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What happened when little, What is DID

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What happened when little, What is DID

Postby ganjakites » Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:05 pm

My personality sense of self didnt create as a whole. So each and every needed personality, if needed has gone to the hiding/located place to help create an whole, with pieces. This usually happens under 8. . So dudes, what is the part with 10 tertiary structural dissociation. Can that be describe to validate my oldest.3 hours of dissociate 2 hours associate can it be placed on a time level. Is it a public school circuculm that can assume probably on structural end of things . THis previous when I heard can detect dissociation in family memories and year of birth becomes later ....When you know mom slurs doesn't have too some form of dissociation this creates habit and learning in the hints innate ability, through learning
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Re: What happened when little, What is DID

Postby ConcealDontFeel » Fri Nov 26, 2021 8:44 am

There is not one part with tertiary structural dissociation - the brain has it and that leads to all of you existing. You are all equal, all parts in the system. There are AP parts (Apparently Normal parts - which is a TERRIBLE name, but generally means parts that don't carry the trauma) and EP part (Emotional parts that carry trauma).

Not sure what you mean about school curriculum. We're sorry, but we struggled to follow the rest of the post, so we can't address that.
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