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Bipolar disorder causes

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Bipolar disorder causes

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:22 am

Bipolar disorder causes have remained a mystery to scientists for a while now. Over two million Americans are already affected by this illness and a lot more cases are being diagnosed each year. Various researches about the illness have led to many theories though none has been able to identify the real causes of this health condition.

Structure of the Brain
According to research, a difference in the brain structure of those who are ill with this disorder is one of the causes of bipolar disorder. It was discovered in the sufferers of this disorder that an increased number of cells that sends signals to other regions of the brain were present in two main areas of the brain. The research has it that these excess cells could result to some form of over stimulation of the brain. This over stimulation is similar to the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Genetic Causes
One of the causes of bipolar disorder according to another research could be entirely genetic. This cause was arrived at after careful studies and collecting of information from the families of sufferers of this illness. The studies revealed that close relations like parents, siblings and children, of persons who suffer from bipolar disorder are more prone to having a mood disorder than close relations of persons who do not suffer from the disorder.

Looking further into the genetic causes, it was found out as part of studies on this mental health disorder, that identical twins who have the same genetic structure can also share bipolar disorder. There is about 80% probability of an identical twin being affected with this disorder once the other already has it. This proves to a large extent that genetics plays a major role in the cause of this illness.

The exact role that genetics play in the cause of bipolar disorder is however not certain. Researchers are of the opinion that disproportioned levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine could be traced to bipolar disorder in some individuals. In other researches, it was seen that excessively sensitive nerve cell receptors in sufferers could result to this illness, though this claim is still being researched in detail.

Scientists also are of the view that living a stressful life is one of the factors that could trigger bipolar disorder. Though a lot of things in life could cause stress, the way individuals manage stress matters. Besides what one person finds stressful may not be seen as such by another individual. But whatever causes the stress, it is believed by scientists that stress could result to an individual developing bipolar disorder even if he or she has never been down with the illness before. Once the illness has begun, it appears to thrive as it is encouraged by different physical and psychological factors.

To summaries the findings of the researches on bipolar disorder so that anybody can easily understand, some individuals are born with genetic abilities to develop the illness while others can suddenly develop it as a result of the stressful situations of their lives. Once the disorder begins, it usually persists and grows worse with time. The disease can be managed by medical attention but cannot be cured.

Nevertheless, scientists will persist in their research and study on the causes of this mental health disorder and strive to unravel the exact cause of the disease.
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