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Seroquel??? Need advice

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Seroquel??? Need advice

Postby murriddean » Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:15 pm

I am in desperate need of some advice..

Years ago I had a physical condition that caused many physical and emotional issues such as depression, horrible anxiety and the worse insomnia imaginable.. 3 years ago I was give a low dose SSRI antidepressant and 50 mg of seroquel to help with the emotional side of things until I got better.. I have since then gotten my health issues fixed, been off of the antidepressant for a good while now, my mood has continued to improve off of it and anxiety and depression are long gone, in fact even taking an antidepressant these days will put me in a horrible depression...

That being said, I am still on 50 mgs of seroquel, and while it still after 3 years works as well as the day I started it for insomnia, I can not get off of it.. I have an RX for 25 mgs of seroquel that I have tried several times to step down but I can't make it two nights on 25 mgs without horrible insomnia returning!!! The reason I want get off of seroquel all together is because I feel it may be causing me slight emotional issues and tiredness the first few hours after waking up..

I feel so stuck, when I try to lower my dosage my mental and physical well being improves but my insomnia returns!!!

I have in the past had insomnia issues when in good physical and mental health, so insomnia may be an issue with me no matter how healthy I get.

In the past I've tried every over the counter sleep aid, I have been on ambien as well, none of these things work for me as well as seroquel for insomnia..

I just don't know what to do, either way I feel screwed.. I know if I go to a doctor he or she may just try to put me on an antidepressant or benzo which will put me in a depression.. I just do not know what to do... Any advice anyone has with personal experiences will be much appreciated!!
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Re: Seroquel??? Need advice

Postby Nocturne28 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:58 am

You could try spacing out the Seroquel so you still get the same amount at first but adjust the amount you’re body is used to having at bedtime. As your doctor if you can try something like this:

For two weeks:
1pm - 25mg Seroquel
Bedtime - 25mg Seroquel

Next two weeks:
Bedtime - 25mg Seroquel

Next two weeks:
1pm - 12.5mg Seroquel (make sure the 25mg tab is scored and can be cut in half)
Bedtime - 12.5mg Seroquel

Next two weeks
Bedtime 12.5mg Seroquel

Then stop.

I think you’d still have insomnia issues, but it could be more manageable. Following a strict sleep schedule with daily exercise, no caffeine and no electronic screen time 2 hours before bed can help alleviate that. You could also use something mild that helps with sleep, either OTC or a non-hypnotic, non-benzo like Trazodone, but obviously have your doctor approve any thing you’re going to be taking (even OTC).
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