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haunting reminder..

Awile back maby year's ago i was in the kitchen of this house and me and my mother were in a heated discussion about me trying to explain i need help and her denighing it compleatly, then something she said that night is haunting me today.. "are you scared to look in a mirror?" i replyed no. Today those word's hit me like a brick when i realized i am scared to look in a ...
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NPD, fear and anxiety.

I decided to start this thread after reading Tom Crown's posts.

Basically as a malignant narcissist, after reading more about NPD, I came to notice many things taht seemed weird.
For example: Why is the vast majority of narcissists extraverted? Why are narcissists so obsessed with the opinions of other people?

Now I think that the anwers may lie in the way narcissists experience fear and anxiety.
Tom Crown made me realize what may be ...
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PTSD possibly effecting orgasms and emotional health

I'm pretty sure that I have PTSD. I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship when I was in high school. It was the first time I had sex and fell in love. I suppressed all of my emotions afterward and never sought out help. I ruled out PTSD for over four years now and ignored any symptoms. I'm at the point where I can't ignore it anymore. Whenever I have something that triggers ...

do you ever feel guilty..

..for shutting people out?
When people try to become closer to you all you can do is move further away. I can't help doing it either because when they are trying to be friendly I begin to feel disdain for them. And once the ties are really severed and I am no longer in contact with them I feel guilty for rejecting them.
I also feel guilty for isolating myself sometimes. Like I owe it ...
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Introdusing myself

hiya everyone!
was looking for something and i came across you guys. nice comunity u got here, I wanna be a part of it ^^
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Understanding A Friend

I have a coworker who seems to be very self conscious. Perhaps it is the woman's nature to be so? Frequently my friend complains about her hair and looks even though my friend is not at all ugly. My friend constantly needs reassurance about their looks and even personality. It does get quite annoying, I sometimes want to burst out "You look like a freaking model." She is always under stress because of intense school ...
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not sure what to do about a girl

so basically there is a girl who has a crush on me and I'm not sure how to reject her as nicely as possible.
Her friends told me that she likes me and I'm not sure if she's aware of this or not. It would be difficult for me to bring this up without possibly revealing that her friends told one of her secrets or without it being really awkward.
I can't just go out ...
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Headaches from lying down or physical activity

I've been sick for a while with various symptoms but it has just occurred to me that headaches have become a predominant factor. I realized that there are two triggers of these headaches, ie I can be headache free and one of these triggers will invariably cause a headache:

Lying down, for almost any duration (30 seconds even).
Physical activity, even light activity if it's prolonged.

For a long time I've basically always had ...
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Is my GF batty?

This is an excerpt from an email i got:
What do you think?

"yeah spoiled little girlie HATES people DESPISES them and PREFERS to be ALONE
cuz I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF and i don't need anyone to help me at it
wow i'm SUCH spoiled helpless princess with a giganto team of servants
to see that i get whatever the ###$ i want
yeah me and all those invisible servants that live in ...
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Double chin...

I HATE IT! I don't have it all the time, I've lost a good 30 pounds over the course of a couple of years and when I look at old pictures of myself, I'm disgusted by how out of shape I was. I look like a pig.

Once weighed at 210 pounds, had somewhat muscular legs, but loads of fat with it. Now I weigh about 175. A man of my height five feet and ...
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