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I have a hard time understanding new information


I have a problem understanding what people say to me.

My problem is that I have a very hard time absorbing spoken and quickly-delivered new information. I often can't comprehend what people just said until I process it in my brain several times over. It's like initially what they said is just garbled, alien language. I have to ask them at least twice over to understand it. For some reason I often don't understand ...
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Does anyone know of this cognitive / learning disorder?

How I explain this learning / cogntive difficulty is that I have poor eyesight and as a baby, never learnt to understand people by looking them in the face (because I couldnt make out facial expressions). This meant I could only understand people through words and tonality. This continued with glasses. I never learnt that phsyically paying attnetion to peope’s faces was how you understood them and so have never been able to emotionally empathise ...
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Overthinking issue what it could be?

Hello. I really need help. I am 17 yo teenager girI. I am suffering for "overthinking". I can't focus almost on anything so I have some questions. Whether overthinking is related to anxiety? I figured out that I have to get rid of this habit real soon. The only thing I can do now is try to not to think about something little by little. I will try, "Don't think about how to forget something. ...
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Need help and opinion

My wife and I are in the middle of a divorce after having a perfect marriage for years.
She received steroid shots, had two surgeries and after the second surgery just snapped.
Everything is negative in her mind. There are no positive feeling or memories left in her brain.

She went to see a therapist with me but stopped going after 4 visits. I have been seeing the therapist for the last two months and ...
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Wires crossed, short circuiting

Wondering if anybody's ever heard of this. On occasion my husband will think something and think that he's saying it, but he's not. We discovered this because he claims he told me something, but he didn't or he will pick up his conversation with missing information. When we've tried to backtrack and figure out why we're not communicating he will claim he said something that he really only thought.
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Mentally handicapped emotional problems

Daughter, 46, mild to medium mentally handihandicapoed, emotional problems
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I've had 2 "grand mal seizures" in march. Wednesday thru Sunday I've had 40 non life threatening "seizures." The first option the doctors provide is cognitive trauma and/or stress. They've been adjusting my meds a lot. I spent 6 years in a highly stressful and childish work environment. I was happy to be terminated because of my physical limitations (back surgery. nerve damage. muscle atrophy) so I was incapable of performing my duties and didn't ...
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My daughter, 8 years ago, had wisdom teeth extraction. We recently found out from another oral surgeon,who looked at her past records, that she was given 4 x the amount of anesthesia that she should have had.
At the same time of the procedure, 8 years ago, she began to develop severe mental health issues and began to spiral downward after the surgery. We were very alarmed at what was taking place but it felt ...
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School, studying, concentration, tired

I just to be great in school. I used to actually be one of the best in me class, or maybe even the best.
I just to care about school alot and i kind of overstudied i quess you can say. Worked hard in school and then i came home and all i did was study. Day in day out.
My teacher and mom even told me that i need to study less and go ...
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Error prune thinking.

I can't phrase my problem well, so I have to give an example here.

I was doing this algebra problem

1 Write down the 3 by 3 matrices that produce these elimination steps:
(a) E21 subtracts 5 times row 1 from row 2.
(b) E32 subtracts -7 times row 2 from row 3.
(c) P exchanges rows 1 and 2, then rows 2 and 3.

The answer to question (a) is straightforward

| 1 0 ...
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