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I loved my bf with all my heart, we were together 2.5 years... he and I started as friends and eventually became a couple after couple more months. He talked about just us being together rest of our lives. After a while though he became verbally and emotionally abusive, after about ten months he hit me for the first time. I was shocked and grief stricken and confused. Some time past without incident and then ...
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My mess.

I hope I don't get too much hate on here but here's my situation,

I met my husband 8 years ago, he was extremely sweet and romantic and wanted us to get married asap, he proposed to me after 6 months. I had travel to another country to be with him. He started showing some control issues before the wedding and I expressed them to my dad and my dad told me if you want ...
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Abusive sister

Hi I'm a first time user and I wasn't really sure where to turn to but when I found these forums I wanted share my experience and hopefully get some advice.

I'm 19,female and for most of my life my elder sister who is now in her late twenties (9 years of an age gap between us) has been manipulative and abusive to not just me but my family as well. I think the reason ...
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Have you been on Invega Sustenna or Aristada?

I was on Invega Sustenna for 2 years and I gained 60 pounds along with increasing my prolactin levels. I've been off Invega since May 2017 and my prolactin levels have decreased to normal levels but I'm still having problems losing weight. My stomach looks like I'm 6 months pregnant. I'm used to being thin and have never gained weight, it's making me really depressed. My doctor started me on Aristada injection, which is a ...
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Arrested and my kids got taken away


I am looking for a support team and someone who can help guide me from experience on what to do about my husband. I married my husband a few years ago, at first things were fine but they quickly dissipated. My husband can go days without speaking to me and he is never home. Recently I asked him to give me the day to myself because I am always home alone with the kids ...
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Need advice, possible abusive GF

Hello 1st time poster, I had a ton typed out and it all was lost so I will do a shorter version this time. I've been with this woman for 7 months and thought she was my dream woman at 1st. I had known her for about 13 years total but not super well. She currently doesn't have her kids because her ex filed a DV charge on her which got thrown out but she ...
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Is this normal or am I going crazy?

I'd been in an abusive relationship for over a year. I thought recently the behaviour had stopped and my abuser seemed like a new man since we found out I was pregnant..he was so happy and helpful but a month ago he attacked me again choking me and shouting at me unprovoked. I called the cops and requested he gets professional help but he has ignored me since as if I don't exist. He lived ...
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Help not feeling crazy.

Hi everyone.

For the past 6 years I have been dealing with regular occasions of mental and physical abuse from my wife. Shouting, telling me she wants a divorce if I criticise her or disagree with her, systematically belittling most of what I do or sayĺ, constantly informing me she doesn't get enough sex from me. She will just change all of a sudden, to this cold calculating person who can tear apart everything about ...
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First time reaching out, but really need advice please

Since I won't use my real name, I will go by the same Sunshine.

To tell my story would take an enormously long time. It spans over 16 years, and this is the first time I've turned to a forum for help because I honestly do not know what else to do.

I am not going to refer to my boyfriend as such because honestly, over the last 14 years of being around him, any ...
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Brother abusive to Parents

Hello everyone,

I am seeking for advice and to find the most effective method.

For some years now, my brother’s behavior has been very abusive towards my parents.
In the past, I have confronted him and it seems to make things worse. As he will retaliate towards my parents. My mother has recounted to me, the things he has done and said at home, including at his place of work and the girl he’s dated. ...
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