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Your 'Gods' Have Gone Away

By looking at any religous text, mainly the Bible, it is obvious that all accounts of heavenly beings refer to a race of people who came to this planet and seeded life here. Using advanced genetic science they breed us from primates and made us in their image, as Gen. states.
What their intentions were is unclear even to me. However, what I know is that at some point a group of the aliens rebelled ...
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Sounds silly but can anyone please advise any help?

evening all,

i know this may sound ridiculous & i what makes it worse is that i am a psych major at university (not to insinuate i know it all that is) however, for about six years i have severely struggled with what i eat, sought help from time to time and now feel like i am at the end of my tether.

for literally the past 4 years or so on a day to ...
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Do you think she might have been HPD?

Hello everyone

I split up with my girlfriend a few months ago. It was a very short relationship (less than a month) but it was nonetheless quite hard on me as I really liked her and my subsequent attempts to understand what happened have lead me here. I believe she may have been HPD, or at least displayed traits, and I just wanted the opinion of others on this.

To give you a summary of ...
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Still unsure - value your feedback

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. AS interests me since many of the traits associated with it apply to many of my natural tendencies, but I've often doubted that I have 'enough' of the traits to qualify as someone with AS. My only clinical diagnosis is OCD; I never asked about AS back when I actually saw a shrink.

I can focus for a long time on a few isolated interests, which seems to ...
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I dream of living off the land... in the middle of nowhere.

I commonly ponder on my writing for a good half hour before submitting anything for other's eyes; correcting any mistakes I have knowledge of making, rephrasing, editing out parts... pieces where I have strayed... irrelevance.
I will refrain.

I am a fairly modest person. I try to be as honest with myself as I possibly can.

I have just spent my evening reading around 6 extensive articles including the "Dual Diagnosis and The Schizotypal Personality ...

The residue of Avpd.

I'm glad that you've brought this up because, to be honest, I was scared to. Let me explain: I've had this same thing going on inside my head for ages now, for as far back as I can remember. In school, I was always deeply hurt by the simplest of things, but I just sucked it all up and never fought back. I now want revenge and I am vindictive with just about everyone. ...
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My Own Depression 'Bouts

I posted something about a conditation i thought I may have in the main forums, but it didn't receive any replies so I figured I wasn't in any danger, but I still need to avoid as much depressive moments as i can so I need to post this here:

Now, the way i think, everyone (almost if not everyone) has a degree of this, just they are only diagnosed with it if the person's happiness ...
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Sad Songs

Maybe I'm weird, but I really like sad songs, ones that tell stories that are sad but affecting. I was wondering if anyone else had a favorite sad song that they could think of?

Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Praisley is probably my favorite. It's about a man who's wife cheats on him and he's so heartbroken he eventually drinks himself to death. She feels so guilty over what she did and what happened to him ...
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oh yeah and its REALLY weird

see if anyone can relate to any aspect of this AT ALL. please. because i really am a complete psycho when it comes to this and i cant figure out why.

i like the way i look. i know im not the most attractive person even to walk the planet, though.

anyway, whenever i have a boyfriend (as i currently do) if i ever hear them call anyone else "hot" it eats away at me ...
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