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POCD and masturbation. Need some advice, please.

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POCD and masturbation. Need some advice, please.

Postby zouzou24 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:43 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been debating whether or not to post on here again for a couple of days, but it's been a bit rough, so I figured, I'd give it a shot.

A couple days ago, I was masturbating. Now, personally, which I know it's very common for a lot of individuals, I like creating story lines in my head about what I'm masturbating to. Whether it's a husband cheating on a wife with a best friend, or a husband having sex with his wife's cousin. Whatever. When it's more taboo or kinky, I seem to like it even more.

So, I was about to jack-off to this american guy who lives in Japan, and he's in a picture with an older Japanese woman, who is significantly shorter than him. He towers over her. It started turning me on, thinking how unconventional their match up is. I stopped for a bit, and started thinking that she's so short, that she looks like a child, and right after that thought, I felt this intense groinal response, and the urge to start masturbating to them ######6. It was real arousal.

Of course, the rational side of me, knows that it wasn't the mere thought of her looking like a child that turned me on, but the very annoyingly strong OCD side has just been kicking my butt. My #######5 luck to have that reponse RIGHT after that thought, because now, I can't shake the nagging sense that it was that same thought that sparked that type of reaction.

I've been attempting to chock it up to it being a really intense groinal response, or that it was the taboo part of it that aroused me, or that simply is was purely coincidental, but alas the nagging continues.

Anyone care to share their opinion? Anything would help. I'd appreciate it tons. Thank you.
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