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DID and Social Security Disability benefits

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DID and Social Security Disability benefits

Postby butterfly-joy » Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:09 pm

Hello everyone,

I am applying for SSI and Social Security Disability and was wondering what other people's experiences were in getting approved/denied when you have DID. Thankfully I have an attorney helping me. Major depression and anxiety have knocked me on my butt since May 2009, and now I'm in the early stages of dealing with DID (coming to terms with diagnosis, identifying alters, etc.).

Would anyone share their experience with me? :?

Thank you,
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Re: DID and Social Security Disability benefits

Postby Johnny-Jack » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:12 am

I was out on SSI for a couple years many years ago and my docs put down clinical depression, which was true. Of course, I didn't know for sure I had DID, so that made sense. Major depression should definitely be safe. It's recognized as a debilitating illness and I'm guessing it should be the primary diagnosis. There are a lot of people with DID who are perfectly functional, or who might be out of commission for short periods of time interwoven with general productivity. There are plenty of people for whom DID is extremely debilitating, of course.

For you, DID may be the primary condition, the likely cause of the depression and anxiety, but it seems it's the latter combination that is causing you to need to be on disability, not the DID.

As for your current reality, many of us have been there and you'll get through it. It just may take a period of time and SSI seems like a good option. I "used" the system years ago but I'm sure paying my fair share back in taxes at the moment.

Also, Joy, I like how you phrased that. Saying you got knocked on your butt suggests that you already know that it's temporary and at some point you're going to be able to stand back up on your own again.
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Re: DID and Social Security Disability benefits

Postby Sotrsab » Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:12 am

From what I understand, everyone gets denied right away. I think it's an attempt to weed out those who try to abuse the system. I was extremely lucky. I didn't use an attorney & I was approved quickly after I re-filed. It might help to try & find out who is responsible for saying yea or nay. I say this only bc my T happened to teach at the same University as the person who approved my packet. I didn't know this til later but I think my T must have relayed that my situation was indeed legite bc it went right through. So, if you can find out on line as I did who approves the packets, maybe your T or MD may know him/her. I do know that 6 mos after you begin receiving checks you will be enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid depending on your resourses. You will then (At least with Medicare) need to find a supplemental Insurance, I'm using Christian Fidelity. One thing I learned about supplemental Insurance is that you have to ask specific questions. Get. Specific. Answers.

EX: Medicare covers 80% Med & 60% Psych. You have to find a Sup Ins. Co. that will cover the other 40% for your Psych. so that you're covered 100%. Some Sup. Ins. cos though will tell you that they will pay 20% if Medicare covers 80%. However, Medicare won't pay 80% Psych, only 60% & so the Sup. Ins. pays ZERO & you are left paying for 40% of all your Psych bills. Just a little something I learned the other day. Good luck!
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