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Do you still enjoy food?

When's the last time you actually enjoyed food? I mean eating a proper amount of food and feeling good afterwards. I usually eat till it feels like I'm gonna throw up then I try not to eat for the rest of the day. The food I'm eating doesn't even taste very good either. I can't really enjoy restaurants because I always end up overeating. :(
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does the guilt ever come?

I've been binge eating for years

and I mean litirally putting it away

of course it's come with it's issues.. i feel physical pain sometimes, I have trouble finding stuff to fit, I sometimes feel sickk, and I never ever feel guilty about what i'm doing

it's like... well, so what. I know what it's doing to my body but who cares.

does the guilt ever come?
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Please help

I am new here. I was not diagnosed or anything. Doctors never believe me. No one heard me. I am trapped in myself. I am my own prisoner. I desperately need supports and help. I need this to stop. Binge eating is consuming me, it's consuming my life!!!! please help!!!!
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Newbie here

Hello! I'm R. This last year my eating habits have become awful, even worse than they were. That could be because I'm much more aware of them now- ignorance is bliss, right?
Anyway, I've spent all week binging. I started probably three different diets, kept to them for about a day, and then I was back in the pantry eating a lot more than I needed to.

I've never been on any sort of forum ...
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New To Forum

Hi All,

I am new to the forum and just looking for a solid community to share my troubles. I was diagnosed about 12 months ago with Binge Eating Disorder and each day seems to be a massive struggle...
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ED or just PTSD nonsense? (*TW*)

*Trigger warning for abuse with regards to food and diet!*

I wasn't sure exactly where to post this?
I have a bad relationship with food, but I don't know if it's bad enough to be called an ED and I'm scared to talk to a doctor about it, what with all the stuff that's already on the table.

My mother would tell me how fat I was as I was growing up, pretty constantly, and ...
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I can't tell if I really have an eating disorder

It started off like this-

I was working out/on a diet, lost a considerable amount of weight. Then when I was transitioning into more "normal" eating, I started overeating some things to the point that it hurt. It ended up only going on for about 2 weeks, but one week in I decided to call someone to try to get help.

I talked to a counseler and a nutritionist. The nutritionist told me that my ...
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I'm new here and just had another binge

I have been in other recovery from alcohol, cigarettes and now food. But from what I was told the food issue was first. When I drank or smoked(at least for awhile) it kept me from over eating. Now that I have given that up now I have this issue which has been really hard. I have a lap band but it doesn't work because it's more emotional for me and I didn't eat that fast. ...
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Weight Gain from meds

I have been put on new meds recently, and they have caused weight gain. Seroquel was the worst. My pdoc took me off and then put me back on to manage my bipolar. The lithium has also caused weight gain.

I'm now in an intensive treatment program for bipolar and bpd. They have put me on more meds to help stabilize me, but I have gained a lot of weight. This has triggered my bingeing ...
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Binge eating and/or Food guilt?

I've always had a problem with being hungry. When I was really little I bugged my parents for food all the time, woke my mom up at 3am for "breakfast" (when I was still a baby, about 1.5, I somehow managed to get into the refrigerator, Mom says she found me stuffing wee baby handfuls of cherry tomatoes into my mouth and giggling hysterically), but once I got to be 5-ish and started realizing what ...
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