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I need some advice

Hello, my name is Allison. I have come to the conclusion that I am a compulsive liar, and it kills me because now I have almost destroyed my relationship with my mother.
My lying has been going on since 5th grade. Before I was born, my mother and my father weren't having such a great relationship. By the time I got to 3rd grade, they started fighting around my sister and I, and sometimes, they ...
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How do I leave..?

Am I right to want to leave? I'm so confused I feel like I'm losing every part of myself and my sanity..I hate feeling this way. I want to believe things would be better once I do but every time I try I freeze up and can't do it..

I've posted here before but just as a recap, I've been in a primarily verbally abusive relationship for the better part of 2 years. We have ...
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Dating a Girl who was sexually abused

I am a male... Anyone here who dates a female who was also sexually abused? I'm a celibate. I don't want to get married or have kids. And even if I was in a relationship with a female, it would have to be someone who understands me. I guess it would be someone who has something important in common with me and the child sexual abuse would be one. I never been in a relationship ...
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Newbie: Can we see or hear our alters?

I am betting that someone has already asked this, but is it possible for the host or original personality to visually see or hear their alters?

I ask because my roommate said while talking to Lyn, she has talked about my paper route I had as a 12 year old (myself) and of other jobs I've had in my younger years.

Also, when I was in a public bathroom today, I thought I heard a ...
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Newly diagnosed & Have questions

I went in for my intake and they told me I'd see the psych on Friday,what can I expect on my 1st appt. What meds do you think they'd prescribe?I lost here don't know what to expect and thats the worst for me the not knowing.I like to be in control and not having any control over this is making me very anxious.
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so f'ing confused, tired

I'm not in the best space right now. First of all, it's sunday night, and typically sunday nights are hard for some reason. Second, I just got back from a very short trip to the mountains to see my brother. We aren't that close. Why am I even saying that, it's not like it really matters. Ugh. Anyways, whenever I get back from a trip I usually have a meltdown, or something close. So as ...
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Are these psychotic episodes?

Woke up this morning, hear my name being called, very clearly, from downstairs. When I heard it, an image of a gray skull in my mind, and I knew that it was the one that called my name. I got extremely scared, had a panic attack, and hid under my covers. That was 12 hours ago.

15 minutes ago, home alone, I heard my full name being called from downstairs, and it sounded very metallic ...
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I Imagine I am Interested in...*trigger*

Due to a bad experience with a girl, my first girlfriend, who slept around on me, I find it very difficult to approach new women, as I am worried they are whores. By that I mean, I cannot stand the idea of another man's penis going into my girlfriend while I am dating her. It may be that I feel inferior to other men, that I was picked an a lot and not able to ...
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Recommendations for reading

I hope this is an appropriate forum for this question...

I am currently writing a novel about a couple who have mild mental retardation. I want to portray them accurately and sympathetically.

Can anyone recommend books or internet sites that collect the life stories of those with mental retardation? I'm not looking for anything too clinical, just the stories of those with MR (or from family members), with enough detail to get a feel for ...
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I'm worried about my brother. I believe he may have SPD

My older brother is 19. He goes to college full time and that is the only time he ever leaves his house. Our parents are divorced he lives with his mom and I live with our dad (I am his half sister). Getting him to visit us is like pulling teeth. He never answers calls from any family members and he literally has no friends. He has never been in a relationship and never sought ...


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