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Being independent intellectual from a young age?Wall of text

I never really had any big social issues, i knew how to work with the moronic society and its standards so it was easy for me to go unnoticed when i wanted that, but i was always very different, knew that, and i was proud of it because i was able to see so many things wrong with the people around me and it felt great not being them, but since someone mentioned that some ...
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Autistic child has pathological liar for mother

I have taken in my granddaughter and her autistic 5 year old. She obviously was in way over her head, unable to cope or deal with her child. Long story short, I have discovered that she is a pathological liar. She is a binge eater, lies about her jobs and relationships with others, which change often, lies about her health, etc. That is troubling enough, but she doesn't seem capable of taking proper care of ...
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Pathological Demand Avoidance

Anyone on here got PDA? or been told it maybe that rather than Autism or Asperger's? It's my understanding its a sub-type of Autism and only recently getting recognised so if you were diagnosed years ago before the days of the internet you may have been dx with Autism or Aspergers.

I'm now beginning to think the 'Maladaptive Daydreaming' and 'Psychosis' I originally joined here to find out more about could infact be PDA.

I ...
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New Recent Research as really helped me understand myself!

All this stuff coming out recently on the differences in girls/women with Autism and the long term effects of masking and camouflaging has really helped me understand my system and why I dissociate so much, after years spent thinking I had a 'mental illness' ON TOP of being Autistic or maybe they had misdiagnosed me.

Anyway this is my system I wondered if anyone else had similar, purely down to the effects of being Autistic? ...
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Am I autistic? Please help.

I am a 22 year old man that has just graduated from college. Recently I have begun thinking that I may be suffering with high-functioning autism. I was born very prematurely and barely spoke as a child. I was so anxious I didn't want to speak to anyone. As I grew older into high school I was labeled as the shy quiet kid because socializing was unbearable to me. I have never felt comfortable socially, ...
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Warped reaction?

So I noticed my outside behavior is turned upside down in relation to what's going on inside my mind.
To let you understand i'll say about two most prominent aspects of this phenomenon.

For one, the more I dislike someone, the nicer I am to them.
Another thing is that when I'm down real low, negative thoughts, self harm and hopelessness peak, I appear overly happy.

Actually, the situations I'm talking about are the only ...
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Dissociative behaviours and Fantasizing in Autism

Has anyone else with Autism created characters/persona's/hosts who dealt with the outside world for them?

I'm not just talking about making one up in your head and pretending to be that person when you're in your bedroom, I mean the new person you create becomes a real person for you to learn through?

Eaxmple: For myself I (Kit) was severely autistic in childhood. I had extreme sound sensitivity and Exposure Anxiety, until I created my ...
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Do other people know you're autistic?

Do they know about your diagnosis? Can they see that you're "off"? Or do you manage to blend in? If they don't know your diagnosis but see that you're off, to what do they attribute this strangeness to? A #######5 character? Lack of discipline? Selfishness? Lack of concern for others? Stupidity? Childishness? Some kind of gift?
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difference between autism and BPD

Can anyone here explain in a nutshell how you might tell one from the other?
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