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a word on these posts.. and a histrionic looking to cope...

:roll: oK. I came to this site looking for support and help. Maybe stories to share. All I can find are put downs on people who have been hurt. The words are very mean and careless.

I believe I am Histrionic. I will be discussing this with my counselor this week. I have been diagnosed with bpd at age 14. Life for me is hell.

I ...

Why is it so hard for me to climax!? I hate sex

The only way I can is if he plays with my nipples at the same time he's doing something down there, but it has to be the right way.

I don't like to sound selfish by barking commands, especially to someone new. So I just have gotten used to never really enjoying it myself. Consequently, I honestly HATE sex. I just do it for the guy.

My friends say that's horrible and I need to ...
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questioning diagnosis

I was in a psych place for alcohol detox about a year ago and came out with a new diagnosis of bipolar and new drugs, namely lithium and lamictal. They didn't seem to NOT WORK, but given my history I'm not sure I ever new what stable was.

I still am not sure the diagnosis is right. I know I have moodiness, sometimes pretty out of control anger (not physical abuse), and depression. And I ...
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Am I attractive?

People have told me they think I may have body dysmorphic disorder. What I claim to see in the mirror is not what other people see I guess. I see a girl with a big nose, small eyes, and pretty much not very attractive...
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What to do?

I need some advice on what to do about a situation that has occured in my own between my two girls 12 and 9 and my spouse.

The other day while I was at work he apparetnly disciplined our children for getting into some ice cream in the freezer, which they apparently lied about doing. He proceeded to spank both of them with a belt. That evening when I came home they showed me their ...
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Rewriting our "stories"

I heard a wise man once talk about how we can view our life experiences as our "stories"- the stories of our lives. When something happens in our lives that makes us realize that a significant other was not the person we thought they were, that changes the story- not only for our future, but for our PAST.

After a relationship with an HPD, we must spend a lot of mental and emotional energy rewriting ...
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Fascination with PVC Plastic pants

I have had this as long as I can remember. I have no interest in rubber or leather.
I feel great comfort and arrousal from wearing Plastic pants and towel nappies(diapers) in bed.
THe internet has made this easy to live out this fantasy of mine.
They have to be identical to the ones I wore as a kid also.Even though I hated having to wear them untill I was nearly six.
I am not ...
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How can i change my nickname?

Sorry for my question...but.. i can't find a place where i can change my Nickname ?
Help me please :(
Thank you.
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What the hell is her problem

Hey guys ok so today I went by to visit my GF. She was really down and not really talking or even in a good mood today when I went over to her house. She stayed home with her 4 year old son, she was supposed to take him to school and she didnt even show up for college classes today. She seemed out of it, anyways, i tried to comfort her by hugging her ...
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Drug and alcohol use after rape

First time posting here. I feel really awkward about this.

I was raped in mid-September, so about 2 months ago. I thought I was ok. I never had that self-blame thing, no flashbacks. I chalked it up to being a drunk college kid who got myself into a stupid situation. My best friend (a guy) and I had been out, and I met a guy out at the bar. I told my friend I'd be ...
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