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I can't keep friends

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I can't keep friends

Postby AllYourHamsters » Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:37 am

I've never been good at keeping friends. I attract a lot of people for how friendly and upbeat I always try to be. Many get eager to be my friend because I'm so much fun on the surface, but when they actually get to know me and realize I struggle with a lot issues, then it's "... oh." :? They don't usually stick around for long. It 's not like I'm such a downer that my problems are all I talk about. Most of them I don't even tell I have clinical depression and anxiety. But I can only act like I'm always fine for so long and then they sort of just figure out that I'm actually not that much fun to have as a friend. Part of me blames myself for inadvertently fooling people into believing that I'm this cheery person all the time. Then again, people just suck. I just wish I could hold on to friends instead of always losing more than I gain. :(
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