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so sick of feeling like this

Hi everyone,
i just stumbled on this site trying to find some help for how im feeling... i am so sick of living with avp everything is a struggle .. i am pretty isolated im at home most of the day by myself and have no friends other than my partner... at the moment im in a downward spiral again... im so sick of trying to force myself to do things in public and be ...
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Are you proud of being an Aspergian?

Are you proud of being an Aspergian?
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what to do

Am I even sick anymore? I don't know... I'm not seeing any psychiatrist or therapist or anything right now, I went to my family doctor to get more meds, but now that I have them I'm afraid to take them. I want to be re-diagnosed. The only thing I'm really suffering from is paranoia, a lot of social dysfunction and mood swings.. But half the time I can't tell reality from the world going on ...
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About to lose my job. thinking a lot about checking out

Been wiht my company for 3 years. Work for a boss who enjoys seeing me squirm. I won't go into it all, but he is out to have me replaced and the wheels are in motion. Excuse? I have a AS degree.. the people they want to replace me with have PHD and are cheaper to hire, from India via H1-b. whatever.

I signed a contract for a house two weeks ago. First time buyer.. ...

Facebook Users - New Group

Hello everyone

I sincerely hope it is ok to post on here about my new group for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents. I have read the forum rules and as far as I can see it is ok to tell you about it. :D If its not, please do let me know, thanks!

For those of you on Facebook or are considering joining Facebook now or ...
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Just recieved this email from my BPD former girlfriend

She moved out of my place with her 6 yr old son just over 2 weeks ago. Moved back to her hometown which is about an hour from me. Living with a girlfriend and her husband and 2 kids. I guess she was told by the husband she has 3 weeks to stay there. I sent her an email yesterday my first contact since she left saying i hoped things were going allright and if ...

watching my house burn

I went into work today to pick up my things. Everything is being taken away. I worked there 15 years. Started as a part time clean-up person, became a baker, then assistant manager, then manager. I've been running it for 7 years. Then I argued with the exec and got kicked out and put on paid administrative leave 4 months ago. 6 weeks ago they called and told me it was being shut down. I ...
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I; in completely humilty: have to be be brutally honest about me; about my absolute weakness in leaving my HPD friend that is a girl; although I see the complete rip off: abuse: non reciporcation & depletion that I have been experiencng for the past four years: everytime she threatens to dmiss me from her life: I am terror struck & beg her not to do so: I am so compenent in all of my ...
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Re: Hello there.

eskandar, who is this 'Mr Vankim' that you are referring to? Is he a member here or is he a doctor/psychologist? Either way, you say that we all wish we hadn't gone through the terrible experieences that we had, but I'd argue that it has made us stronger people; and therefore it was good that we went through them in the long term.
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Re: Narcissists and control

I think one of many issues of control is to keep the person in the relationship addicted to them and to keep them from finding out what the N truly is. Control tactics are alienation from friends and family, gaslighting, lying, they also give very little info about their past. So much more but this is what comes to mind. They will be the perfect person until you either find out what they are truly ...
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