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a warning about a telepath

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a warning about a telepath

Postby tele1 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:29 pm

hi there
thanks for reading my post
I am not a schizophrenic I was assaulted by a telepathic person who is evil
he gave me schizophrenia and Get this I hear voices off his star it is in the southwest
he has the devil in him he is called john brown from Renfrew Scotland please let meknow if you have been assaulted by him
I currently take respiridone but this 6mg is not enough
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Re: a warning about a telepath

Postby Dwaynne » Sun Apr 12, 2020 5:43 pm

Hello, Interesting post, have you ever hear of Hexing in the occult.
In the Bible this is called Legion or the Hive Mind, that feeds off it's hosts psyche.
Also it's like sticking needles into a voodoo doll as it's an malicious act achieved through cloak and dagger methods for detrimental mean or overcomes. The remoteness of the attacks also adds the to occult comparisons think Jezebel.

I have sort of draw this association with V2K,NLP,RNM and acts like revenge porn, cyber hazing and act's of Zersetzung or white glove treatment to the dark side of the occult before.

Any way just thought I'd make my observations known, thank you.
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