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VIBRATORS takeing over from men

Now then ladies , since the birth of the battery fired dick you have become a different breed. i mean no limp dick to put up with no fireing the white mice in place,s you dont like. ie face. Plus variable speed with different size an coulor,s. i am all for it in the bedroom its cool an a turn on to watch. My wife use,s one for the magic bean stimulation but not internally ...
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My view on "the way I am"

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels this way, but I have yet to come across someone personally who feels like this...

I've had many long, deep discussions about who I am, how I am, so on and so forth. I do believe a big chunk of that is thanks to my mental state. Call it a disorder, but I really don't see it as such. Many people see my thoughts on ...
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Although I don't want to wake up on my own anymore, I am scared of or threatened by other people sexually.
In some sense I want to feel loved and attractive too, but in another way this is threatening for me and I so I stay away from it all. All this life, and reproduction, breeding and sex, I see around.
Does anyone else feel like this, I feel upset by it and want a ...
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Im having a ###$ up day

One of my alters Jocelyn is sad, lonely, hopeless and depressed. She kept us up all night watching porn and thinking about "him" that gay/ bisexual petophile scum of a "ex" bf, who purposely betrayd her and left her lonely only to blame it on her. He watches kiddie porn more than likely and gets off at the thought of ######6 little girls and young boys. Jocelyn was only 15 when she got with him, ...
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did my dad abuse me?

I am posting here to get your opinions on whether some things that happened in my childhood were okay or not. I am 24 now.
My mum and dad broke up when i was 6, (my brother was 8 ) and after a year of completely ignoring my brother and i, my dad started requesting that we go over to his place on weekends from 5pm friday to 5pm sunday. I'm sure he did this ...
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abnormal recurring anxiety, without the worry part?

I have abnormally recurring anxiety feelings, in terms of the uncomfortable fight-or-flight state, and a lot of physical tension.
But it's not associated with any kind of cognitive "worry" component. Just very un-relaxed, and impossible to relax.
It's related to no concepts whatsoever, it's just there. My mind kind of goes blank, it's hard to think straight. (Maybe this is because I know associating any concepts with it would realistically be #######4. I don't know.) ...


I don't have social phobia, or clinical social anxiety. Though I do get some form of social anxiety. Chatroulette brings a lot of those up. I think this will be a good way to desensitize to these impulses from the comfort of my seat. Just sitting, not even saying anything. Knowing I'm being watched, watching them watch me. I'm even getting those feelings as I'm typing this, because I know it's running. Is this relevant ...
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My first loss.

I wish I knew exactly where to start with this topic. My aunt Nana passed away October 16,2010 at 10:00 AM. She was so extremely..sick. She had multiple things wrong with her. She was in so much pain. The day before her death she had went into surgery and they told us of a giant mass like tumor they found inside of her. her body was also completely infected. She had two cardiac arrests. the ...
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How can someone hurt this child???

I keep hearing about this girl.

Her story-- most from America and Australia(she is a native) have probably heard. She is a cancer survivor. The cancer robbed her of a leg and most of her hearing. She has a prosthetic leg and hearing aid. Now that she has been reported "missing", stories have surfaced that she was abused while recovering from cancer and being forced to live in the attic.

The teachers reported the parents ...
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