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How can I improve?

What kind of simple questions or everyday things can I ask or inquire about to my friends? I always seem to have nothing to say unless it is my feat, my accomplishments, my goals, my anything. When I do try and ask people about their $#%^, it works for a few minutes but it ultimately leads back to square one.

Help me out gais.
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i came here with a burden and dumped it before i read a word, without an introduction and i have no idea where it's supposed to go...lol

but hello...


i feel so rude..........


great forum. appreciate being here.

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Psych Report...finally!

I finally got my psych report. Most of it is just documenting the family history stuff, but I figured I would drop a few of the comments that were made by the psychologist.

"We do see a great deal of emotional internalization and dysfunction in this individual. Indeed, he scores in the top one percent compared with peers in terms of such difficulties."

"He does not want to take any kind of emotional risks ...
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Would you put your babies in my hands?

I´ve got an avoidant personality disorder and perfectionisms, and depression (mainly, my depression fluctuate) One day I can be very well and optimist and the other day the opossite). I have been wainting to have a baby with my partner as you know,but I´m very afraid of having one, because I´m sure I will affect my baby with my problems. My partner has a different character. He´s open to new people, he´s funny, optimist about ...
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Sleep problems

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can offer up some help.

I have terrible troubles getting to sleep, and overall, I don't feel that the sleep I do get is restful, at all, considering I'm ALWAYS (well, most of the time) tired.

When I go to bed, almost every night, i seem to start drifting to sleep, then, I'm not sure if i fully fall asleep, or are just half asleep, I jerk awake really ...
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Site bugs that are driving me NUTS!

Bug report for you, you may already be aware of these problems, but they are annoying and I have to say something.

1.) Sometimes this place just crawls... nothing will move and loads take forever.

2.) Other times when I try to load a page, I get a white screen with this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: set_magic_quotes_runtime() in /homepages/20/d141475049/htdocs/psychforums/common.php on line 29

...and I have to reload continuously to get in. Sometimes ...
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Pale Skin

yearning for one quick touch
a breath of air, one quick ###$
dreaming of your skin so fair
with some luck, smell your hair

make me break every vow I have ever made
make me love where there used to be hate
make me take back the words I have spoken
make me see that I should stop before I'm broken

wanting you more every time
a tiny kiss, would be sublime
I can't ever ...
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I can´t understand why many people blame the entire humanity of their own problems. Indeed, I´m depressed to see all this hating.
Instead of fight, we waste our time complaining.
What some of you hate is what you are and see in other people.
This is my honest opinion.
There are too pessimism.
Are you human or aliens? Who thinks is different to other people, and why?
This post is mainly to these people who ...
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Rant about "Being Fine"

Have you ever noticed that when most people (Neuro typicals) ask you how you are... they just EXPECT you to say "I'm fine"??

I sometimes catch myself slipping into the same habit of everyone else and just stating that I'm fine... even when I'm not.

But when I remember how I'm really feeling, I have to blurt out "Actually, I'm not fine../I'm so upset.../Something's annoying me" At this point, they look at me like I'm ...
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Fresh blood!!

Hey people, just want everyone to know that I'm new here, just joined, and you can feel free to talk to me!! I dont bite... (well..)

So yarr let me introduce myself...
I'm Amber, 17 yrs old, and I have recently been diagnosed with Asperger's. (bit of a shock as I was looking for a diagnosis of ADD)

I love anime, manga, fantasy novels, video games and languages!!

Anything else just ask...

Oh yeah, and... ...
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