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Having DA is frustrating.

I feel like i have a mental disability when i can't even understand people fully. i just end up forgetting things almost instantly.
I've forgotten what it's like to have a normal healthy mind. i'm on recovery. one day this amnesia will be just a problem from the past. i just hate the long journey to recovery.
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embarking on new treatment

So finally after 30 years of on of treatment from mdmr to meditations therapies and many more i have decided to try and unravel the memoirs and hopefully take back some of my life Ho ray YHEA..... Errrrrrrm noooooo. You see i now live in Australia and well mental health is as about as important as a bbq on a Sunday afternoon over hare. I am not surprised or even upset as i have been ...
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walking and whilst in a blackout state

Hello all, firstly i am new here so hi to everyone and i hope your all well. About me: i have suffered from dissociative amnesia for about 20 years as well as gad and sever panic attacks. I have been in and out of hospital and treatments for the same amount of time. I have learned to live with my conditions and can now manage them very well 90 percent of the time. I would ...
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Losing track of day

I go through a day with little stress and at the night I got this feeling that all the rest of the day was not lived.it feels like I just got awake from a sleep at night but it was not sleep I was awake all during the day..thsi sort of lose of sequence is happening often and it's making me depressed and also afraid of my own stability..I think it was mainly due to ...
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I can't remember most of my childhood help

This is weird for me to talk about and I'm really confused so sorry if this doesn't make sense.

I can't remember the majority of my early childhood (from before I was 7) which I thought was normal until I asked my mom her earliest memory and it was from she was like, 3 or something. I can barely remember most of pre-school, one of my two memories being bullied by this one kid, and ...
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Why can’t I remember my dad?

I'm sorry if I am doing this wrong. I am new here.

I am 16, and my parents are divorced. I have a good relationship with both of them.

My mom and siblings say that my dad was very very abusive was I was young but I can't remember. I have lots of memories where he would beat us, but I can't see him in those memories. It is so freaky. It is like my ...
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Ever gone into a trance after a trauma?

Hi there,

I was just wondering whether anyone else has any experience of going into a trance after a trauma.

There were times when I was younger where I would have 'absences' where I would trance out with my eyes open. People would not be able to get me to come to either by talking to me, making noises or waving their hands in front of my face.

I've been riding out 'reclaiming' memories of ...
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overall memory problems?

hi so i have dissociative amnesia but don’t really understand much about it and the different types.
i don’t remember anything before the age of 12, if anything it’s just like random little movie clips that are foggy and from someone else’s perspective. i’m pretty sure a lot of my personality changed after that age as well. but fast forward to now, i’m 26 and i still have memory lapses and constant memory problems. the ...
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Unable to come out of a bad habit because of dissociation

I am the trying this for so long but still unable to figure out why I lose my personality each time when I come out of a h abbit. That I nearly forget everyeverything I used to do for the days and then my present self withdraws inwards and I act out on my h abbit. It appears scary after ach relapse I feel like i have living another life for the last 10 or ...
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Memory loss of personal events

I am really worried about my memory problems that has surfaced in the last few years. So I have been under alot of stress, from mental and physical trauma to harrassment from abusive people, and stress of losing work. I suffer from depression and anxiety for a long time.
I started noticing I don't remember personal events, like I took road trips and not remember much what we did or where we went. Even my ...
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