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How to tell someone the have Munchausen's?

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How to tell someone the have Munchausen's?

Postby SilentN » Fri May 12, 2017 1:55 am

Hey everyone!
This is my first post here and basically it's a last straw thing. I'll try and keep it as short as possible and not ramble.
Ok. My step dad, has Munchausen's without a doubt, I'll name a few just to get the feel of it: schizophrenia, bipolar, fibromyalgia, most muscle problems, spine damage demanding crutches, diabetes, "life threatening surgeries" without surgery, suicide attempts without attempt (I'm not sure how to even word that one) even when my grandmother was losing a battle with lung cancer he tried that too. Most recently i know this is silly, he bumped his toe, it was bruised but not too bad, two days later it was absolutely purple and completely damaged on the other side so i know he did this himself.
My problem is, my little brother is 16 and he is witnessing all of this, the suicide attempts he is putting his son through and obviously my brother doesn't understand what or why someone so close to him would do this to themselves. When he visits his dad, dad takes tons of pills in front of him and tells him all his ailments and says things like "if my heart stops son, just bang my chest", "I've asked the doctor for a DNR son for my big spine surgery so i might not be here".
I need some advice. This is my brother and i care so much about him. I know mental illness, my family and i have all sorts of weird and wonderful (i gotta make light of it somehow :D)
I feel like i have to do something. Do i say something to him personally? How do you go about this sort of thing? We've tried ignoring him and this brought on a huge "surgery" he targets my brother because he knows he'll freak out and worry.
Sorry for the rambling. I'm just looking for some advice from you guys. Thanks so much in advance!!!!
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Re: How to tell someone the have Munchausen's?

Postby LilVetrix » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:36 pm

First of all, I'm not sure whether or not you'd still come online...

I don't know exactly how to tell someone that, but if I were you, I would...
•be straight up about it, then reason

•ask him along the lines 'if you actually had all these things, would you enjoy them then?'

•maybe ask him if he knows how bad lung cancer actually hurt, or ask if he knows what kind of pain the poor lady is going through

•also if he tries convincing you that he doesnt have it, please follow up with examples of what he's done, and maybe, maybe not leave out the part of explaining how he has hurt your family's feelings, etc.. and that it is completely unnecessary to bestow depression upon those people.. (Does he feel good in a masochistic way about it??)

I honestly don't know how step parents would be to their step children, so I cannot aay anything about there possibly being some hand-throwing here... I'm not much help, I know (& I am sorry for this), but I believe I have Munchausen's, so it can be difficult (for me) to try and put myself in either of you two's perspectives. Your step dad is human too, and he must have a personality somewhere under all that mess, but I wish you a lot of good luck!

-- V
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