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How to post links to pics instructions

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How to post links to pics instructions

Postby Floralie » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:02 pm

There was a question in littles thread about how to post a link to a product, without posting links to commercial pages, if that's where the picture is. Here's how-to-do-it for dummies version, if you're using laptop or any computer. I assumed you know how to copy paste url, cause that you need to know how to do in any case if sharing links, so that's not included, but other than that this is pretty detailed. This is not for littles to do alone, but for the one helping them to write.

Write the name of the shop and the name of the product exactly like it's in that web store's page, and do a web search. Select search for pics, instead of "all". Now you have a full page of pics that search tool found to match your wish. If you don't find the picture easily, try again with more detail, like if the name of the product is "red hoodie", you can write "web store name red adidas hoodie" and try again.

Find the pic you wanna show, and click it. It opens up for you on the right side of the page if you're using Google, then click the pic where it's opened on the right side of the page, but this time using the right push button, instead of left one like usually. It opens up a list of options, select the one that opens the pic up in new page. You'll see that new page appearing next to the other pages you have open, above the address bar, and you can now go in that new page by clicking it. (It doesn't take you in there automatically, just opens it up for you to enter.)

Now you should have the picture on black background, on the size it's in the original page (size google tells you it is). Now look at the address. If the shop name isn't in it, you can use it to share the pic, but if it still is, I'm not sure can you. That link opens up the picture only, and doesn't take anyone to a page that sells stuff, so maybe it's fine. It still shares the info where you can buy it and I'm not sure if that's fine. In case it's not, here's another way to share it, when you do get rid of the shop name for sure. You can simply shorten the address.

There are MANY free pages where to do this, you can find them by searching "shortening url". All I've used have been really simple, you just copy the original url and paste it to where the shortening tool asks you to, then there's a text to click on, saying shorten url, and you will have your new short address to share. Page will tell you what to do, just follow instructions. It's a one click thing, nothing complicated.

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