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laughing too much

i have this problem where i laugh at everything no matter what it is and lately its been troubling me more and more because i used to think it was a defense mechanism for when i feel uncomfortable but now i think its something else and i don't know what to do about it i guess my laughing all the time began when i was 3 or 4 years old and now i cant help ...
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Have I lost my friend?

My friend was diagnosed with BPD many years ago. I didn't know until a few months ago. It has helped explain some of the problems she deals with in her life. I'm trying to learn about this illness because I care about her very much.

We've had many ups and downs during our friendship, but I always wanted to keep her as my friend. Lately, when she looks at me, it seems as if she ...
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Lost My way

So I cut for the first time in say 18months the other day and I don't think im going to be able to stop again. I don't post on here as often as should because for some reason I tell myself I don't need help. However that's probably because I don't know how to ask for help. I am extremely good at dodging questions and changing subjects without most people catching on and its helped ...
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need flashback tips quick!!!

o.k so I know my rant earlier was really loooooong and probably boring and "poor me" but I really need to know what to do now. Its my second day (today by myself) at me new job caretaking for this 90 year old woman and I dont know why but yesturday it was very triggering for me I think because she doesn't like to eat or walk like her son wants us to have her ...
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brain imaging testing/research

has anyone here ever had any brain imaging testing done? Like MRI's or CAT scans of your brain? There's a University here that says they're conducting research and it kinda scares me, but at the same time I'm curious to see /know what the results would be as far as my own personal results...So that's why I was asking to see if anyone here ever had any of that type of research or testing done ...
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Lithium compared to Zyprexa. Does it make sedated?

Hi. I am planning to switch to Lithium from Zyprexa. Does Lithium make sedated as much as Zyprexa or it can not even be compared and Lithium does not make sedated and sleep a lot? Secondly, is Lithium+Lamictal a good combo? And do you suggest me to switch to Lithium? And does lithium affect cognition?
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Mood Going Down & I Don't Know Why


I've noticed my mood changing a bit the last few days in that I've been having episodes of feeling weepy and melancholic. I thought the depression phase had ended. I don't know why I get these episodes coming back now. They came out of the blue at first but today I've felt general malaise for the whole day. (Also felt shaky)

In general, I still have a lot of anxiety, panic and a bit ...
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Got my self in a mess

Hello ive signed up because of something that happened a few years ago now. To do with Fancying younger girls

about 5 years ago when i was 20-21 a girl that was 15 nearly 16 fancyed me. All of my friends new about this. Her mum knew about this, she came out with us as a group, She was very pritty girl, now shes is stunning at 21 lol. Anyway i was attracted to her ...
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Help with Depressed Boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for over three years now, and he has always been depressed. he goes through phases of being extremely depressed: not getting out of bed, not eating, not gettign dressed, not talking, barely moving, not answering any questions ("i ask "are you hungry" i get |" i dont know"), wanting to die to be slightly less depressed.

Anyway, we are both students. About 6 months ago, he decided that he's try ...
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Do you think going to a restaurant alone is weird?

When I am alone at a restaurant, people stare me down and stare me out and servers almost pay no attention and servers are rude towards me -- I think it's because they know they will get less tip. But I have to go to somewhere to eat something. I do not want to go to a fast-food such as subway sandwiches or McDonald or stuff like that. I feel really uncomfortable at any restaurant. ...
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