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Is this Selective Mutism?

For reason, every time I'm alone with my dad, it's hard for me to reply to him. Like I struggle to say anything. I'll be lucky to get one word out. I hate being on an unnatural limbo.
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Disguising My Voice

I'm and I have had selective mutism for my whole life. I went to therapy when I was younger, and started to get better. My main breakthrough part was when I moved miles away from where I grew up. I was exposed to new people, change. Recently, however, my SM has only gotten worse. One of the things that bothers me the most is my voice. Because of my SM, I disguise ...
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Hello everyone,

Im searching for help for my 4.5yo daughter who isn't talking in preschool. We are looking for success stories and guidance and sharing our progress with the group.
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Hi I'm new here and trying to get familiar with this forum
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Did anybody else have issues with homework?

I had undiagnosed selective mutism growing up. At home I would talk to anyone in my family. I played with girls who lived in my building and I never had an issue talking to them. But at school I was EXTREMELY shy (intentional caps, to convey severity). I would only talk to other students and staff when they spoke to me, otherwise never initiated conversations, not at all, not once. I never even asked to ...
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Help? Is this SM?


I'm a 21 years old girl, and I've been wondering if I actually might have selective mutism.

The situation that made me think and research on SM is that whenever I'm in certain conflict, and people expect me to answer questions, or give my opinion, or defend myself, or whatever, I am simply unable to speak. At all. My mind is in overrive with things I do want to say, but I can't express ...
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Can't say names of adults

Hello, I'm new here and wondering if anyone has heard of something that my daughter experiences. She is 10 years old now and has an extensive vocabulary. Since she was about 4 yeas old she has great difficulty saying the names of adult family members and friends. She has no problem saying the names of her young friends and strangers or famous people young and old. Although she has grown up with her maternal grandmother ...
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Selective Mutism...?

Hello everyone, i am a new member here. This will be long so..
Well, I registered solely for making this thread so am gona give it my all.. I must say that i have never been to a psychiatrist which means i am undiagnosed. However, i am 100% positive that i have Asperger's Syndrome. This is not the case, my case starts since childhood..
When i used to be a kid i was extremely shy ...
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It only seems to be getting worse?

I've had SM since i could talk (so since i was 2), and every specialist I've seen has told me 'It improves with age', and that i'll 'grow out of it'.
I'm 16 now and its just getting worse. Its not just strangers, teachers, or professionals now, I cant talk to either of my grandmas properly (despite having been able to in the past), i struggle with my friends, the majority of my relationships are ...
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Unusual behaviours/habits or associated difficulities?

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum.

Stressed and concerned parent here! My 4 year old has had ongoing difficulties and we are I would say 100 percent sure she has Selective Mutism. She had seen a Paed, received Play Therapy, undergone various assessments and shortly we have an appointment and assessment with an Educational Psychologist.

She struggles with high anxiety. She also has some unusual behaviours and other struggles. We are basically wondering if ...
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