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Mental Make Over

This is a question along with an active relfection of what I just caught myself doing now. I'd like to know if you do the same things too?

Chaos and drama seem to rule my life at the moment, whether I seek it or not, is not what I'm worried about right no. What I just caught myself doing was quite disterbing and I'm not sure if this is how it happened all those other ...
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brain waves

I have discovered that the Awakened Mind System meditation programs are quite helpful to me. I have been meditating for several years now and I find Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's cds suit me quite well.

Here's the link: ... Kgod3gEhDg
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For those of you who have read any of my previous posts, the diagnosis of Schizotypal was incorrect.

The doctor now thinks it's Frontal Lobe Disorder. I have to get some more tests done to determine if it could actually be this.

The reason that I'm still posting in this forum is because there is no forum for my new diagnosis, and the symptoms still include hallucinations.

My symptoms as of now (only in relation ...
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do people with schizophrenia hear voices inside or outside of there heads

:D :) :( :o :shock: :? 8) ...
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Meditation and Healing for all - It Works

Hi all, I have to share my experiences of the passage of healing......through meditation I have been able to go back in time and find the root cause of why and how I became codependent and fall into a relationship with a HPD for 5 years. What I'm going to say is not directed only at non's, but for everyone.

I went into my meditation with the sole purpose of retracing all the significant moments ...
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I'm Not Who You Think I Am.

This post is directed at other Alters, or whatever it is you call yourselves.
Five years. That's how long I've existed. Five, long, confusing years. I've aged through the years, but that makes it all the more confusing.
A year and two months. That's how long I've been referred to as Kendra. Kendra May Bloodmore. That's the name I adopted.
Throughout my existence, my Worldly name has been Kimberly. That's not my name. Everyday I ...
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help,Im relapsing!!

So I was doing well, managed 7 whole days of regular eating and then last night I fell and binged :( . These past few months i've been able to get back on track the day after a binge but then this morning I binged again :cry: . Help!! I really don't want to undo all ...
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Positive saying

I have a mental illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). For a long time it has ruled my life, not anymore. I am going to take hold of my life stand tall and fight this illness. It is not going to get me down and it will never rule my life again.
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why I don't date

It's because I would have to put on an exhausting fake buoyant personality to start the process. I can't keep that up forever. Eventually I would have to go back to being normal, which means I would do a 180 on whoever I was seeing. Why would I set someone up to be manipulated that way?
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Has Anyone Tried Hypnotherapy?

This is something I've thought about trying over the years but never actually gone through with it. I'm not exaclty sure how, or even if, it could help. I was just wondering if its something anyone has actually undertaken (whether off their own back or as a recommendation from one specialist to another. I'm not suggesting it can cure anything, but I imagine it possibly being able to help with anxiety in certain situations, anger ...
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