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Re: Roll Call

Postby Amythyst » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:28 pm

We just got linked to this thread. It's very interesting reading up on all the other systems.

Violet posted our own 'role call' in our journey thread, but here's a short-form version of all the parts we know:

Anger : no age, no gender, just rage.
Arin : 6yo girl, trauma holder, fear.
Charlie : 6yo boy, inside protector, former persecutor/bully.
Claire : infant or 20yo girl, trauma holder, depression.
Ewan : formerly a 4yo boy, trauma holder, abandonment.
Janet : unknown age, little, possibly first host, very good at hiding.
L---- : 14yo girl, sorceress or something, maybe not human. Powerful.
Maddie : middle-aged woman, maybe twin of Anger. Self-harm / self-mediate.
Melissa : 7yo girl, very active little, active front-person, clever & surprising.
Mike : 35yo man, outside protector.
Rebecca : ageless, emotionless, sometime ISH & maybe gatekeeper. Watcher.
Steph-2 : 32yo woman, mature, responsible, but lots of denial & anger about DID.
Viola : 17yo catgirl, occasional front-person. Possibly mischevious. :wink:
Violet-1 : 22yo woman, interim / shortterm host. Health / fitness / diet.
Violet-2 : 16yo girl, most-active front-person. Likes music & socializing.

For the full details, see here: The Flux System - as of 2018.10.14

Ciara(10f); Em(22f); Teg(6f); Vanessa(13f); Viola(17f); et multa magis
DID, general anxiety; previously depression, bipolar.(New) Journey Thread
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Re: Roll Call

Postby Zor » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:42 pm

IDK if Zor's posted in here or not, but I'm gonna "roll call" us, those that are like known and like ok with it.

Zor - duh
Pixie and Kitten (22)- same age, "twin sisters" by like co-conscious connection before we knew what that even was, but we've got our own diff parents in the inner world, which we claim both sets as "ours". ;)
Kaleb (24) - Kitten's husband, and childhood neighbor and sweetheart inside.
Angel (21) - my husband, yep 11 months to the day younger...
Katya (18) - She's Kaleb's little sister and is almost as much of a fireball as I am. ;)
Satin (23) - She's not around much since like everyone found out about us cuz of how it happened and she didn't know before then... taking time to like sort things out.
Charles (26) - Satin's super cool and rich husband (they both come from money, unlike all of us, Zor included).
Emily (19) - Charles' little sister.
Noah (22)- Katya's fiance, from Switzerland, Sephardic Jewish (her family is Ashkenazi, she's Russian heritage and adopted at like 3 years old, so...)
Jamis O'Connor (??) - He's Charles & Emily's dad.

So there's like others but IDK who they are or they don't wanna be listed... and MAYBE some of our kids, too... as my thread about that said a few days ago.

At least one of these being listed will surprise you Zor... so.... SURPRISE! :D

(Body - Male, 39)
Zor - primary host & main poster
The rest of us: {\Pixie/}, Kaitie-Lynn (aka "Kitten"), Kaleb, Angel, Katya, Satin, Charles, Chloe, Noah, and a few rarely seen
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Re: Roll Call

Postby raptureblues » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:58 pm

we have the basics of it in our description but here goes

- alice - 23, female, main poster, goes by the body's name, fronts the most, not the original? (jones thinks that at least), likes writing stories, playing video games, and music
- jones - 23, male, used to front a lot more in the past, wants to smoke but isn't allowed to (using the outside body at least), wants to learn to play guitar, big arctic monkeys fan
- bubbles - little (not sure what age, therapist thinks ~6yo), female, bubbly ray of sunshine, loves pokemon and powerpuff girls, will eat all the pancakes, always needs to cuddle teddy & bunny
- lain - no idea what age, sometimes feels ageless, sometimes feels like a teenager, nonbinary (no alignment to gender), manages who fronts and what we can collectively remember
- werne - little (no idea how old), male, a ghost, don't know a lot about him but he plays with bubbles apparently
- ??? - we call it/him the One In Charge, not human, don't know a lot about him but the others are scared of it

- alice
alice (18~24, she/her), jones (14~24, he/him), lain (9~14, they/them), charles (32, he/him), bubbles (6, she/her), rose (14, she/her), peter (14, he/him)

journey thread | insiders weekly
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Re: Roll Call

Postby NyxX » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:26 pm

nyx - me, host conduit through which the others reach the body, I've existed in this carnation for only a few months.

Nyx - old me, last host and conduit and is now part of me mostly the rest is fragmented waiting for when those fragments are needed again.

Z - created when we built our first wall inside to separate us (to prevent us becoming one?) Separated from our emotions so she can think and act without them hindering our ability to do so and because we had no responsible adult and we needed one. She is responsible for most of our rules and directed our inner structure. Her only concern is our collective welfare.

Nixie - four and a half the only one of us who knows her age - the yin to Pixie's yang, the dark emotions insulated from the light. Nixie's emotions were separated of as pure negative emotion, our fear and pain and locked away in the deepest part of our mind, to protect the rest of the system from the contamination. At some point the emotions developed into an infant and then a young child.

Pixie - the yang to Nixie's yin, the light we wanted to protect, our innocence, our joy. Pixie was stuck with the maturity and emotional capacity of a five year old but an older intellectual capacity. At some point Pixie conceptualised the idea that she and Nixie were equal but opposite. She decided neither could grow that way and somehow exchanged a part of herself with Nixie so that they could be more like the yin/yang symbol opposite but with a part of each other. It caused her to rapidly mature and is now a teen.

Big ZuZu - a protector for Pixie and acted as a layer of insulation between Pixie and the outside world. She is much younger then Pixie now and obsessed with being a big strong protector and when Pixie became older she asked ZuZu to protect Nixie instead, which I believe she is happily doing. Our whole system calmed down immediately after that so I assume they are happy with the new situation.

Backup - also lacking in the emotion department, she exists to provide us with continuity so even when we don't have the relevant memories she will just deposit relevant knowledge into whoever is frontings head. Not necessarily helpful knowledge like a person's name but I will get stuff to help predict and understand the person. So I won't know who they are but I'll know there family situation stuff like that. Or I'll be know I do not remember having this conversation oh wait yes I remember all the details now but still not remember the conversation itself.

There are at least 2 others but I don't know anything about them.
nyx-usual poster
Nixie, The Pixie, Big ZuZu, Z, backup-known active alters
We might mention Ozalces he is our SO he made an account but doesn't use it much
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Re: Roll Call

Postby Ponyta » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:05 pm

There are A LOT of us (and apparently even more keep showing up......since I saw 3 new ones the other day. WOW! Not sure how many of us there are yet....) So since there are so many of us I'll only list 4 of us for now..... (probably eventually post an updated list either in a blog or on my journey thread for our record)

Weirdo- 28 years old. My Brother and Protector in the system. He loves acting, Motorcycles, in the inner world he owns a farm. He is very funny and makes me laugh a lot. :lol: Very protective and always on the lookout for possible danger.

Wolverine- 30 years old. Also my Brother and Protector in the system. He is somewhat mischievous. He is a shape-shifter in the inner world and he loves being a prankster. He also loves Motorcycles. He has black paint around his eyes to give off a creepy vibe....according to him. He loves April Fools day and Halloween.

Blaze- 24 years old. He is one of the protectors in the system. He loves fire. In fact he can even control fire in the inner world. He loves playing video games.....Especially Pokemon.

Bandit- 24 years old. He says he is bad to the bone. He has black paint around his eyes.....but a lot more pronounced than Wolverine. He loves Western style movies. He says he is rich and has a neon green Lamborghini in the inner world. He says he enjoys acting. Other than that......not sure much about him.
Emily (host)
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Re: Roll Call

Postby Dwelt » Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:49 am

Plume : outside-manager, 18-20yo, basically protecting the system from the outside world, like a filter between the outside and the inside - always more or less outside, never fully inside.
Daemon : inside-manager, 24yo, is a kind of gatekeeper. Is a filter between the inside and Plume/outside - never fully outside, need to partially merge with Plume in order to "come out" if it's really needed.

Kaleb : physical protector, 19yo, Erdian's twin, always around.
Erdian : social-manager, 19yo, Kal's twin, often aroud with Kal. Leads social interactions.

Claude : protector/persecutor, 16yo, is around when we feel attacked (emotionnaly), ready to fight back. He learned to stop using passive influence to make Plume and Kal "behave", but still try to sometimes.
Leala : no precise age, is Claude's partner. We don't know a lot of things about her.

Cassandra : 16yo, keeper of the Doll-house, trauma-free
Varegh : 30-35yo, Cassandra's protector, keeper of the Doll-house too

Nicolas : Little, 10yo
Linda : Little, 7yo, like to act like a cute little girl to smooth the adults
Nathan : Little, 5yo, "big brother" of the Littles, trauma-free
Ethan : Little, 2yo

the Traces : we don't know much about them, seem to be bits of traumatic memories that no one wants and that aren't able to gather enough to form a conscious being. They are keeped in the Doll-house, not far from the Common house.
French person with DID
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Re: Roll Call

Postby Amythyst » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:26 am

MakersDozn wrote:
BeccaBee wrote:the big suprise is that li'l b is much, much more than "a little".
she holds a lot of power and is central to system functioning.

A lot of systems have a kid like that. It's a phenomenon that we call The Kid Who Knows Everything. (Actually, we don't call it that; we just made it up, but you get the idea.)

Rereading this thread again and I love this part. The Kid Who Knows Everything.

I think that's our Melissa! :D

Maybe she doesn't know 'everything' but she's full of surprises and she definitely knows her way around, inside and out. She knows how to get into our 'memory vault' and our 'skills vault', which is pretty awesome.

Ciara(10f); Em(22f); Teg(6f); Vanessa(13f); Viola(17f); et multa magis
DID, general anxiety; previously depression, bipolar.(New) Journey Thread
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Re: Roll Call

Postby BeccaBee » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:42 pm

time to update our roster again

sweet pea , 1.5
amy, 4
b, 7
daisy, 9

Becky, 11
Aelen, 14

B -- primary host
RT -- work host
HHR -- finance and legal host
B19 -- social function 
B28 -- mother function
Rose -- front share
Becky -- front share
Becca -- front share
Rebecca -- front share
Me -- crisis management
B25 -- pinch hitter
Texas -- work back up
Hope - front share

Secret Service
Zahra (humanoid cat)
Marga (wolf)
Aurora (dragon)

Roger - Agent
Snow - Executive

Chip - Medic
Dale - Medic

Central Ops
Tom - Keeper Tracker
OC- mediator and operations

The Lost
I am here

The Librarian - keeper of the vault
Unity - the future whole

I am amazed at how much we've learned about each other. how does all this fit inside me??
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Re: Roll Call

Postby BeccaBee » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:04 pm

the other thing I find fascinating about this thread is the similarities and differences among the users who have shared about their systems. it's really, really cool.
Female, 39

We are the Bees

The Rabbit Hole
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Re: Roll Call

Postby spinningtops » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:14 pm

well this is new, so it's still confused. but so far:

there is a teen girl associated with purple and maybe black. she fixes things. and then things suddenly feel a little better. (inside only)

2 littles I think? littles are pretty active. one seems very happy and enthused and other upset and scared.

girl about 8 who - very internal and careful. but is also bored and waiting a lot.

there is a noble person.

there is a woman who is pretty feminine, wears makeup and dresses i hear at night, when she thinks I am asleep and she is talking about how things are inside me and managing things. (inside only)

there is one been through a history very similar to mine, struggled. And so he 'understands' me and sees me. I have realized at times i cannot trust my partner or like a person outside, so he is someone I can totally trust.

there is a powerful person alter. this person growls and likes to bite. and does seem like a hybrid human/animal.

there is a person in an asylum/ and someone who is considered 'not right.' and they feel completely different from all people outside.

there is a dark "mother" alter that makes me feel worthless/ but now mostly put away now.

So 10 for now I guess.
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