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hello, I'm new and needing directions to where to post

I have a question about symptoms of a mental illness, and I have no idea where to ask the questions. I want to know what it's called before I'm told, because I want to do research on it before it's presented to me. I'm just like that. I need to know where something being discussed about me, with me, is going. Does anyone know where I can go to find out a mental illness by ...
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i'm scared

i just got home from a party, im still kinda drunk so excuuse my typos please. i dont know why but im feeling scared of myself. im so scared. i dont know why. my friend mentioned that she found an article in Time magazine about cutting. i cut and she wants to read it to understand me more. im scared. itss not a good artckle. im so scared. i dont want to end up dying. ...
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Has anybody had this reaction with Riddlin?

Okay, so Tuesday I was prescribed Riddlin to keep me awake during the day. (I have adderall to wake me up in the morning but I crash when it wears off so that's why I was given Riddlin) So I took it Wednesday and all of a sudden I had suicidal thoughts and I was very close to killing myself. I didn't take the Riddlin yesterday and the thoughts were still there but not as ...
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What's up with me?

I thought his was a little weird, so I thought I'd post it. :)

Yesterday, I looked outside and I saw a curly haired man. All I really saw was the top of his head, and then I saw him walking. I asked my dad if someone was out there and he said no. I know that I saw someone. I can still see it play back ...
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What medications are you on?

So basically, what is your diagnosis and what are each medication for? I'll start.

Diagnosis: Schizoaffective Disorder along with anxiety problems

Xanax - for anxiety
Buspar - again for anxiety
Geodon - used as an anti-psychotic
Zyprexa - used as an anti-psychotic
Lithium - anti-depressant
Prozac - anti-depressant
Adderall - amphetimine, used to keep me awake and so I can wake up at a reasonable hour in the morning
Riddlen - amphetimine, used to ...
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I caaaan't sleeep

its 5.30 am. i cant get back to sleep. i havnt been sleeping well for 3 days. my psychiatrist gave me antipsychotic tranquilizers but its too late for me to use them or else id be knocked out for school. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE PUT ME TO SLEEP. i cant stand this.
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i have the feeling lots of people blame their illnes of mind for everything that happens...

i have intrusive thoughts because i have been diagnosed with this..
i lie because i have a compulsive lieing disorder...

i know that the things that happen can be related to a name some dude in a dusty librairy thought up.. but to say that everything fits into those disorders.. i feel sometimes like there is noone or nothing ...
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I have a question...

Does anyone else wish this forum was called Mental disability rather than mental illness?

I don't have a mental illness, but I do have a mental disability:
I've lost about half my working memory and more than half of my processing speed -- all because of low B12 -- but I get really obsessed about B12, so I won't go there.

Do any of the others of you have a disability rather than an illness??? ...
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hearing things that arent there :-S

im confused... let me explain...

my mum vomits alot, because of stress and maybe depression i dont know and i dont really care. the point is this.. not a moment ago i thought i heard my mother puking and her boyfriend talking to her in a loud voice.. when i looked outside my room.. noone was there.. my mum was sound asleep and the toilet bowl was clean..

but im sure i heard it.. it ...
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Special feelings with special numbers

Does anybody else here get a good feeling when they see certain numbers or phrases (that would not normally make somebody feel good)? I personally have a few and they are related to time. Times like 12:34, 1:23, 2:34, 3:45, 4:56 make me feel good when I see them on a clock, for the most part the clock should be digital for me to get the full effect. Does anybody know what is going on ...
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