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I have ALL the symptoms of sFI. Almost sure that I have it.

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I have ALL the symptoms of sFI. Almost sure that I have it.

Postby TheMistress » Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:02 am

I have EVERY symptom of this disease and it is surely not caused by common insomnia. Meds can't find an answer to what is happening to me and just say 'anxiety,'. I will get to a neurologist soon to do exams and see if it is possible to diagnose this disease before I'm demented and completely rely on others. Haven't slept properly for over seven months, with just extremely broken sleep of 30 minutes periods and vivid dreaming. Sleeping pills don't work.

To list my symptoms, they are the following.

- Extreme short-term memory loss, to the point that I misplace things constantly and cannot remember what happened a few hours before.
- Extreme concentration issues, as I am forgetting thing that I just read and cannot focus on anything complex to read or even news stories or simple math tasks.
- Severe insomnia with 30 minutes of shallow sleep and vivid dreaming for about four hours. The sleep is getting worse over the period of seven months.
- Can't think straight and loss of internal monologue.
- Apathy. I don't care about anything or even if I will die of prion diseases.
- Loss of interest in living or activities that I used to like.
- Sweating and breathing through one noistril at a time.

Can this be caused by other things if not sFI?

I hope that my exams clarify my doubts and I get the diagnosis. I know that I have it. Prions are not that rare, surely not one in a million and sFI can have several undiagnosed cases.
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