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Before Posting a Survey, a Study or a call for participants

This forum is for studies & survey's that have been approved by forum staff.

Before Posting a Survey, a Study or a call for participants

Postby Butterfly Faerie » Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:47 am

All studies, surveys, call for participants or similar topic must be approved first by staff, whether you're a new or established member.

1) You are a professor/researcher/student in a university/college/institute/faculty of psychology.

Based on a free partnership agreement between your organisation and PsychForums, all your professors/researchers/students would be able to post their study/surveys/call for participants in the surveys-studies forum. Additionally your survey will be accessible directly from selected forums (maximum 3) through a stickied post staying on top of those specific forums (these posts are edited by the moderator team only).

Your entity would benefit on a long term basis with this type of agreement as it would pertain to all future professors/researchers/students studies of your entity. The agreement is free, it just imposes a few simple rules to be followed and all the professors/researchers/students would benefit of it simply based on their email domain (which identifies your entity.)

Your survey, study, call for participants will be allowed to mention an email, phone number or an external link to your study/survey. PsychForums has 40'000 visitors a day and more than 125'000 registered members which makes it an ideal place for placing online psychology studies to recruit participants.

If your university/college/institute/faculty of Psychology has already an agreement with PsychForums (ask your professor or the person in charge of the Psychology department)

Please follow these steps strictly:

- Confirm with your responsible person/Psychology department that you have the partnership in place with PsychForums.

- Create an account on the forum with your entity email (this will be important later for the mod team to accept your post in the survey-studies forum without additional check), the username should contain the name or acronym of your entity.

- Send us your study text for approval using our contact form. Title in the contact form shall be "Approval for research/studies from <your entity name>". Then specify as the first line "Title:" with the title of you study that will be used at publishing time, followed by the complete study text including link to your survey and contact information if you wish.

- Specify along in the footer after the study text, separated by 3 empty lines from your study text, in which specific forums (maximum 3) you would like to have your study accessible (so the mod team will include a link in those forums once your study post is online). Add also the study deadline date, so we know when the study can be removed from the specific forum. Not mentioning the deadline is equivalent to a 1 month duration. Mention the responsible person/professor behind the study along with the entity name. Add those information as 3 lines at the end of your post prefixed:"Responsible person:" (if it applies), "Forums:" and "Deadline:".


- Wait for the final approval to post your text. You will get it by email, this is usually very quick.

- Once you get that approval, post your text as approved, including the footer lines about the responsible person, specific forums and deadline in the surveys-studies/ forum (AND ONLY THERE!). You are granted to post only with the same username used for the approval request.

- Let us know once by email that you have posted so we can include your link in the specific forums.

If your entity does not already have an agreement in place please ask the correct person to contact us through the contact form and specify in the title that it's to discuss the "Study/Research partnership agreement with <your entity name>".

2) You are a film maker, book writer, independent researcher with no link to education.

PsychForums is giving you a huge exposure and in counterpart you should be considering making a donation to the website for each study, as well as recommending this place (PsychForums homepage) through Facebook, twitter or G+ (using the icons on the top left). Your survey/study/call for participants will be allowed to mention an email, phone number or an external link to your study/survey. This donation is used to cover part of the running costs of this place as the website is having an huge traffic raise. Donations are also reinvested to develop this place to give a better user experience. In order to be able to post, we also ask to be cited on your website with a link back to Psychforums.

If you are ok with this principle please use this contact form and giving us your study/survey request description for approval as well as your username on the forum and your expected donation. Confirm also if you recommended PsychForums homepage through Facebook, twitter or G+. Once your proposed study/survey description is validated (by mail reply), please proceed with the donation using the Paypal button on the left column of the site.

You will get your final authorisation (on the same email) to post your study exactly as submitted in the form. Note that you will be authorized to post ONLY in the "Surveys & Studies" forum and nowhere else.
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