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I'm typing this because I'm in a serious rut here. I've been going to quite a few psych docs for months now, since Nov. due to severe anxiety. I've had a life long history and extensive, debilitating battle with my anxiety disorder. It runs in my family and at age 7 I was diagnosed with Separation anxiety, Panic disorder in my teens, and Severe social phobia/Agoraphobia in my early 20's. I was finally prescribed Ativan ...
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Anyone Know what disorder this could be?

So recently I realized that I rarely feel sympathy and occasionally feel empathy. I can force them, but they naturally don't occur that often. I have been criticized or laughed at by some for my ideas of "no giving to children in hospitals, theyre just sucking up resources", "I don't like veterans, they fought against their own species for a thing that only exists in concept", and "I don't care if a gay person is ...
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Advice Desired


I have schizoaffective bipolar type disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, extra-pyramidal symptoms (EPS), and a verbal tic disorder. I am also having migraine headaches with aura and seizures, though my neurologist thinks they are likely pseudo-seizures.

I have had very unusual voices since the onset of psychosis years ago in that they speak through me at times as I am a medium channeling a spirit and then hold a conversation with me out ...
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I'm finally antipsychotic free

Good news everyone. My doctor has finally taken me off antipsychotics and put me on a mood stabilizer only

My experience with antipsychotics:

Zyprexa: Discontinued due to very rapid and tremendous weight gain
Seroquel: Discontinued to due weight gain
Invega: Discontinued due to Parkisons like effect, walking like a zombie, restless and pain in legs and knees
Risperdal: Discontinued to to involuntary movements in face
Geodon: Discontinued due to inability to stay awake
Abilify: Discontinued ...
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Possible mood disorder or just bad times

I hope someone can help me. Some days I feel totally hopeless. I don't know the root issue or how to deal.

I was recently given mood stabilizer. Anyway often I get so depressed that I long for death. I cry a lot and one day I didn't get off the couch except to use the restroom. These days are interspersed with times when I start to feel hopeful again, usually only for a short ...
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narrating everything

Does anyone else narrate their thoughts and emotions in their head constantly? I don't even know how to explain it but my brain is just like split into three parts. Two are like the typical angel devil like one tries to calm me down and the other one is like no everything is bad, theres always an argument I have with myself in my head and then theres the little voice that narrates everything even ...
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Mental Illness vs. Terminal Individuality

One day, chatting casually with my Mom, I made a comment about being bipolar. We had never before discussed my diagnosis, so I was a little unsure how she would respond to the comment.

She took me by complete surprise saying, "Sweetie, you aren't bipolar. You suffer from Terminal Individuality in a world that believes if you don't think like them then you must be ill. I don't know if it is killing them but ...
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All of a sudden i am going extremly crazy.

Friends i am in the edge of going insane and i dont know what to do. First pardon my bad english its not my native language.. First a quick history of me- 25 old male from Europe. When i was in early teens i had an episode of delusions that lasted a few months- i believed that i am cursed or something like that, but those thoughts dissapeared on their own. I always thought since ...
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What is knocking on my door?

First, let me start by saying I am sorry if this is the wrong place as I am not quite sure where to put questions like these

I am in need in identifying something though it may not even be an illness as while it isn't beneficial or positive it isn't harmful or negative either. It doesn't hinder me from living my life or making it harder, it is just there. I will try to ...
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Mental Illness and the Church

I'm new here. I hope this is in the right place. If it's not in the right place will you move it and let me know where you moved it too.

I'm wondering if anyone else is facing issues like this.

A little History. I was raised in the church. I went every Sunday. I went to every youth group meeting, and every other event my parents took me too.

After my parents died I ...
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