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Can my behaviour be characterized as Bi-Polar?

Hello everyone!

My name is Eric, nice to meet you all! I just joined this forum to get some answers on a question that's been bothering me lately so hopefully you guys can help me out with this one.

and for your sake I will avoid telling my life story and keep this post very simple :)

The Fall...

So on 4/25 Sunday I was still awake ...
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Procrastination and Schizoid personality disorder

Is pathological procrastination a problem for you? Or is schizoid personality, in essence, procrastination from everything.

intense songs!

imogen heap- hide and seek.
sigur ros- ara batur
placebo-running up that hill
cold play- fix you.

what are some other really good songs?
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Up, down, and all around

The past few weeks, mainly since I started on this quest to get help, I seem to be rapidly going from one mood to the next. I will start out a day okay and then get depressed for 3-5 days, have something to do and then get really happy and social, but sink back down the next day or that same night while still at the friends or whatever. Go back depressedm lasts a few ...
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It feels so wrong!

okay, so me and my boryfriend broke up after seven months about two weeks ago. One of his best friends, had been talking to one of my good freinds for about 7 months also, but she denyied him constantly, but he seemed to keep talking to her, and occasionally we all would hang out ( me my boyfriend, his friend, and my friend) well when my boyfriend and i broke up, not even a week ...
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Self-improvement Info

If you're interested in self-improvement here are some sites that I've found helpful. Maybe you will too. I have no affiliation with any of them; just passing them on for consideration is all.


This site is kinda like a personal development 101 course. Nice clear language and easy to follow. The young man who developed this site has done a very nice job.

http://www.csulb.edu/~tstevens/hcontent.htm ...
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I've overcome Hocd

Dear friends i understand what you are going thru...
but i'm here to tell you that here is a hope and you can make it out.
please visit my site


sorry i could not fit everything i wanted to say, so i've deciced to creat a webpage. Oh and by the way don't worry i'm not trying to sell you anything here..just straight up how I broke free ...
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My Delusions

My delusions come and go. They live inside my head. In Spring time they will show. Yeah this I really dread. They take control of me. They tell me that I smell. And through my eyes they see. I'm really quite unwell. Thank God I hear no voices. That come from my TV. And as for hallucinations. They are not a part of me. I guess I should be glad. That my symptoms come and ...
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what to tell psych?

Hi, new here.
Just wondering if anyone else gets hypomania like this. I'm seeing a new psychiatrist and not sure what to present. I spent several years being treated for depression and anxiety in my teens, at 19 I was told it was a mood disorder, at 21 my GP said It seemed like a definite cyclical thing like bipolar and prescribed depakote, and a psych referal which I turned down as past experience was ...
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Sex Addiction/Porn, my wife and our young marriage

Hi All

I believe I am a sex addict and this is my story.

I am a 30 year old professional man from London (UK) and have been married for the past 18 months. I have known my wife for the last 5.5 years.

Two months ago she found text messages on my phone from another woman and to that woman who was a prostitute (my wife didn’t know she was a prostitute until two ...
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