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Ex Husband Still Gives Me Gifts

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Ex Husband Still Gives Me Gifts

Postby maureen517 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:50 am

It has been a yr and a half since our break-up. It was not on good terms since he cheated on me with a common friend, and smeared me to his friends and family to preserve his image. He still emails me (i kept my email open for bills and stuff) every now and then esp on special occasions like during my bday and christmas with "i miss you", " I hurt too..", "you're still the one.." blah blah but I never replied because of his inconsistency; I need the time to heal. He sent me gifts and cash too and he had it delivered to my place but I never used it; just stored it in a box in my closet. It is just not the same anymore, and returning it seems immature. Why does he still continue communicating with me and giving me presents even if he is now with this woman?
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Re: Ex Husband Still Gives Me Gifts

Postby Lilyonthepond » Tue May 08, 2018 4:23 pm

Do not respond to him. Do not accept anything that is from him(you may do it. It is your right). Block his e-mail. I know it might be temptiong but just DO NOT ANSWER TO ANYTHING. After some time he will stop or he will come to see you face to face. If he sees you face to face just tell hem that you don't want to see him. If he is stubborn - tell the police.

This is the best way to stop anyone from seeing you. Hope he doesn't stalk you or anything. I wouldn't go back to him if he cheated on you. I hope you will be good.
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