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Flying Monkeys and Narc reappearance?

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Flying Monkeys and Narc reappearance?

Postby cheshirecat1 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:19 pm

Hello everybody! I am new to this forum and quite excited to be here. I am looking forward to hearing opinions of people who know what it is to deal with Narcissists. My friends have a hard time grasping this concept.
But to the point.
I cut off my Narc around 2 years ago. Blocked him everywhere possible. Up to this day he uses my number for food deliveries (which I had to block), for his Uber rides (I know, I don't even understand it). I feel like he constantly keep his tabs open on me. But I continue not reacting to anything at all. I decided to take a break from the social media few months back (not related to him) and all of the sudden I saw that he was visiting my LinkedIn profile. I am also aware that he has quite a lot of fake accounts to stalk me and my friends on Instagram (or maybe I am just paranoid at this point).
The hardest part tho in a break up was to cut his Mom off. I was really close to her. I do believe that her husband (my ex's Dad) is a Narc too so I have extra sympathy towards her because of that. I told her a year ago that I cannot keep in touch with her anymore and she said she understands. Yet, she has been consistently texting me every 4 months or so, even though I do not reply to anything. A week ago she sent a string of 4 messages, to which I still did not reply. Yesterday was my birthday and my Narc texted me out of the blue (after around 2 years!) from a different number, saying that he is sorry and he regret everything he did to me. Of course I blocked him straightaway. But I keep thinking about his Mom.
Do you guys think she is being manipulated by my ex? And its his way of getting information about me, by using his mom ('flying monkeys')? Cuz I almost texted her back recently but decided to think about it a bit more. I don't know if I am paranoid or something is really off here. I would really like to hear if anyone has a similar experience. Because I dont know if this is another trap...
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