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Questions for HPDs from Nons (Could be Triggering)

This thread is a place where nons can ask HPDs questions for discussion. Respect is essential at all times from both sides. This thread is also intended to promote better understanding and tolerance for all. The Board retains an impartial stance on this thread and will not tolerate disrespect here. The topics here may be triggering for those who are sensitive, so should enter here with their own discretion.


Has anybody tried it? what are your thoughts? was it good? did it help in anyway?
my therapist really thinks it would be good for me and she has a very good friend/collegue that practices it so she said she feels very good about me going there to see her. i made an appointment for next week. Just looking for any information from someone that has tried it
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OCD tricks

Ive been goin ok until today I read a story about someone went to a therapist and she said I'll help u come out of the closet then I started to panick and stress then I had another thought my mind every time a friend comes over my mind always tells me to say random gay **** like touch my penis and then laugh or say ur gay it must be because you are gay ...
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Big Head

Someone please help me.

As comedic as it may be, I have a big head. So big, apparently, that people can't help but laugh when they see me. It's caused me depression to the point I can't sleep for days, and contemplations of suicide. When I look at myself in the mirror however, I don't see anything wrong with me -- and that's the worst part.

Out of the blue, during the latter part of ...
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Delayed Ejaculation A MUST READ!

Hi everyone,

I am a 23 year old male dealing with delayed ejaculation (DE). I have done lots of research and have come up with some theories that may help some of you dealing with ED similar to mine or in general. I would like to receive questions to help those experiencing delayed ejaculation with similar circumstances to mine and advice from those with success stories of overcoming DE. All feedback is welcomed! I apologize ...
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How Genetic is it?

Sorry to suddenly jump into this forum....

I am wondering, how hereditary is Bipolar?

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I can't send pm :/ help please

I try to send a pm and it just goes to outbox and never to sent box can anyone help me please Its really starting to bugg me now I have no idea why it's doing it I've tryed looking though settings but can't find anything to do with it.

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Job Interview Yesterday

Hi all. I had an interview yesterday that was particularly stressful/draining.

It went like this:
Me and one other candidate shown to a small room for a half hour knowledge based test. Easy enough, but during which I found out that the other candidate already worked there (and so I assumed to be the clear favourite). Also, didnt have enough time to answer all the questions thoroughly and by the end my handwriting (terrible at ...
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Am I just crazy ?

I won't go into all my past and stuff as I don't want to bore you. So I have a huge feat of drugs and medication it started when my doctor put me on anti depresents and I had really bad side effects and ended up in hospital, now I can't can't pain killers or any other form of medication.

Now it's starting to worry me eating food I feel like its not safe like ...
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What ways do you push people away??

I was just wondering how other people feel that they push friends, family, lovers etc away from them.

Is there any pattern of behaviour that you feel you repeat over with different people? what kind of behaviours do you exhibit to keep them from getting close, is it a direct approach or discrete behaviours?
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