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Need Your Opinion

The other day I was looking at porn, and I accidentally (yes, accidentally) found pictures of teenage boys around 13-17 years old. I have trying to stop looking at cp for several months now, and have been doing pretty well. I knew I shouldn't have looked at those images, but I did. I looked at about 50 of them before getting away from the site. I felt so ashamed and angry with myself, I wanted ...
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What is the likelihood of escalation?

Hi everyone. My mother has shown signs of mental illness and has been playing sick for as long as I can remember. Her fictional illnesses have seemed to escalate lately and I am concerned about her doing something more drastic for attention.
20 years ago, her ailments were mostly things like "arthritis", lactose intolerance, allergies, and back problems. Now, she's claiming to have Meniere's, is making up cancer scares, and now has some mysterious pulmonary ...
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Who are your Apparently Normal Parts? ANP

How about the rest of you? Not your Emotional Parts, but the main parts - the ANP
You might think of this as the host or hosts.

Great page -easy to read on what an ANP and EP is.

My ANP Theory! Just my idea! This is not a fact!
In DID an ANP will loose time if another ANP takes control. This can only happen in DID ...
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How many are sleeper cells, all fuking spying for the government all agInst me, just admit it. Vampires sucking everyone in stealing everyone for puppets, just fuking admit it.

-- Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:14 am --

So a lot then, why do you keep watching me.
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HPD and being thoughtful?

Are they thoughtful or do they do it just for the attention even if i'm the only one they are doing it for?

Will someone with HPD or some other form of this be thoughtful when she is in the love phase. Like will she use her own money to take you out , if your broke? Buy you birthday gift ? exc.. Or are they doing it to get attention for themselves? Do they ...
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Second Year Law student

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me...I have been to therapists and it doesn't help. I used to perform all the time growing up and never had any problems. I recently went back to school and can not function. ANY time I speak to anyone I shake uncontrollably. I have ruined 5 internship interviews, got yelled at by a Judge after an oral argument and started crying. It was horrible. I just can't ...
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rage (rawr)

i'm filled with a deep anger. a violent, brooding, dark thing that lives inside me.

how can i release this before it kills me from the inside out?
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Getting over fears

So, lately I've been afraid to tell my T that I'm losing a lot of time in session with her. This started since we've been doing hypnosis. I know during one of these two sessions I was extremely dissociated when I came in to start with, but I remember active parts of the session sort of like...a skipping DVD. The hypnosis parts of the session I seem to only sort of remember with a lot ...
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POCD Guilt

Is it normal to feel guilt because you're diagnosed with OCD, but don't really have the compulsions? This is a constant worry of mine even without regard to the OCD v POCD. I was touched by my father once (to my knowledge) as a child and exposed me to inappropriate comments, discussions, and movies. I was also drugged and raped by a friend in my own home years ago. I feel extreme guilt for thinking ...
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I just dont know...

I was told the only way I would get better would be to be open about how I feel and find someone to talk to. I still feel like im crazy. I think everyone else thinks im crazy too. I still think the doctor is crazy too. I have never believed in depression. I always thought it was in a persons head and they just used it as an escape goat for when they cant ...
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