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What is Clinical Psychology ?

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What is Clinical Psychology ?

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:04 pm

Clinical psychology stems from psychology and is a science that encompasses the evaluation and remedy for mental ill health, irregular conducts and psychiatric issues. Clinical psychology is joined together in the field of psychology with the healing of compounded human predicaments. This is an interesting and stimulating field of study for individuals who are planning to go into a demanding, worthwhile discipline.

Clinical psychology is known today to be the most accepted branch of psychology. It was pioneered by Lightner Witmer who was an America psychologist who published about it in 1907. He studied under Wilhelm Wundt who established the field of psychology. Witmer defined clinical psychology as “the study of individual persons, by close observation or experimentations with an intention of promoting change.".

For anyone desiring to study or venture into clinical psychology, it requires a doctorate degree in psychology with good instruction in clinical locale. Because of the painstaking requisite involved in education as a clinical psychology, most complete about four to six years in the graduate school after completing a bachelor’s degree. Two dissimilar types of degrees are obtainable in the field of clinical psychology and they are – a Ph D and a Psy.D. The two degrees are totally different from each other because of their compositions. The PhD entails a lot of research while Psy.D involves practicing. There are also other types of degrees available for students in clinical psychology such as master degree.

Students going for a clinical psychology study must ensure that the program is given official approval to act by the American Psychological Association. After finishing the program, students are mandated to go through a training after which examination is written. Students are allowed to receive their licenses after all these procedures have been taken care of, but it is also good to verify the prerequisite for licensure because it is different from place to place.

Clinical psychologists can work in different areas of the medical field and educational posts available in universities and other colleges. They can also work hand in hand with individuals going through intense psychiatric disorders. The responsibilities of Clinical psychologists includes carrying out research for more current knowledge in the field; Training people; treating drug and alcohol related cases; establishing courses where people will be taught how to take care of and prevent problems and so on and so forth.

There are numerous ways of treatment used by clinical psychologies who are psychotherapists in treating their clients or individuals. Some clinical psychologists center on detailed treatment point of view, while many portray on diverse techniques to build up the best treatment arrangement for individuals. Clinical psychology involves theoretical points of view which are psychodynamic approach created by Sigmund Freud, which uses the method of free association to look into individual fundamental unconscious driving force. Another one is cognitive behavioral perspective which examines how an individual’s feelings, behaviors and thoughts work together. The last one is humanistic perspective which deals with assisting people to become conscious of their complete capability or potentials.
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