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schizoid and depression?

How common is it for schizoids to suffer from depression?

I have written before about my friend's son who I think is schizoid. He's now 21, never had any friends, never had any interests outside of playing computer games in his parents basement. He's always had good grades, but no real direction in school. Last spring he was a junior in college. After two years of really good grades he stopped going to class and ...
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Medicines for ADP

I read that there are very few medicines (like none) that work to help treat APD or even the other cluster B disorders. I'm thinking though, will the antipsychotic meds like haldol and risperdol help them? After all, they have thoughts and urges that are far from normal and many times antipsychotics help treat that. The antipsychotic meds do have serious side effects and complications though. They cause many dystonias and dyskenisias that may last ...
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i TOOK 4 laxatives

i TOOK 4 laxatives after eating 700 cal today ,i wasnt suppose to eat.i am startting my water fast agian from now.
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I keep one and have since the age of 13. For years I wrote in little cloth-covered books that I would eventually burn in the grill, because in the event of my death I didn't want anyone peering into my thoughts. After getting my first computer I began keeping a journal on that (easier to type than write with a pen or pencil) and have done so ever since. Thousands and thousands of pages of ...
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Schizoid from Attachment Disorders?

Has anyone given any thought about the possibility that the Schizoid Adult was once a child with an attachment disorder?

Or that the Schizoid adult is just an adult with an attachment disorder?

Gotta run, but I'll come back in a bit and elaborate...maybe.
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When reality doesn't live up to the fantasies

OK. I know this is going to sound twisted but I need to take it off my chest.

A short time ago, I began working in a new place and I met this person. At first I didn't like talking to him since he was my supervisor and so I felt like he could see right trough me, I avoided him every chance I got.

But one day he started talking to me and I ...
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My poem

This was written a few days after I told my best friend about my paranoid feelings, and the response I got.

So who are you to tell me
that what I'm going through is just a phase?
Can't you see and feel the pain
behind this very gaze?

You don't see me as I do
You see the mask I wear
You don't see the pain and suffering
Or the scars and hurt I bear ...
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undoing 4 days harm-free

well i manged to survive 4 days without cutting (well not intentionally cutting myself). it was tough at times but with distractions and some help (thanks mike :wink: and jasmin and red for starting me on this challange) i managed 96 hours - the longest ive ever gone without cutting since i first started :D

but then everything ...
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Overlapping PD's!

This sucks! Been in therapy for years now and they change part of my dx.

I overlap in DID and BPD amoung other PD and PTSD.

I am both?

Ya I know, yes I am both.
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What to tell children of DD?

Any ideas on what or if to tell young or teenage children about jealous DD parent?

My DDJ husband & I are separated and I recently had to have him served with a temporary Protection From Abuse Order.

My teenage step-child is asking questions about the PFA order, why I did it, what happened. She lives with her mother & has visitation with her father. I have a good relationship w/her. She did ask my ...
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