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Alters images?

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Re: Alters images?

Postby SOHank » Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:04 am

We are in the process of getting extrnal physical representations of all of the insiders. We started with the littles and "capsule chix" dolls that have mix and match hair, outfits, faces, etc. It has really helped the newer littles feel more secure and has been fun for most.

The goal is to offer a representation for everyone, but the capsule chix dolls are too cute for many of the older ones. We were looking into other options when SF's T got covid and SF had a crisis... All good now, but just getting back to it. The only other one on the table at the moment is that LR identifies a lot with Inara from Firefly and is considering whether or not she wants a figurine.

Will have to check to see if they would allow a picture of the group to be shared, but I kind of doubt it...
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