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Hypoparathyroidism is a rare disease that goes hand in hand with hypocalcemia (low calcium). Only 40 people per million have hypoparathyroidism. Most people get this disease from having a thryoidectomy which I have had in the past. Luckily it can be controlled with the medication of a calcium supplement.
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do not whisper holes into my name

My hope. Our hope. It has always been so frayed at the edges. So delicate. So material. I look in my hands now and it’s gone. The world and everyone in it have consumed my hope. We have died.

Ask me the question, “is there nothing in your life at the moment worth living for?”

The answer would be a look at the floor, a second of eye contact, and a shake of the head. ...
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how do the pedophiles that post in paraphillias get....

edit. This site is for support only.
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please help LADIES i can get my gf to orgasm

hi im 17 and my gf is 16 when we have sex i will usually go to her house because my house is farther away and i have a car and she doesn't. she usually sneaks me in her house and we have sex in her room. and i think and she said that she doesn't *** because she is paranoid her parents / dad hears her and it stops her from cumming. I had ...
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Talking about SPD to people you like


Short version :
Have you ever tried to speak about SPD to the few people you like, and how did it turn out ? How did they react ?

Long version :
I'm really tired of lying to everyone, tired that people think I'm someone I'm not. It's irritating to have to manage a bunch of shallow relationships with people who don't even know who I am.

Most people see me as funny, which ...
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Free help ?

I have been aware of my depression for over 10 years now. I am suicidal and do not have many options left. Basically I was traumatized as a child, mollested,verbal abuse,divorce etc... I repressed my emotional life until I was 30, and when I was cheated on, it triggered all the repressed emotion. I have tried to get well, but I no longer can afford to get well. I am running out of money, and ...
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a village governed by love...

is it just a fleeting feeling though, a temporary way of thinking that will pass and everything will be bearable again? maybe our thoughts during this period are telling us something...

what happens when we get "better"? Is it that we merely find some modicum of hope in which we lie to ourselves again, to sustain us for another few days? a few weeks maybe? what is this hope rested on?

our society is sick...these ...
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Is there any medication that works?

So over the last 15 years I feel like I've tried everything medication wise. Probably not in every combination but I've tried a lot. And at times I wasn't diagnosed as bipolar yet so maybe they didn't really know to give me the right medication. But in the last 5 years I've been officially diagnosed which I agree with and we've progressed to getting me on a lamictal/abilify/wellbutrin cocktail and I don't feel any different. ...
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truly, my bmi is overwieght but is my thinking going back ??

well, after two herniated discs in may 2010 followed by a pregnancy that fall which ended in last trimester bed rest. (babys 5 months old now)

i reinstated my gym membership, the same place where i used to work out for hours a day and would go home starving to my kitchen and sit on the floor and cry because i couldnt get those "calories burned" numbers out of my mind, i wanted to eat, ...

Help with "attitude"

I've been diagnosed a few years ago and was seeing a therapist for treatment. Now, I lost my insurance and I have no help. My main thing that I would like help with right now is my attitude or personal space issue. To most people and to those I first meet I come off as talkative, happy, upbeat. A nice person and I like to think I am. But when it comes to home life, ...
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