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Quite obviously bipolar

So. I am back. Starting my new meds today. Aripripazole. Have been taking citalopram for over a year I think. It was sort of helpful against depression but obviously not against hypomania. Starting to come down from the high and feeling exhausted and like a total ###$ up. I'm ruining my life.
I'm someone who gets hypersexual and who is prone to falling in love with people easily. But I am also married with special ...
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For a few months earlier this year I was convinced that I was pregnant even though I did several pregnancy tests including blood tests. Even though the odds of me being pregnant was incredibly small considering contraceptives and time of 'conception' in relation to my cycle, I was still terrified that I might be pregnant. This was during a time that I skipped my period for a few months which is not uncommon with ...
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Oxytocin hormone

I was just reading about a new research that people with high sex drive/addiction often overproduce oxytocin hormone as a response to fear and anxiety. (any kind of trauma?)
And that anti-psychotics, quetiapine, regulates this oxytocin production.

It does sound like certain anti-psychotics can be used to treat a variety of things. So a response to treatment doesn't necessarily equal a specific diagnosis.

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I need company -- I'm lonely at home and depressed all the

I'm lonely, bored and depressed all the time these days. When I go places with a friend I am okay, or if a friend comes to see me, I'm okay. I don't know any bipolar people locally, and none of my friends know that I have this disorder. I have nobody to call for support. My therapist has been out of town for weeks. He's coming back next week and I will try to get ...
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Post mania vs hypo mania

I have a question but first let me explain. I have had hypomania and one manic phases before.
Recently, after a 4 month severe depression, I had my first episode of mania vs hypomania episode. I’m not sure. But I don’t remember much. Just what my family said. It last about 10 days. I remember the rapid thought process. Them talking a hundred miles a minute. I got upset with my grown daughter which never ...
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What works for you?

Hello everyone Ive recently been diagnosed as bipolar, of course when I told my family (not immediate family EX: Mom/Husband), I got told that my diagnosis was not real and that Im just moody and to "stop bring a bitch". I also have OCD, and my grandma constantly says that OCD is something that will go away. Yeah something ive had since I was a child, and it will just vanish one morningv ...
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So... i am here

I really didnt know what to title this. So i am here because i need a listening ear and i cant talk to anyone in my family or friends group without worrying them, and its not really something to worry about. My dad is dying, slowly, and he has started to lose control over his body and his is miserable most of the time. My mom is his primary caretaker, but i am leaned on ...
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How can you tell if it's hypomania or happiness (bipolar II)

disclosure: my therapist thinks i have bipolar II. not looking for a diagnosis as I'm already talking to a professional but I would like to know your experiences (could be mania or hypomania).

skip to the bottom if you don't wanna read!

So for the past few years I've had bipolar II as this diagnosis lingering over my head but I feel like I don't identify with a lot of other people's experiences. I don't ...
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bipolar and ptsd/anxiety disorder

So I was recognised with above conditions and I wonder if there's anyone else here who shares that mixture of disorders and if yes how does it show up in you.
I just feel very confused about everything right now.
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Medication & Weight Gain

Hi there,

As somebody with the crippling fear of gaining weight, I have heard lots of stories of people on various medications (Zyprexa, Seroquel, Abilify etc.) that claim they have packed on the pounds from these. Is there a particular science behind this? Is there any way to avoid this? As someone who plans on going on medication soon I am quite worried about this.

Thank you.
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