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??? for Narcissists-I'm flawed, I want to be "valued" again

My husband (we are married for 12 years and are in our 50's) who has been diagnosed with NPD, abandoned me about 4-1/2 mo ago while I was at work. Two months later, after beginning counseling at his request, he advised me that it was not effective so we were discontinuing. Ironically, I found out that was the day or day after he met his gf - about a month later he told me he ...

Can treatment for other disorders cause SPD?


Over a decade ago I was diagnosed with Major Depression and Avoidant Personality "Type" but avoided treatment for years. After stumbling into a pretty good job that helped boost my self-esteem a lot, I made a lot of progress by having to tolerate being around people at a large company for eight hours a day, but during stressful times I would revert back and feel large amounts of anxiety from being around people. Not ...
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Need help understanding possible diagnosis


I am a new poster and am in need of some assistance in understanding my (ex?) boyfriend's behavioral patterns--and I am really in need of help understanding if there is a personality disorder in play in this situation. If anyone is interested, I can go into more detail than what I outline below and I am happy to answer any questions. I am really reaching out to this forum bc I am very confused ...
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New Member Here

Hello my name is Angel, I have bipolar disorder and am now
in the depressive cycle of my manic-depressive illness. I am
hoping to soon cycle back to my manic side when I am up
and creating art again, and in a better/energetic mood.

I am looking forward to talking with you all and getting
more information and learning more about bipolar disorder.

Angel :)
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post office stress

Sometimes I do the most supid stuff, today in the cue at the post office I get so nervous I don't know where to look you know.
You've got young girls in front of you in the line, kids running around playing, and I hate looking behind at because the person beind is in eyesight. When the person in front does it to me I don't know where the f*** to look. Sometimes babies/ todlers ...
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Hi, a strange thing

As I was exploring my psychology thru the book "How to raise your self-esteem by Nathaniel Branden". I discovered a kind of "monster/child" within me. I was sexually abused by my father at 2 and half years old.

This monster/child seems to have, okay the following is pretty weird stuff, I'm not to sure about how to write it so I'll just put it down.

The monster/child seems to like the sexual abuse. It seems ...
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Bipolar Support Groups

I think most major towns have bipolar support groups. I am curious to know if anyone here has been to these meetings. I think i would feel embarrassed to go to a meeting where other people knew me. If everyone there had the same problems, it would be ok, but I think many of the people are family of bipolar people.

I notice that many people here prefer to stay anonymous, and I am no ...
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What should i do??

Hi I have been agoraphobic for just over 10 years now and although i can now get out the house when im with someone i still have numerous anxiety attacks while out, i started CBT therapy last month and baby steps but its going well.. My problem is that 8 weeks ago i met a fab guy and i managed to go to a pub with him .. we sat outside and no one else ...
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am i a pedophile

i have an attraction to young girls but have never acted, what causes this?
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what do I do about the enabler?

I'm sure my wife has this HPD. Fits all criteria to a T. Her best friend lavishes attention on her and also her kids who think my wife is Queen, so she has grafted herself to that family and is distancing herself from her own (our kids are adults, her friend's kids little). I miss her. She has distanced herself from me claiming I don't love her nor understand her and I don;t accept her ...
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