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Is it relationship addiction?

Hello, I was just looking for opinions from some of you
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Questions About DID

1) Do you ever experience yourself as more than one personality at the same time?

2) Do you ever experience yourself as having changed dramatically from one point of time to another when what really happened is you changed personalities? So, I guess... a confusion of identity?

3) Can some alters be subject to a (distinct) mental illness which others do not have? For instance, a delusional disorder?

4) Can mind-altering drugs bring you into ...
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Only I Can Make Me Orgasm

I am an androgynous gendered 20-yr old lesbian in a 2.5 year monogamous relationship. My fiance/girlfriend and I have one of those one-in-a-lifetime relationships-- we both love each other so much and neither of us ever want to be with anyone else. However, the girl I dated before her was verbally, physically, and sexually abusive. My current girl, who I will call Paige, has always been extremely patient about dealing with the problems my first ...
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So Alone

I feel so alone in the world. When I first got sick 10yrs ago, any friends I did have walked out on me and the remainder I pushed away until I had no one left. 10yrs on and I'm still alone. I have no friends, I have no family. The only people I have in this world is my mother and father. And although I am tremendously grateful to have them, my existence is a ...
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As we keep breathing

As we keep breathing...
we often wonder...
is it worthy?
How long since we truly enjoyed en evening with our friends?
How long since we realized we're better off without drugs?
And here i am, with all this 'knowledge of evil' inside of me
And what good does it do?
I think i can survive, but, i can't be happy like this

Is love just an option?
Have i decided to 'kill myself' without ...
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Anti-pyschotic- Please recommend

I've been taking abilify for Delusional Disorder. I took it in the past, but not for the last year. I've been taking it for three and a half weeks. I've been taking 30 mg daily. I'm still very delusional, paranoid, anxious, depressed, and have trouble sleeping. Ativan at bedtime is helping. I'm so discouraged and angry that I'm not getting better. I see my psychiatrist in a week. I'll see what she says. Can anyone ...
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No response.....help

Following my husband painting me black, going off with another woman and throwing us out I have a few more questions please. I have written to him numerous times all lovely letters but no response at all. He does however always ring about 2 days after receiving them. When I have asked about his woman he says its complicated. He has told his Mum he had to finish with me on the phone because he ...
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OCD and prenatal conditions, and advice

Hi all,
I have two things to ask about if you are interested in either.

First, I was looking into the causes of my emotional problems as a child (which developed into OCD), because I had behavior problems when there was no traumatic event, my family was loving, and my home life stable. The only thing that I can figure is the catalyst may be prenatal. My mother drank when she was pregnant with me ...


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