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I might have two personalities

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I might have two personalities

Postby DoDecaDon » Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:17 pm

I have one that was chavy and used to hang out with friends and one that is on the "posher" side that my family and family friends know.

What do I do?

The posh ish one seems to be out most the time but I feel a constant anxiety like something isn't right.

I'm not sure this is full DID as I am aware of both sides.

(Sorry if i'm posting on the wrong forum, wasn't sure where to post)

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Re: I might have two personalities

Postby Snaga » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:52 pm

If this might be dissociative in nature, it's okay here. Although we have a DDNOS (OSDD) subforum, it's quite common to post in the DID forum, as there is a lot of overlap.

As far as you know, you are aware of all sides...

You can have various OSDD types, that don't have all the DID symptoms. The alters might be less defined personalities, or even if they are defined, they might share memories and not have a sense of discontinuity.

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Re: I might have two personalities

Postby ArbreMonde » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:28 pm

♥ Hello there! Welcome to the forum!

♥ Like Snaga said, dissociation is a continuum and every dissociated person is different!

♥ You might have become aware that you have different "social masks" (everybody behaves differently depending on the context) or you might be dissociated a bit. Or more than a bit. Figuring out where on the continuum / spectrum of dissociation you stand, can take time. Especially because the intensity of dissociation can change from day to day, too.

♥ But, you know what? You got this! You're becoming aware of what's going on inside you and that's a huge step forwards! Does not matter where on the spectrum you stand, you got this and you got a nice forum to have your back and help you!

♥ Cheers!

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