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how to get rid of mentisms and music in the head

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how to get rid of mentisms and music in the head

Postby Dima84 » Sat May 04, 2019 2:59 pm

Hello. I want to share with you the way how to get rid of mentisms and obsessive music playing in the head (which one I think can be regarded as mentism too). More precisely, not how to get rid of them, but how to suppress them, because at least I can't get rid of them forever. But I have learned how to live with them. Once i noticed that mentisms appear in my head only when I'm not focused (Concentrated) on something or when I do nothing. For example when I walk on the street or lay on the bed and sometimes when I eat. And vice versa, when I watch films, scroll social network, talk to someone, play a video game or listen to audiobook then I got no mentisms. I noticed it when I was coming back home and listening to the audiobook.Then I realized that all you need to stop mentisms is to be focused on something that you do. Audiobooks are my favovorite way to be focused, but not the only one and not the ideal because I also noticed that if the book is boring then you can't listen to it intently and mentisms will appear in your head. When I walk and can't listen to audiobooks I usaually count my steps, it also helps. (Generally when I can't listen to audiobooks I try to count everything, not only steps, but also jaw's movements when I eat, Hand's movements when I clean the dishes and so on). Also I can do some additional action wnen I walk (Rotate my hand or trample down by the leg) and it also helps too. And what ways how to focus do you know? Well, that's all, sorry if made some mistakes, it's because English is not my native Language. I will be happy if you find my mistakes and correct it, because I'm the student and I want to pass English exam)
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