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dreams between alters

Permanent Linkby riverside on Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:22 pm

hey everyone me again

Had a night from hell.... stupid medication problem due to GP. Thing is over the past four days i have been taking medication that has a side efffect that is ment o help with night terrors.

Guess what...it has!!! I used to have them 6/7 times A NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT but i havent had one in four days.

However the dreams i have been having have been so oooooooooooo strange.

I keep waking up to conversations going on in my head.

I see my alters all standing round going through boxes and moving papers around. And having meeting by them selfs!! I am so confused because i didnt think they could do it which is sillly becuase if i can lose time to them of course i can lose my dreams to them.

I feel like they are moving my 'internal house' around and trying to sort stuff out.

I just realised that i had a conversation with them to. I realised that some one in my head is call william even though i want to call him vincent. I think i want to call him vincent and not william as it is my dads middle name. Even though he is nothing like him.

I remember us talking about me being ashamed of him and him telling me that he is ashamed of his self. I actually remember him coming out in a past life regression (i know dont start!!) and he had to hide his sexuality from fear of persucuurtion and that actually is exactly how i felt as a teenager...some thing i didnt realise to just that second.......

this is all really disorintating....all this new stuff..... but it is progress and progress is good.

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