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Do I have Narcolepsy?

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Do I have Narcolepsy?

Postby SBBro » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:00 am

I am not sure if I have Narcolepsy or hypersomnia.
I do have DSPD(non 24 hour sleep schedual).

My doctor said I may have Narcolepsy.

Apart from the DSPD I only developed these issues last year. I will go to bed whenever, sleep a minimum of 12 hours, I will wake up 2-3 times during that time for about 5 minutes get up then go back to sleep.
After the 12 hours I will be up for about 4 hours then get sleepy and want to go back to sleep, its an irresistable urge, I do not fall asleep uncontrolably. But once in bed I feel really good.

Recently I went to bed at about 7pm, woke up at 9am with broken sleep. Went back to bed at about 3pm and now I have awoken again at 9pm. I do not feel like I slept too much.
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Re: Do I have Narcolepsy?

Postby whenwilliwake » Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:39 pm

o SBBro,
Sounds like your Dr.is right most likely. Sometimes it's hard to get a dx cause some people who have narcolepsy closely resemble hypersomnia w/long sleep time. The problem is there is no dx for narcolepsy w/long sleep time,(although a small percentage of.people with narcolepsy have prolonged sleep and sleep architecture that is better than the majority of patients with narcolepsy!) This is confusing to medical professionals and makes diagnosis even harder than it already is! Cataplexy and rem behavior disorder can help pin down a definitive diagnosis. Hypergogic/hyperpompic hallucinations and sleep paralysis can also help with your Dr.'s diagnosis.
I have struggled with narcolepsy and central sleep apnea (which is a super rare apnea type ) for
most of my life. My sleep disorders got so bad I was bed ridden for nearly five years! I developed such severe problems because I.was exposed to massive amounts of mold growing up,as my mother is a horder and there was massive water damage to the home ever since I.can. remember. The problem is narcoleptics are succeptible to mold do to hla(human lucocyte antigen )differences. Anyway if you turn out to ha e narcolepsy.mold and mildew exposure will make your symptoms worse.!Best of luck to you, your narcoleptic sister
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