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I can only work in things I'm passionate about

If I try to do something like a restaurant job, or a hotel front desk job, I get so frustrated because I can't concentrate. I just blank out and can't get anything done. The only two fields I have trained my mind to like are Cannabis and Music. I am 26 years old and just now going to college in the fall, for Cannabis Cultivation. Finally putting my life together. It was tough living in ...
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Question about fantasy prone personality

I sometimes have a fantasy prone personality, I asked myself for a long time if it is related the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Schizotypal Personality Disorder/Schizotypal Personality Disorder or Schizoid Personality Disorder.
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Neurodiversity and hypersexuality

I'm really hoping I can get some advice here because I'm approaching the end of my tether :-(

My partner is neurodiverse and in 95% of our marriage that's not a problem. I'm able to understand and support her. There's nothing I'd change about her there. The problem is her relationship with sex.

Right from the start of our relationship, we've had problems communicating in this area. ...
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My first psychiatric crisis was because i didn´t play what i

My first psychiatric crisis was because i didn´t play what i wanted the most to play ( they were violent games); to be self-controlled; and i solved that issue masturbating instead of playing those games; andafter i did it i didn´t have psychiatric crisis; other thing about myself is that i don´t believe that every conspiracy theories is false; insted of that i believe i have to find the false info in every conspiracy theory ...
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I feel like i'm going insane

Hi, so i'm a girl (not diagnosed for anyting, idk what's happening with me but i think it's something idk) in her second year of uni, and since i started lessons when they we're online, i never actually had real lessons. Turns out they're not that great :(. They bring a lot of stress and irritations with them. I had a morning full of lessons today, and ...
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Is There a Test?

Both of my sisters and I think that I am on the spectrum. Mom, however, flatly denies it, stating how social I was as a baby.

There are more examples I can use. To list a few, I was toilet trained late, I spoke late (I assembled a simple radio kit before I learned to talk), I was constantly experimenting, connecting different speakers to get various tones and volumes, and I had no concept of ...
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Am i on the autistic spectrum?

i’m afraid to come across as an attention seeking but i have this thought laying around my mind for quite some time now and i just want some clarity.
This is my first post here so im sorry for not knowing how things works here ahah

p.s. im sorry for my writing style but my brain works in bullet points hahah

(english is not my first language)

my childhood was strange, i don’t remember it ...
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Sensory Toys and Widgets

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. Do fidget and sensory toys actually help children with autism?
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Unable to attain crafts

I am not sure if anyone suffers from this, but I find it that I am unable to understand the essence of topics, of things. It is not that I have dementia or an intellectual disability, but I am extremely detail-oriented, and I am never through things, I commence a lot of projects but never finish one of them, and I never attain a craft to which I had entailed myself to learn. I once ...
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I just realized we really are d*ckheads sometimes

New here. So I just encountered another autistic person online and they showed behavior that made me realize why certain people have reacted to me in certain ways in the past. They were taking things too literally, were WAY too intense and negative just for the sake of being negative, but kept on, oblivious to the social cues I was dropping. Is there any way to reach through to a person like this? I know ...
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