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MBP and Guardianship-Long Intro

Hello all! I am seeking out advice and clarity. Mu roommate from college has Munchausen Syndrome and I witnessed many situations of manipulation and lying. She was caught as she had injected spit into her hip and they doctors noted the bacteria was from her mouth. She was confronted and absolutely 100% denied she harmed herself. Her parents were convinced for quite some time she had this disorder. Fast forward...she left those physicians and then ...
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Friend has MPS? Long Version and TLDR

I have a friend who I'll call Janet. She is a mother of 2 children, and someone who I believe has MPS. Some background info: Shes an extremely manipulative, dishonest, and self-centered person. She
justifies all of actions (even if they are harmful), and is anorexic. Her children, age 2 and 4, are appeared to be a normal weight, but she rarely feeds them. Their biggest meal is their school lunch and she gives them ...
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What happened to me?

Hello, everyone.

I'm kind of in a mess right now, and I would like some help in getting to grips with what happened to me.

It's been 5 years, roughly, that the term Münchhausen by proxy rings in my head. A friend of mine is the first who voiced it to me, after I explained to him what I went through. The description "feels" right, could be argued to fit symptoms to some extent, but ...
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I'm jealous of MBP survivors *pity rant*

I understand that it is the horror of horrors to be made sick on purpose by an abuser, and then be forced to view you abuser as your saviour. But I just can't help having an inferiority complex against survivors of MBP. Every person I know who was abused as a child, has later in life been shown proof that they did nothing wrong, and it was all the abuser's fault.

They all have loads ...
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Is there research?

Is there scholarly work or treatises on what becomes of adults who were proxies at the beginning of life?
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MBP and Attachment Disorder

As I have previously outlined, 3 years ago now, my (now) husband got custody of his two kids and they all moved into my home. Behavioural issues with the step-daughter, now 16, have been constant and escalating. Because of this, she was placed in an inpatient psych ward for kids for 2 weeks a few months ago for testing and observation. From this, she was diagnosed with Attachment Disorder.

We of course never heard of ...
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I''m trying. Mom is in therapy.

I see some improvements because she is trying to learn boundaries. But that doesn't change how she made me pass out in a Spanish-speaking foreign country I visited 9 years ago to be deliberately vague. Of course, I'm on a private computer where nobody knows all my screen names. I know how to keep myself safe. My passwords are all so complicated that it is really hard to hack into my stuff. I am going ...
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Is this Munchhausen by Proxy? (and other questions I hope yo

Upon putting myself into therapy for suicidal ideation, it was quickly identified that my mother was the root cause of my self-loathing due to emotional abuse. Yet after a lot of growth, I hit a plateau where I still blamed myself for everything, never felt good enough, and was drawn to a dangerous person who I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about. I was incredibly frustrated because I couldn’t understand why I was still struggling ...
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I Think My Wife Has Munchausen by Proxy What Do I Do?

Last month my wife just out of the blue abandoned me and my two kids. She was their step-mom. They are 7 and 9 years old. She had been in their lives since 5 months and 2 years old. In the very beginning of our relationship my wife convinced me to quickly leave and divorce my ex-wife. She convinced me that my ex-wife was an unfit mother, and then quickly convinced me that my baby ...
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Psychiatric MBP

I'm an adult now, but as a child and teen my mother was a textbook Munchausen by Proxy caregiver, and, feigned mental illness instead of physical illness. Was hoping to hear from others whose MPB caregivers pretended that their children had a mental disorder.

I was always a particularly healthy child, while my siblings would get lice and the chicken pox- by some miracle- even when I was exposed the vast majority of the time ...
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