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A cure?


I'm too lazy (read lacking time here) to spend a few hours looking this up, so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has the answer.

My Dad was diagnosed in the mid-70's with manic depression, or bi-polar, and was treated with massive doses of Lithium, which back then was really just out of the experimental stage.

He would have been about 38 years old when symptoms appeared. He was in a mental ...
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Lost love because of my lies, advice would be wonderful

Hi my name is Dustin and I am 28 years old. I am here to say that I am a compulsive liar and I don't even know why I do this. I can honestly say I don't know why I do it, I don't know if it is a habit or if it is an addiction or what, but I would really like to change because all I do is harm the people around me ...
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does it sound like i have aspergers?

-have no friends
-have problems looking at people
-have nothning to say to others
-get nervous around others
-have problems talking to family
-never answer doors or phone
=only go outside when i have to
-feel nervous in mall,in public,outside if others around

does this sound like aspergers? if soo anyway to get rid of it?
im 19 btw
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Recently Labeled

So here I am, on my laptop, with my Starbucks. Just another average day for me...except for the fact that I'm viewing this website perhaps.

Anyways, a few months ago I attempted suicide using a bottle of Tylenol PM (after further research I determined if I ever do try again, especially with Tylenol, that I should avoid the PM). Since then, quite a bit changed in my life. I choose the avoidance of mentioning my ...
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Suppressed emotions

Hello psychforums,

I had major anger problems when I was 14/15 (I'm 18 now). I fixed this by basically "chilling" out and trying to not let anything bother me. I think that in the process, I ended up suppressing the rest of my emotions as well. I don't really feel emotions strongly anymore. Negative or positive, I seem to be incredibly apathetic. I say "whatever" a lot and nothing seems to really matter anymore. I ...
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Business is challenging

Hi, Newbie Here,

I am in the construction business working with a company based out of NY and Boston.
I come from owning my own business for 5 years, but the bottom fell out and I was stressed beyond healthy limits so I'm working for the man now.
I have had panic attacks for years but was able to find my way around them...sometimes with and sometimes without the use of medications.

My keys issues....Subways/airplanes/driving ...
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Timeline (18months)...

First 6 months, was great... We made big plans, we were truly inlove!! for the first time i felt like I had somthing to live for..
Vacations, Trips, Weeknds together..

6months later.
Cheating, lieing, catching online in chat rooms, Was devalued, treated like i was worthless, He left and moved, I Got into a Massive depression, Drove from Boston to SF (do not really remember this trip).
Got to CA, debated, fought, got ...
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I think I might be a sex addict.

I'm an eighteen year old girl, and I think I might be addicted to sex. I thought maybe people here could help me out a little or give me some kind of advice, so I suppose now I should give some kind of background information for you.

I've had sexual urges since the age of four or five. I remember at the age of six, I discovered masturbation, and I did it compulsively, literally five ...
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how do you feel in relation to the world around you?

Do you feel a closeness with the people around you? Or are you lost? Withdrawn? Angry? Afraid? Unsure? Something else? How does your interaction with others hinder your abilities?

Really I'd like to know the minutia of MD's certifications

We know that by attending medical school and serving some internships or residencies and whatnot, that the doctor is certified in his field. In the case of a psychiatrist, I'd sure like to hear directly from the practitioner some particulars.

Clearly there can be little doubt that the shrink M.D. has been thoroughly trained in the treatment of persons who are diagnosed as suffering from mental illness. I can't stress enough that this much is ...
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