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OMG what did I do to myself?

I feel so stupid for wasting so many years. I live a friendless life for years. That's not healthy for anyone. The bad thing is I feel like I all did this to myself. I only have myself to blame. Why, why didn't I understand that this is no way to live before. Why did I let it come this far. Am I this lazy? what is wrong with me? why am I not living!? ...
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sex makes it better....

did I get your attention? :)

so i wanted to date after my January break-up with my ex-N but was nervous. I just threw my hat back in the ring and have met two nice, good, funny, sexy men. and i'll 'fess up, after starting dating and particularly after starting to have sex again, it is remarkable how little I think about my ex-N and how much ...
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hi there. i'm new to this site so i'm not quite sure how it works, but i was hoping for some help. i can't stop worrying, even about things i know will never happen. i get anxious and scared, my heart speeds up, my breathing gets faster and my hands shake and sweat. i'm always imagining the worst, and can stop myself thinking negative thoughts. i also relive bad moments from my past, and replay ...
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Does anyone ever find it annoying..

How in around 95% of films with "DID/schizophrenic" characters, they are all killers or criminals?!
It's so irritating cos now when I try to explain about switching, people will say things like "oh like the dad in hide & seek?"
No, funnily enough I'm not a murdering psychopath.
Also a lot of the time the characters are referred to as schizophrenic when actually, they are showing pretty much every symptom of DID.. i swear movie ...
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One thing I don't understand about nons...

Of all the things out there that my views are skewed on, there's one thing I don't understand the most...

You guys really care about other people.. just for the sake of caring? REALLY? Like, really, really?

I can't wrap my head around that.

What's it like? What kind of thought process goes into that? Why? Don't you find people are inherently selfish?

Altruism fascinates me. Is there true altruism? On some minute level, don't ...
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Do I have an orgasm problem?

I can get an orgasm very easily on my own, I'm a girl. But when I have sex with a guy, I can't. Whether it's oral or just penetration, I just don't get as turned on as I can. It's really starting to bother me, do I have a problem? Can I just not get an orgasm while having sex or oral sex? No one but myself has given me an orgasm. What should I ...
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Is my depression coming back?

I've had depression for a long time now. As far back as I can remember from being a kid I've been depressed and it's been a very rough road. I've tried to end my life several times but it always seems to fail. I was on several medications for depression, anxiety, bipolar and OCD. Almost a year ago I stopped going to therapy and took myself off all medications but recently I've been feeling depressed ...
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Someone Please Help?

Hello ! I dont know where to start really but i shall try and keep this as short as possible.

When i was about 6-7 i was spun on a round about for the first time. when i got off i still felt dizzy and panicked that it wouldnt go away.

Well since that point , at night i would go bed and all i would think about was the spinning sensation. It would play ...
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Is anyone else making any big progress in cutting down or stopping binging??? Because I've literally spent years trying to stop and I'm finding it so hard to stop, like I don't want to be like this any more, I hate it so much but I can't stop and this ED has controlled my life for so long and I've tried to stay positive as much as much as I can, and those of you ...
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*For Women*

Does yoour guys BPD get even worse when you are menstruating?

Mine seems too. I am already to emotionally unstable than once a month I get to be "hormonally imbalanced" to boot!

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