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My son and I, trauma, and the future

My son and I are very close. As a result, I am worried about him if anything happened to me. I am 49 and he is 10. His mother gets visitation and her past 1actions are what caused he and I to value each other so much. She never had any connection with him. From day one, I was the present and nurturing parent. She left when he was almost 2 and dissapeared for two ...
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Worried for my kids.

Hello, in the past year or so, I have noticed that youtube stopped recommending me random content and that content has become very watched history related, and very rarely for example recommending random videos from the subscriptions playlists.

Now I was looking at a definition for stalking in the American Journal of Psychiatry and I have noticed very worrying similarities in Youtube`s recommendation algorithm.

Although I know it`s supposed to be marketing, there`s a point ...
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How to motivate my ten year old student to study


I work as a private math tutor.

I have a student, she is 10 years old. Her mother has asked me to provide assistance in preparation for the admission process to the eight-year high school.

My student is extremely unmotivated to study math. Last week she told me that she has lost all her papers containing examples, that I gave her as a homework. Her mother has found all the papers later - the ...
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Shall I tell to my child who is his biological father

Hi, I need to discuss a personal issue with somebody and will be grateful for your opinion. I have a child (between 20 and 30 years old). Recently, I found out that I was wrong thinking my ex-husband was his biological father. Back in time, as a college student, I had two parallel relationships. When I got pregnant, I just decided it was from my official partner. We got married. The child grew up and ...
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Adoption process in Canada?

I'll start by saying, yes I know this isn't exactly THE forum for this kinda question, but frankly, real forums with decent traffic are running short these days.
I know there's information on this on the internet but reading a few bullet points doesn't exactly paint a full picture of a process that is said to take 2-3+ years.
Can anyone with experience please detail the process from beginning to completion. Thank you (in advance). ...
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married couples using condoms and pill

i am married and on birth control pills. my husband always uses a condom for vaginal penetration as doesn't want a second child, yet. he say even though i am on pill it is not 100% guaranteed to avoid breeding another baby in me.

if you are married and wife is on pill is this unusual for you to use condom, also?
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Teen girl really wants a baby. Help?

I'm typing this as I'm going through really bad baby fever. I've wanted a kid since forever, but I'm too young to have one. Just the thought of being pregnant and bringing a mini-me into this world cheers me up from any sadness i'm having. My childhood has already been stolen from me, and my peers & social life are irrelevant, so those aren't of concern to me. My only concerns are on who the ...
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Is this inappropriate?

This is a topic I haven't found anywhere else online so I thought I'd post it here to elicit responses from you guys.

When I was in preschool/kindergarten -- approximately age 3-1/2 -- my mother, while driving me home from kindergarten one day, made a point of pointing out a house where the occupant(s) had committed suicide. Of course, I then asked what suicide was but can't remember the response.

This was done in a ...
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How would you feel if your child leaves you forever?

You are good to them. You are a normal family for as long as you could remember, then one day, your child, who is in his early 20s tells you that he wishes to leave the family and not have any attachment to you ever again. How would you feel? You never did anything wrong to him, he just wants to leave because wants to and there are no other explanation. What would you do? ...
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Guilt after shouting at my children and moving out the way

I was under a lot of stress last week (im pregnant as well) I also suffer with anxiety so not sure if this is to do with the guilt side also. I shouted badly at my children they were fighting over a box and both were yelling at each other and crying and with me being in a very bad mood already I ended up screaming at them both I then grabbed my toddlers arm ...
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