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Many Fetishes!

Open discussions about the various fetishes.
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Many Fetishes!

Postby vipermimis » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:18 am

Hey all first post here
I am 20 y male currently a university student. In my life I never had any friends or a girlfriend. But I always "imagined" various things about girls. I will start with my favorite fetish: It is about spit! I love women spitting on me or licking their spit or eating/drinking food/drinks they put their mouth onto! I know I am a hell of a weird guy but I can't stop it. But that's not all, I like everything that has to do with female mouth, for example biting. That was my "mouth fetish" but I also have other fetishses as well, like foot fetish. Do you guys think I am weird? If yes, how can I drop my fetishes? I tried a few times but it is impossible I think they are inplanted into me (both fetishses started when I was like 7~9 yo).
That's all, I wanted to share my story about my fetishes :D
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Re: Many Fetishes!

Postby Ada » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:19 pm

Everyone's weird in one way or another. You're welcome here.

I personally think fetishes are generally impossible to get rid of. But they might become less significant if you have other things that turn you on. I don't think anything you describe is too weird though. And that it would be possible to find a partner willing to go along with you. Not necessarily someone who's into the same things. But who is "good, giving and game." On the assumption you'll be the same for her, whatever her preferences happen to be. :D
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Re: Many Fetishes!

Postby Rockin1980 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:06 am

Man there's absolutely nothing wrong with your fetish, I also find spitting hot, with the right person. And there are plenty of porn films out there showing actors spitting on each other. And foot fetish? Very common, my father apparently has a foot fetish from what my mother mentioned in the past and he's not a weird person at all.

And what Ada said: very true and you have to think about that. Having fetishes, as long as they're not a felony, is ok but you cannot expect every girl to go along with it. I think the fetish always plays a huge part when there are no feelings or intimacy between partners, the hookup thing, but if there are feelings involved is the fetish so necessary, is it a deal breaker? Can you imagine yourself having sex with a potential girlfriend without doing it? Because if that is an absolute requirement it's gonna be tricky...then again who knows, you might find your spit soulmate.
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Re: Many Fetishes!

Postby Tululaboo » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:58 pm

It hurts me when I see posts like this, both thinking that you are weird and something is wrong but also asking on how you can drop your fetishes. People are scared and afraid of things they themselves do not understand or have been in that given situation and it is people such as yourself that take the blunt end of it.

None of your fetishes are 'weird', they are just different to what others enjoy. Some people like shoes others like latex and some even enjoy the more niche fetishes like vomit, scat or asphyxiation. Nobody is in the wrong and this is why we call it a private life because people should stay out of it.

A rule I live by is so long as one person enjoys that then there are, is and will be more people who are the same. Take it from me that anyone who may judge you for it are closed minded and not worth taking any notice of.

... some have blue eyes, some green, take it from me, you are not weird by any extent.
Judge on what you see, not what you think. I will always be honest.
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Re: Many Fetishes!

Postby kevs099 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:06 am

vipermimis wrote:I will start with my favorite fetish: It is about spit! I love women spitting on me or licking their spit!

Professor MARK GRIFFITHS, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, PGDipHE, FBPsS, FRSA wrote:
Full blog entry https://drmarkgriffiths.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/the-salivation-army-a-brief-look-at-spit-fetishes/

Furthermore, it could perhaps be argued that saliva plays a (direct or indirect) role in a lot sexual behaviour that raises the question of how “deviant” saliva fetishes actually are.....There are also cultural variations that need to be taken into account. Few Westerners would disagree that kissing can be erotic and enjoyable. However, other cultures view kissing as simply the human exchange of saliva. For instance, the Amazonian Mehinaku tribe view kissing as disgusting and a sexual abnormality.

“A spit fetish could manifest itself in a number of ways…either partner could have a fetish to be spat on, usually this is always closely linked to that individual seeking domination from the spitter, making the person being spat on submissive. it may also be part of sexual humiliation and other aspects of BDSM [Bondage, Discipline, Submission, Masochism]. Or, an individual could have the need to spit on someone, that would probably make them dominant and to want to control and/or humiliate their partner sexually. Or…both people could either enjoy to be spat on or to be the spitter…this could work both ways and simultaneously”

In an online article on “Spit feeding [and] eating”, the [anonymous] writer examines spit fetishes, and asks whether spitting is an aggressive act of degradation, and if being spat on is always humiliating. The response was:

“Like any sex act, it all depends upon the attitudes of those involved. A slap can be aggressive or playful, hurtful or stimulating. Likewise, a wad of spit can be contemptuous or loving, depending on the intention. There’s nothing inherently demeaning about wanting to devour your lover’s liquid essences”

In researching this blog I came across various people’s experiences of spit fetishism. The following quote was typical:

“I actually was in a relationship with a individual who had a spit fetish. He longed for me, while we were having intercourse, to spit on him, his face all over him, he didn’t mind where but he especially liked it if I was dominant with him in doing so, maybe called him names at the same time, played a Dom to him. His fetish for spit also extended into dribbling, where he liked for me to dribble on myself, preferably across my chest, and for him to rub his face in it, in the spit. He loved the moistness physically, but it was more mental for him, the control aspect, the humiliation of it all, the dominance”

vipermimis wrote:But that's not all, for example biting

Professor MARK GRIFFITHS, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, PGDipHE, FBPsS, FRSA wrote:
Full blog entry https://drmarkgriffiths.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/chewing-it-over-luis-suarez-and-the-psychology-of-biting/

Straight after the match I jokingly tweeted a link to one of my previous blogs on the psychology of sexual biting (known as odaxelagnia).....

I’m admittedly no expert on biting but I spent 15 minutes talking to the Telegraph about some of the possible psychological reasons and explanations for human biting in adults. The journalist specifically wanted to know why the act of biting was so shocking. Very little of what I said made it into the published Telegraph article. In fact, the only quotes attributed to me were embedded within a section involving Freudian explanations for biting:

According to the founding father of psychoanalysis, all sexual pleasure and anxieties are rooted in different periods of childhood, the first of which is the oral stage, when babies explore the world through their mouths. Toddlers often then go on to bite to attract attention and will continue doing so until a parent teaches them otherwise.

vipermimis wrote:I like everything that has to do with female mouth, licking their spit or eating/drinking food/drinks they put their mouth onto! That was my mouth fetish

There is a lot of material related to tongue, licking and eating food off the body another person which includes wet and messy, but in regards to "mouth fetish" little is published "I like everything that has to do with female mouth, licking their spit or eating/drinking food/drinks they put their mouth onto!" probably has more to do with your spit fetish and the idea of food/drinks being in contact with the mouth and saliva

vipermimis wrote:I also have other fetishes as well, like foot fetish

Professor MARK GRIFFITHS, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, PGDipHE, FBPsS, FRSA wrote:
Full blog entry https://drmarkgriffiths.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/one-foot-in-the-crave-a-beginners-guide-to-podophilia/

Of all the types of sexual fetishes, one of the most common is foot fetishism. In a book chapter on sexual fetishism, Dr. Chris Gosselin and Dr. Glenn Wilson reported that the three most common body part fetishes are feet, hands, and hair......

If you go online and do a Google search for ‘foot fetishes’, not only do hundreds of web pages come up, but the sheer diversity of what people are into are perhaps bewildering to a novice who knows nothing about such fetishes. (I also discovered a number of [in]famous people who were allegedly foot fetishists including singer Elvis Presley, pop artist Andy Warhol, author and adventurer Casanova, serial killer Ted Bundy, and novelist and poet Thomas Hardy)......

Foot fetishes can be very specific and the individual dimensions and features are critical to the podophile. They are usually interested in the size (of the foot, the toes, the heel), the shape (e.g., flat footed, high arches), the adornments (e.g., footwear, jewellery, toe ring, ankle bracelets, etc.), embellishments (nail varnish, tattoos, pedicure, etc.), non-visual sensory features (e.g., the touch, smell), and – perhaps most importantly – the type of interaction (massaging, touching, kissing, tickling, licking, sucking)......

....sample size comprised at least 5000 fetishists (but was likely to be a lot more). Their results showed that there were 44,722 members of online fetish forums with a fetishistic and/or paraphilic sexual interest in feet (47% of all ‘body part’ fetishists that they encountered) Among those people preferring objects related to body parts, footwear (shoes, boots, etc.) was the second most preferred (26,739 online fetish forum members; A 2006 report by AOL (called The Sexmind of America) ranked all fetish search words and phrases used by their subscribers and found that the most common fetish searched for related to feet.

Foot fetishism couldn't be any more common or normal
vipermimis wrote:I know I am a hell of a weird guy. Do you guys think I am weird?....but I can't stop it, how can I drop my fetishes?

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