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They can't handle logic.

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They can't handle logic.

Postby jaferr070 » Mon Jul 05, 2021 10:47 pm

They are weird almost always trying to convince you, you do not matter to them, and you are little. But I would not say that. They want all your time for some reason. I was watching a series this evening and they were so alluring as for me to talk with them that I stop the show to tell them how much sense they did not make attacking me for doing some minor crap I did in the past. I sat there talking to them for hours telling them I was a kid or that I am different now or even that what does it got to do with you. Mines seem miserable to me they are always angry over what I have done, and I prove to them time and time again its not true and you cannot be that way. I’ve learnd that you must meditate and plan a head. For instance, when you go into a grocery store you must remember they are attracted to loud noises and that its just people around you and that it seems like shouting voices, however they will get the message, you know what’s what and who is who, real voices or your mind. (For some reason as I have read on the internet, they all use the same tricks to make you think it is something it is not). Or just put in headphones when you are shopping. However, me I like to live raw and use logic against them. Just plan ahead and make sure you always know what’s going on out there in the real world. They are fake as persons and have no logical augments to back their crap up, so do not fall for it.
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