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Severe PTSD with Dissociative Amnesia

So, I asked my therapist for a concise diagnosis today, and she said that I have Severe PTSD with Dissociative Amnesia. I also took the DES and scored 46.8, and people with DID score in the 40s. I've no idea what to think about these mixed messages. Oh well, I guess I'll just concentrate on healing from now on.
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Hoping desperately to understand this disorder.

Life partner of 18 years recently discovered he suffers from dissociative amnesia. Once we understood the diagnosis it explained lapses in memory but we're really hoping to understand if it also explains his complete change in tone, level of aggression and mannerisms during these episodes. What's making this incredibly important right now and today is that money has gone missing and at least I believe that it was who he becomes in times of stress ...
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Dissociative disorder and psychedelics

Has anyone with moderate - extreme dissociate disorder tried any psychedelics?

I recently resorted to LSD in hopes of helping me with mental guidance such as who i am and why i live the way i do mentally and such. I was hoping for a mind ###$ or ego death that would help guide me.
I took a heavy dose over 350 mics and i didnt even trip, maybe another part of my brain experienced ...
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Starting to lose my memory

I know what dissociation is and I know what amnesia is and I know I have alters and I don't know if it is just stressed...I think I have DID but have never actually forgot who I was before, have been having trouble remembering what I have done over the last month but know there was a lot of drama. It just feels like I am losing my memory. Is this a permanent thing? Is ...
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So confused can someone reasure me im not alone

I think i must have dissosociative amnesia. My new pcpn thinks its false memory ocd but i know my memories of what happened 6 months ago are real. Cpn wont even explore the possibility of amnesia and its so frustrating i just need to know whats happened to my mind and why im suppressing such life changing information. Do i have an alter? As what i know ive done is not something i would do. ...
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Please Help! Brain blocked out a face!!! First time ever


a little back story so this can be understood...

I fell in love for the first time in my life being older. I already have a family so it's not great timing. Nothing happened between us, just met in a work type environment. I haven't seen him for many months and we have no contact. He also has feelings for me, he told someone I know so a few months ago and tried to ...
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Why do i have this, is it normal?

Get angry and afterwards all i rememberd was me being angry but i don´t remember what. I don´t remember the conversation. I don´t remember a thing i said or a thing the other person said.
Having an argument that lasts weeks, months. And realised a while back i have no memorie of it. I don´t remember what we where arguing about, like i really don´t no what we where fighting about and what i was ...
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Short term memory loss and dissociation?

I have generalized anxiety and PTSD. I've noticed that when I've had a conversation, been in a situation or even seen films or read books that make me uncomfortable (maybe not the right word but not sure how else to describe it), I have no memory after the fact. I hear all the time from friends and family, "how can you not remember that? We just talked about it yesterday? Or "we've seen this movie ...
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Multiple Personality?? memory loss

Hi i just typed a huge post for like an hour long..and when i went to submit it, it made me log in and then i lost it all OMG!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it.

i was writing wondering if Multiple personality is real or what?
I have severe memory problems but i saw a neurologist and i do not have alzeimers or anything in which i was worried about...also i can completely remember certain ...
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Did I dissociate? (TW)

I posted this on the BPD forum since that's what I'm diagnosed with and I've never experienced this before, but then I saw this forum and decided to post here too.

A few weeks ago I met this guy on a dating app. The first date went well, then the second date we went to his house. It wasn't until the next day when I was at his house again, and he casually brought up ...
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