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Suspected Malingerer?

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Suspected Malingerer?

Postby Manipulative » Thu May 31, 2012 6:16 pm

Okay, I have a friend and I do suspect she's malingering to get sympathy. I haven't judged her on this and I'm accepting that she does have a problem. I've confronted her in the past and she's been very angry and confrontational but then has calmed down after a while and said she understands my reasons for believing that she's 'faking' it.

Basically, she used to be absolutely fine. We got quite close and I'd talk to her about mental health issues etc and she'd be extremely supportive. However, a few months after I started discussing these things with her she started saying she was suffering similar symptoms. The thing is, her symptoms seem to be EXACT to mine. When I was talking about times when I was struggling she'd ask a lot of questions. At first I just thought she was curious and trying to find ways to help me, but looking back I think I gave her a heck of a lot information to go by so that she could 'fake it'.

Now, I understand that people's symptoms can be similar. I'm not the only one in the world who suffers the way I do, as psychforums has showed me! But having someone who has the EXACT symptoms and strangely had no symptoms beforehand is just quite weird. She just crave lots of sympathy and is very dependent on people to 'look after her'. I don't give her loads of attention as I know this is what she wants, but I don't point blank ignore her either.

She can be really convincing at times and I do struggle sometimes to think that she's faking but there's no other explanation. She lives in a different county and I spoke to her by text and got quite concerned about her wellbeing. She was 'in danger' and I said that I was going to have to call the police and social services about it. Well, I did. I found out that social services hadn't been involved with her for months, the police hadn't been informed about anything that was going on, and she hadn't had any hospital admissions or was seeing any kind of social or mental health worker. Considering she'd spent those months telling me she was in and out of hospital, getting beaten up and raped by a drug dealer and seeing mental health workers and social workers very regularly, this all got thrown in my face. That was the point when I confronted her and she sounded quite upset. She's 'forgiven' me now, even though she knows I still suspect she's faking everything.

None of you will be able to confirm or deny that she's faking, but I would like your opinions and what I should do in this situation. Should I keep confronting her? Should I keep giving her the attention she so desperately wants? I know that with malingering there is some underlying issues going on, as there is with any psychological problem, but I don't want to sit here and be sympathetic with her over fake symptoms all the time.

Any advice appreciated.

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