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getting used to everyone in the system?

Is there such a thing as getting used to everyone in the system? for example Emily hasn't come out or talked for at least a month and she recently did both like she took a break for a while and when she came out and talked afterwards there was major disociation normally that doesn't happen when she comes out and my question is that can a body still be getting used to everyone in ...
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I didn't help her...

I had a flashback today.

It was wierd because although I often have flashbacks, they are normally in the form of nightmares.

This time I was was at a cash machine and I as triggered by a father and daughter interaction to the right of me. And *whack* I was 4 years old again, and reliving a particularly painful memory. It was only when a woman said "Excuse me?" that I was back to present ...
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**TRIGGER** I did it again

At 14 (11 years ago) I started cutting. I was amazed at how well it helped. I cut from 14-17 (when I met the man who became my husband). I was able to hold back the urges, but they've been so bad lately.The last year has been hell. One diagnosis after another. I slipped and fell Monday morning at the store, and been to 2 dr's, 1 who dismissed me.

Last night I got so ...
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How'd you get here?

I'd love it if my father had enough self-reflection to be on this board, but he is perfect, doesn't believe in science and thinks psychology is for weak people who need to have their egos stroked or need drugs to get through life (again because of their weakness.) Right now I can't even have a relationship with him because of his cruelty towards me and my husband and complete lack of interest in our kids. ...
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Looking for support *potential triggers*

Recently had a major massive episode. I can't really put my finger on what happened, but it was all a flash. I've felt extremely unwell recently, stuff has been building up and I went into that kinda autopilot mode where I couldn't scream out for help. I went into town and went for a drink, the police were called by this girl I really like (who says she likes me but can't be with me). ...
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losing the battle

i feel like i'm cracking up
my heads imploding
so down. hopeless.
just want to slow down/stop time
everything's too much and i can't handle it.
it's like i'm losing a battle
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Evening meetings, little brother and a troll

I just felt like sharing a few of my recent observations that may or may not have something to do with DID.

Lately I've started to pay attention to a couple of things that take place at night when I'm in bed and waiting to fall asleep. I notice I'm hearing several people speaking in my head, and somehow I see them, not as in a dream but I have knowledge of their looks in ...

How to make friends?

Hi! I'm feeling really isolated lately! I had a baby in October and it seems like i have absolutly no friends anymore! I had some from going to NA but they don't come around anymore. It seems my BPD make it hard to keep relationships and start new ones. Does anyone have any hints to what makes this easier. I have been going to therapy 2x a week and working hard at it! My relationship ...
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Is anyone else here like me?

I wondered if anyone else here is like me or am I totally alone?

I am 25 and a half yo and have:

1. No job
2. No girlfriend
3. No friends
4. Can't get a driver's license so I can't drive
5. Have no college degree
6. Still lives with parents

Is anyone else here like this or am I totally alone?
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My grandpa died, Can't help but feel partially responsible.

I've never talked to anyone about this before, but it was quite upsetting.

I've never had parents so my grandparents were the closest people i had to me. About 5 years ago my grandpa had a stroke and it left him immobile, and he couldn't talk properly either. I was living with my grandparents at the time, and me and my Nanna had to look after him.

I then started messing up at college, getting ...
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