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Bing eating severity

I’ve read through the symptoms of bing eating I’ve never been diagnosed as It’s probably not predominant issue but I feel like it fits at what point does it cross boundaries and becomes a disorder? Like for instance anorexia and Bulimia the symptoms seem to be very severe and obvious to anyone who sees the behavior as a disorder, is bing eating the same way or is it more of a hidden disorder that is ...
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COVID-19: Binge Eating

Ever since the lockdowns happened, we only have so much to do, and most of us had the tendency to turn to binge eating which made us gain weight.

How do you control binge eating? Or do you guys lean more toward eating healthy? Do you do some exercises?
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BED Is Destroying Me

I despise myself for binging again.
It has put me in so much pain. My head really hurts so much from this.
I truly want to stop this and never binge again but I don’t seem to be able to.
This disorder is ruining my life and my body and I can’t seem to stop it.
I am scared and I need help
Binging is such a horrific experience and it really does take over ...
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How has today been?

A thread for people to write how they are doing and support each other :)

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Looking for a buddy

Hey there,

first of all, I wanna say that I am not diagnosed with BED by a doctor but I know that my eating habits are far from normal. I am a 21-year old German girl struggeling with an extreme addiction to sweets. It's getting worse gradually and I am somewhat helpless.

If there is anybody who wants to chat and doesn't mind that my English isn't perfect is very welcome to message me (if ...
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from HATING food to FORCING myself huge amounts

since i remmeber existing i HATED eating. it was like a curse for me. always hated it ,i didnt feel any need for food at all as long as i had other sources of warmth to provide energy. i was forced to eat all through my childhood and it really traumatized me i think. i always heard 'gotta eat to be strong and smart and tall etc' and i started believing it, later because of ...
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binge eating to kill myself

I dont really know where to start with this.
I hate myself I hate my body and I hate my life. It started off comfort eating but has gotten to a point where nothing I do changes who I am so I have started eating and eating and eating forcing myself. Iv lost all care for my self image and just in general for myself. I am so miserable. I have always felt this way ...
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Binge Eating is Ruining Life Day by Day

My name is Thomas. I am completely new here and have been looking for a forum like this for so long now. I have been struggling with binge eating for about a year now and I cannot stand it anymore. I go a couple days doing well and then I fall back in and keep getting worse. I have lost the most important thing to me which was running and being semi-good at it. ...
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Do I have an eating disorder?

I am 22 y/o male, *mod edit*. Over last few months I started working out pretty excessively. *mod edit*. I have muscle and abs for the first time in my life. I figured the only thing standing in between me and my goals is my diet. I went from just working out, to being a mindful eater, to now I think so much about what I’m eating, I binge on a ton of stuff... a ...
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Looking for an accountability partner


My name is Craig. I am a 45 year old male living in Wisconsin. I have dealt with binge eating since my early twenties. I currently see a therapist and am involved in an online eating disorder support group. I have been increasingly motivated recently to address my eating disorder recently because I am having concerns that it is affecting my brain health. I just learned of a new field called "functional neurology", which ...
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