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Fight with Social Anxiety

I was suffering from social anxiety from long time, i finally decided to do something about my SA which was around a month ago and here i am with the results.

I never wanted to talk to anyone, i would always avoid social contact. I always let the smallest stupid things worry me. I had to always put a fake smile on me out in public. I was depressed and never had the energy to ...
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Male domination.

Now I will start out by saying, I am indeed on the younger side.
But that's besides the point. I'm also not offering anything to anyone.
I come for your insite on this matter.
Now I am a straight male. I have been sexually active with no one but women.
But I have always had thoughts.
When I'm alone at night I will think of things.
My most reoccuring thought is that, I could be ...
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-insert angry things here-

I don't know... I just am really bothered lately by how little things seem to matter to everyone who KNOWS I have a disorder. Come on... where is the positive reinforcement for me not being a giant bitch? I don't think in my entire life has anyone actually told me they appreciated that I TRY and be a decent human being. They take for granted that people SHOULD be... and apparently forget that I have ...
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If I was molested, why do I get aroused by watching pain?

I don’t actually know where to start. There's a lot of things that have happened and I'm not even sure what to describe them as. I just know they are nowhere near as horrific or frightening as the other experiences on here.

So I suppose I'm after some sort of understanding as to what it was and the way that I am now.

I am trying to pick out how old I was by what ...

I've just been blind-sided by a BPD spouse, any advice...

...as I wade through the rubble?

My name is Sean. A year and a half ago, I acted very rash by marrying a woman I had only known a few months. There was a very intense bond between us, which I now clearly recognize as a textbook love relationship for a BPD. My close friends and family were turned off immediately by her, and now that the spell has been broken (by her), I see ...
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survivor music

this describes whats inside better than i can
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEqEBuzI ... 1&index=19
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how to keep it up

I have done coping mechanisms before very successfully. it was a bad time in my life and I picked myself up and stayed there with being healthy, a sleep schedule, planning my days, making sure to get a to do list done, staying away from things like caffeine and alcohol. and i got better, but then I got off track. I felt better so I thought I could cheat a little bit. I stopped planning ...
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Sucked Down.

I'm having a bad moment, the moment right before you sink into some sort of psychosis. when your dripping dripping dripping all onto the floor, your face is ripped off and everything is ######6 you, raping whats under your face, everything (air, the sun, cities, feelings, senses). everything is nauseating, i'm sick, i hate myself so much but I also don't care. everything feels wrong, everything is wrong. i'm going to throw up, the room ...
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I have an appointment with a psychiatrist an about 7 weeks to see if I am BPD. This is not something I necessarily would have wanted, but after so many years of wondering what is wrong with me it would be a relief. The more research I do, the sense everything everything makes. Has anyone else had this experience of hoping to be diagnosed. Also I think the type of therapy I would get would ...
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