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Trigger Warning.....Sexual Abuse Pleasure;; later in life

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Trigger Warning.....Sexual Abuse Pleasure;; later in life

Postby subversiverisks » Fri May 03, 2019 7:35 pm

In an As the World turns, when you reach the whole person. For example, if your 1st alter is 4 yrs old when you reach 3 years then what happens when you can't go in the inner world and do all the trick and stuff. Is that a sign of blending fusing or partial intregration? Is this known as the the Host or the original in the body espeically for those that didn't know they had an original in the body? IN my mind making it hard to go several places in the inner world because visualization will get a whole person headaches ( Different from switch headaches). 3-D ectera....
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