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Lost hope

Whatever hope i had, its gone. I do not want to go on living. I do not want life. Which options do i have then?
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A Way Forward

Under the Burden

Tis like an anxious weight upon your head.

Your concern is difficult to deal with but it is your duty to go through hardship carrying this load.

The onus is on you to take up the responsibility and strain of the task at hand.
The tax you must pay is not without trouble or worry.

Accountability shall be an affliction that is like an albatross that will lead you to blame others ...
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I need to get out of this rough place

I feel like, no matter how hard I work and study, something ruins my day every time. I live in a rough neighbourhood which is very loud, dirty, and has one of the highest population densities of the continent. That's the big picture.

But what ruins my day isn't exactly thinking about this, which I try to avoid as much as I can as I'm leaving in 1-2 years anyway. It's the immediate physical reality ...
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I need to do SOMETHING

For the past couple of days I have done NOTHING but sit on my lazy ass with the lap top. I mean a few days ago This demonic weather has really been screwing me over. I've also barely been talking to anyone. I'm always stuck up my parents' asses. I hate it when we're out in public and one of my parents' boring and lame friends comes over to talk. I usually just ...
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*may trigger*offensive*. why

why do you live?

ive thought this since i was 9.
what do you live for?
why are you still working while you keep saying you hate your job?

most people dont live for their desire or at least for their joy.
they are just stupid and never think about happiness.(btw im diagnosed as adhd and high intelligent)
im talking about normal people.
they just keep saying we cannot die.
yes we can actually. but ...
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This frickin' country.

This is my first post ever.

I am an autistic agnostic who questions his sexuality and I have no clue what to do with my life anymore. I have thought about what it would be like if I ended my life, but never really had the guts to go through with it.

This freakin' election, man.

I did not vote at all; I found all sides equally corrupt.

I consider myself an offspring of a ...
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Coping with unwell spouse

...TW... I suppose this could be a trigger for some.

I've come to realize that things just don't get better by waiting - I just have to make a choice to move on in one form or another before I really notice anything improve my situation. My problem with this is not knowing where to place my first step.

My wife and I have been married for 10 years, and have known each other ...
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No Hope

I've posted around the forum a bit, read other peoples' posts. But then I came across this forum, and I am so glad I did because a lot of what I have been feeling lately, a lot of what has been fueling my sadness, my depression, my loneliness... has to do with hope. Or a lack thereof.

People often define hope as a reason to get up and get out of bed in the morning. ...
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What does hope sound like to you?

More specifically, what song or type of music helps you feel hopeful?

At this exact moment for me, it's Loud Pipes by Ratatat - an electric group who typically does instrumentals. This song is very similar to a lot of the music I like. It's repetitive, slower, lyric-less but also providing a feeling of building toward something. Maybe that's why I find it so hopeful. Most of life's tasks can be incredibly repetitive but also ...
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Maybe Arguing I what I want to do with my life.

Hello, I have been working on a new forum, here: https://unthawedfury.wordpress.com/

If arguing is what I want to do with my life, convincing others they are wrong, can that be supported, here? Can I be encouraged to do so, and validated in so doing, by you?
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