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Unseen or just ignored?

I'm Delilah. I was told I could write here so I hope it's ok for me to do this.

I don't know how to start to be honest. I got here in 2004 but for over four years no one even looked at me. And I would scream in their faces but they ignored me. I thought they forgot about me. But Cassie saw me inside recently and the other people started to see me ...
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The Care and Feeding of Workplace Narcissists (Part 2)

TLDR version of Part 1: Got a new job, encountered a probable NPD, didn't sleep all weekend, sought advice, took advice. Full story here: http://psychforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=39069

Part 2: When you can't avoid and can't mirror...management IS possible.

The N was apparently attracted to me. So, asking him for advice, and reinforcing the love of a specific beer and music worked out well.

When I realized that he was hitting on ...

Let's face it, I have no future.

Well... I could have future, I could make my future, but that seems pointless.

See I don't have any degree or anything like that. I could go to shool and spend next 3+ years there, but that's not my thing... I just don't give a damn about those diplomas and degrees, they mean nothing to me.
That's the problem... I must have some schooling if I wanna get a job, but I don't see myself ...
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I believe we're born with this

Maybe not everyone but I believe I was. Doctors say AvPd starts as a teen or a young adult, but when I think back to my childhood I ALWAYS had signs of it. Things that I never understood I started to notice they screamed avoidant personality disorder.

I remember when I was 6, I was invited to a birthday party and everyone was playing pin the tail on the donkey while blind folded. I was ...
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body oversensitive to adrenaline?!

I have a host of anxieties but I think one of my main problems is that my body is oversensitive to adrenaline. I just did a few pushups and suddenly my eyes are burning, I have this tremendous anxiety, shaky hands legs, just wanting to cry, whatever.

Anybody knows if you can just decrease your adrenaline with some medication or something? My heartbeat was 165 right after finishing my pushups and I'm in my late ...
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Doctors are Power Vampyres.

They seek to remove the soul by means of drugs. This is obviously impossible and very soon they will pay for their crimes against the natural power structures of our species. They are motivated by prestige and so declare the disturbed a danger who they alone are brave enough to tame. These ignorant baffoons create simplistic systems of symptoms that they compare with the hidden complexity of the brain. Then they use these pathetic excuses ...
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Are we the next stage in evolution?


A few people over the years here have claimed that Asperger's could potentially be the next stage in human evolution. Well, I was recently talking to a guy in a different forum and came to a conclusion/theory:

You know the way that the Earth's resources are becoming limited?; and how society will eventually probably come to a point where more wars are the order of the day? Well, maybe it is that time that ...
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Asperger's in adults

I've recently started going out with someone and he mentioned he is 'a typical male' bordering on aspergers. I laughed it off to begin with but now I've been seeing him a while there are a few things he has done which are slightly out of keeping. How do you know what is not aspergers and what is? How do you cope with it? I didn't know anything about aspergers before but have just ...
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women's feet

I love women's feet. I have had an attraction to female feet since childhood. Lately, it seems as though it is getting worse. We had some people over for a cookout two weeks ago. I got out the video camera and started taking shots of my sister-in-laws bare feet up close. She had no clue. I masturbated to the video this past weekend. I find myself taking quick sniffs of sandals when my wife's friends ...
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