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Seriously now

How many people DON"T experience mental illness at some point? I just don't see the stigma as making any sense. It's like any other physical illness. We don't stigmatize people with cancer or diabetes (HIV is another story) and we don't shun them. Everyone gets the flu at some point. Everyone gets chicken pox at some point. Everyone experiences some kind of impairment in the psyche at some point in their life. What's with the ...
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I cant trust other people

I have just realized one quite sad think about my self, that was in my way during my whole life, dont know how I did not come up to this before..I dont trust people at all, and am even a bit afraid of them. I never tell my problems to my friends or family members, cause I am afraid they might use it against me one day, though they never hurt me before. I am ...
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My question is this.....
For an N, is sex with a woman the same or similar to masturbation? :shock:

Also when an N masturbates what do they think of or who do they think of?

I am asking because if people, and in this case women in particular, are just objects to them, then it would seem to me that masturbation and sex with a woman might ...
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I Resent My Girlfriend

My girlfriend absolutely infuriates me in every way.. there's been to much past stuff to mention on here so il just start with the latest and possibly final straw as i will eventually leave her. Right so its the summer holidays and i have moved in with her as ive finished college and going to university in September, i moved in in April and things were going quite well for a couple of months. We ...
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how to get upset without having a meltdown

OK, firstly, I'm not technically borderline, I have several borderline traits but not enough to meet the criteria. My official diagnoses are PDD NOS (atypical autism) and PTSD (sexual abuse related).

Anyway, every so often something will set me off and I'll start screaming and crying, threatening (or actually trying) to hurt myself, shoving or hitting others, etc. This only ever happens with family members, and happens when they do something that makes me feel ...
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Insomnia causes

Insomnia or sleepless nights is something that is experienced by a lot of people. It is a very common disorder. It is so common that so many people are even familiar with the phrase. It is not surprising to know that so many people have suffered from the disorder at one time or the other in their life. Studies have shown that about half of the entire population suffers from some measure of insomnia while ...
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Were You ever punished for telling the truth?

My mom is an N. I asked her once why she believes it is so difficult for her to admit it when she made a mistake. She gave me a number of stories from her childhood where she was punished for being honest. I was horrified!!! So this is why I am asking........I am interested in how prevalent this may or may not be.

Moms stories.
Mom is 8 yrs old. And at a neighbors ...

Chapter 4, Stolen Innocence (HIGH Trigger Warning)

This part of my childhood experience is particularly triggering and I urge people who have the potential to become triggered to use caution.

A reminder to anyone who reads this: This part took place when I was 13 years old, January 1989. I remind people of this so that they don't worry that I am still in this situation.
7 TRIGGER WARNING 7 For mental manipulation of a child, oral rape, and molestation.

My mom ...
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Ns and ACONs Two Sides of the same coin Ns and Norms

I am an ACON who recently was in a relationship with an N.
In this relationship I discovered something about each of us with respect to coping with our flaws and how we handle the pain of rejection.
Its painful to me to NOT address my flaws/sins/shortcomings ect whatever you want to call them.
But its painful for him TO address his flaws/sins/shortcomings ect..

On the other hand I do not do rejection well.
He ...

Flashbacks in a Dream?

Two nights ago, I kept having a nightmare and in the nightmare I was having flashbacks. Except, normally, when I have flashbacks at least a LITTLE part of me is aware that it is not real. But, when I was having the flashbacks in the nightmare it didn't feel like a flashback. It felt as real as sitting here typing this feels real. It TERRIFIED me! And, I couldn't wake up until I got out ...
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