I feel like a girl inside

Hi all, this is my first post here and hopefully in the right place. I am a grown man. Ever since I was a child at times I felt like I was a little girl inside. I don't know how to explain it. I have no desire to change my sex or become a woman. I don't find men attractive at all (well maybe some men in the 18-25 yr old range with big dicks ...
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Another porn addict


I am 40 years old, married with 2 children. I have a great relationship with my wife and children. My wife knows the following problem I have but turns a blind eye to it - she has a very low libido.

I have been addicted to porn since I first discovered it when I was 7 years old (I found a hardcore porn video in my dad's wardrobe).

I started masturbating at the age ...
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I need some help here

Can someone guide me t o proper forum of this group

I need to ask this question that
some 17 years ago i went to a psychiatrist for treatment of
lack of public speaking ability

his medicine did wonder but also started a kind of dryness and made me thirsty for tea

at the start his medicines ended depression. masturbation and made me confident to talk to people but

also made my throat ...
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Horrible sexual addiction that is ruining my life

I am a mid 40s single woman with almost no friends or close relationships. I am VERY lonely, but I don’t seem to be able to form lasting friendships or bonds. My only “pleasure” and “connection” is a decades long addiction to meeting strange men online , having sex with them, letting them treat me like a worthless object, and then feeling both good and horrible about myself. I am sure it’s because its the ...
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scared to be active/doing thing = then sex chatting/sex addi

Does anyone has the same issue? I want to do things, make plans and then i am kind of scared perhaps (I dont feel it) and i get onto sex chattingor want to ###$. I have one fetish, breastsuckling, which is like "breastfeeding". Could that be a early child hood trauma?
what is the natrue of this sex addiction?
can you recommend a good book? what has helped you?

btw my name is naturefloving, in ...

I'm badly addicted to going down on women. Help

The feeling has got worse since I did it for 3 hours and went back all night. She was happy but what happens if the next isn't.. so I haven't had sex for a year, I don't really pull my self or watch porn, I seem to thrive of her pleasure and get a bigger high than if I cum... It would be good to hear what women think because I have been alone so ...
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Acetylcholine for sexual performance anxiety?

I've battled sexual performance anxiety (coital anxiety, I am able to attain an erection but lose it just before penetration) for over 20 years but a combination of Cialis + oral phentolamine as needed was very effective for the last 10 years or so.

It seems, however, that Cialis has stopped for working for me and now I'm working on a new regimen.

Because erections start in the brain, I've been looking for a centrally ...
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Partners Sex Addiction

My partner and I have been together for 10 years. I'm head over heals in love with him. He shows me he loves me everyday. We laugh and get along together. We enjoy being around each other. We never want to lose each other. One problem, he is a sex addict. This addiction has brought devastation to our lives as a couple. He no longer see's me as a sexual being, I am no longer ...
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I've hit rock bottom. I acknowledge it is my fault. I took pictures of women in bikinis on the beach and my wife found them on my computer. She also found porn. She says I'm a sexual predator (I don't believe I meet the definition, but she believes it and that is what matters). On Wednesday she kicked me out. I am at a hotel until Monday, but then I will be out of money ...
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