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New here but a few words of wisdom

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New here but a few words of wisdom

Postby Rive » Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:06 am

I just wanted to say dont go to the doctor or hospital alot because they will start refusing to see you or overlook things if they think you are making it up and you may need to really be there but its like they wont take you unless they think you will die. I know from experience. I had been going to the hospital alot I needed to but the doctors didnt think I did anyway a few months later I was feeling run down and weak so I go to the hospital and they say Im fine but I felt really bad so I go to another hospital there i found i was anemic. My iron level was 7 you need a transfusion at 5. So because I go alot they just discharged me taking the very minimal blood they could take and never said I was anemic.
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