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Do you have Psychosis-like experiences?$30 time compensation

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Do you have Psychosis-like experiences?$30 time compensation

Postby Meaningmaking » Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:02 pm

*Have you had unusual ideas about yourself and the world?
**Have you had unusual perceptions of vision, sounds, or touch?
***Do you have confused, jumbled thoughts?
****Are these unusual occurrences troubling you?
*****Are you between the ages 18-35?

The Study: Who, What and Why
We are currently conducting a research study on how persons individually make sense of these unique experiences. We're interested to know about YOUR experiences -- what it's like for you. This project is conducted by Bojun Hu, M.A. and approved by the Fordham University Psychology Department and Institutional Review Board.

What Participation Involves
Persons who express interest will be emailed 12 short statements about unusual experiences they may have had. If their experiences qualify, the study interview will consist of an open-ended conversation followed by a more structured interview. The conversation will focus on participants' life history and unusual experiences, what happens, how you make sense of the unusual experiences, and the impact of these experiences on your current life.

Risks and Benefits
Participants completing both parts of the interview are offered $30 for their time. Some participants become emotionally activated during the conversations, and they are encouraged to pause or stop at any time.

If interested, please call contact Bojun at bhu@fordham.edu.
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