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Is anyone online tonight?

I know this is probably the #1 night of the year for everyone to be out and get wasted but is anyone online? I feel a bit lonely, confused and hurt. I felt progress in my self improvement since my last break up but I couldn't stop myself from not talking to him today. I found out he hooked up with multiple girls and is much happier without me. It's strange, I don't want to ...
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Seeing the dr. for the first time this week

I've been battling alot of the symptoms I've read about on here for quite a while. When my mood is well I have racing thoughts. The racing thoughts can go anywhere from a-z. From good things to bad things. Than it will normally all end with a bad thought racing normally something foul. I'll get frustrated when it wont go away like why the heck is this stuck in my head I dont wan't to ...
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On competing

Life is a competition.

You compete on everything against everyone.

Why compete when you cannot win?

Why try to make money, for someone else will always make more?

Why have a job, for others have better jobs, which they enjoy more?

Why feel pain, for others feel greater pain?

Why suffer, for others suffer more?

Why study, for someone will know more, understand more than you, go to better schools?

Why stand up, for someone ...
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Happy New Year All

Wishing us all health and peace in the new year.
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Ah, much better

I feel much better. There is really something to be said for confronting your problems head on and being able to admit when you are wrong.
Though of course I couldn't do it without the support of my DBT therapist and those closest to me that care
You people in the forum have been really awesome to me. Thanks a lot. Have a happy and safe Newyears guys! <3
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Happy New Year!


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Name that disorder

I will list the problems my mother has in hopes of getting some clarity on how to classiy what she has:

- cold and heartless towards animals, children and weaker people
- mentally abusive to her family
- frequent tantrums over trivial matters even with strangers
- argumentative and explosive
- enjoys confrontation and feels 'recharged' and sometimes giddy after a fight with someone. If they don't fight back she doesn't get the same high. ...
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intrusive thoughts

hi, im red
this started about 3 weeks ago and its been on my mind non stop. it all started when i started my new job with my friends dad and all of a sudden i had an image of stabbing my friend. scared the crap outta me. thats all i could think about every day and thought i was going mad. then the thought left about my friend and started to think of my ...
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Is the abuse the reason for my attitude towards sex?

Hey everybody.

So, basically, I'm a teenager, and have recently, due to the overwhelming force of those evil little things called hormones, become sexually active. The key issue here is the discrepancy between...see, thats the thing. I'm not sure what to call it. My morality? My attitude? Ugh. I'll try to articulate it as best as I can.

All my life I have strived to be 'me'. I swore to myself that I would never ...

BPD and detox? Flailing like a fish...

So, here I am. A week out from my last dose of Xanax. I have trigger medications (I.e. lortab) that when combined with my normal meds, Xanax 1/2 mg twice per day and 1 mg at bedtime. I can write off a million bad decisions then and I don't completely black out, definitely grey out and though I can give a rough timeline, I can't tell anyone exactly what or where I am.

So, I ...
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