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Benzos and Memory Issues

I take benzos for sleep and they make me relax quickly. Otherwise I usually play back memories in my head for hours. This seems to quiet the memories for insomnia but it affects my studying for school. Any suggestions?
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Anxiety due to poison ivy rash (BDD related)

Hi all,

First time poster , with a history of depression, anxiety , OCD, BDD, eating disorders, and social anxiety .
I'm new here, but will post right away because of my level of anxiety :( hope that is oke as I have nowhere else to turn to .

I've had a poison ivy rash now for about 3 weeks and it looks horrible.
I probably have ...
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Emotionally numb

Right now I feel very emotionless. It's like all my sensory experiences are covered by a thick layer of cloud. I can barely feel anything, including my own existence. I just feel that my sensory and emotional experiences are shut off. I do feel, however, that this slightly comes and goes in its severity. Could this be an OCD thing or is it caused by too much stress? Could it be brain fog?
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This had to be my worst panic attack. Help.

So some backstory to understand this, I've been dealing with anxiety for almost a year now and one of the fears I'm currently working on is a fear of vomiting in public, and for the past few months I've been successful with it. I started manage my anxiety a lot better.
So last night I was finishing my homework, which I had a lot of and was doing last minute (I'm used to this kind ...
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Panic attack so severe I can't move/be touched- need input

This happened a few times in high school, but is extremely rare nowadays. The other night, though, was when it happened again for the first time in a few years.

I've been feeling a never-ending surge of anxiety and depression this whole summer, and I couldn't get myself to talk to people about it. Not even my fiance. Then the other night, in the midst of worry over a situation, i let slip my suicidal ...
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Noises and the such...

Hello, I'm new to this forum so sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but still...
I work in a shop where it's reported that a man was killed on the third floor, which only a handful of people know about...
I can't remember what year he was killed, but occasionally, I will see a guy, sometimes in a suit, sometimes in just a shirt and a normal pair of trousers, but only ...
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thinking about lack of thinking?

Not entirely sure of the title, so I'll try to explain it more here!

Lately, I've been experiencing a foggy feeling in my mind, almost like a blank brain? I know the thoughts are there, but they feel very distant - like I have to go fishing for them and purposely think about thinking in order to actually think. And even then, I can't really focus or have normal thoughts, like my thoughts are separate ...
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intrusive thoughts

I, for quite a while now, have been experiencing very regularly occurring intrusive thoughts. I literally have a stream of constant negative dialogue with myself inside my head. I jump from subject to subject about how people hate me, how I am ashamed of myself, horrible memories, terrible things I've done.. I experienced a lot of trauma this past year, and while I seem to be doing well externally, I cannot really focus on anything ...
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Deep depression and anxiety. Please someone HELP!

Hello everyone!
My name is Albert! I’m 26 years old. And I need a help and advice.

For the last 5 months, I feel myself not so good and my condition is getting worse.
I'm feeling a huge unreasonable stress, anxiety, uncontrolled fear and obsessive suicidal thoughts.
I’m well-educated, I have a girlfriend (but we are apart for this time). For the moment, I had a job. Up for now, I’m living in Japan, where ...
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Weird fear

Hey guys. I was normal and one day I was thinking deeply about our base core as humans. I started to think that deep underneath we are the same. It scared me because I thought that I was me. I now feel that we are all different conciousness but they resemble. Your face, your personality, your gender and everything is just an addition. Im so scared and depressed because I can't look at people the ...
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