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Reminder on Paraphilias, a note on Unwanted Messages

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Reminder on Paraphilias, a note on Unwanted Messages

Postby Snaga » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:19 pm

This is a reminder, that as of the end of 2015, Psych Forums no longer has an active Paraphilias forum. It's readable, but locked.

This means that anything that would have been in there, any paraphilia, including fetishes and BDSM, are not allowable subjects anywhere else on PF- at moderator discretion, they may be contributory information about an issue. But they may not be the main subject of a post. The moderator team has the final say on what's acceptable.

Also a note about Private Messages- remember that if you place a post in the sexual forums, and you get unsolicited private messages that you are uncomfortable with, you have the option to report PMs to the mod team, using the Report icon on your PM screen. That will allow the mod team to see the PM and decide where to go from there for a resolution.

PF moderation team

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